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Someone idolizes TKS


I  think most of you know that we have a foster brofur living with us. As for me, I’m not pleased, not pleased at all. I hiss so hard and loud that I have to koff and clear my throat when I’m done! And half an hour later, there he is back again trying to touch my nose. Sheesh!!

Okay, he does throw himself down right in front of me showing his tummy and being all submissive as well he should be, but I gotta tell ya, I sure do hope he finds his forever home really soon.

As for TKS, she is now allowing nose touches on a rare occasion. The foster brofur Pipsqueak seems to idolize TKS. Maybe it’s the fur color? What do you think?

TKS is crazy over an type of treat, and Pip is right there next to her. Pip has even tried to copycat TKS getting into our high cat tower in our master bedroom. Mom L was lying on her side and managed to capture some drunken looking photos of what TKS thinks about having Pip on the tower with her.

He’s down on the next level, right?

Look at Pip’s idolizing gaze.

Ok kid, you better stay one story down

Pip knew he couldn’t go up to the next story or else he’s get a paw whap for sure. Finally TKS fixed the situation so’s she could get her afternoon nap without feeling spied on.

You can watch my back kid

Yep, TKS turned to face the wall and by golly so did Pip!! MOL!!

Do any of your fur siblings idolize your every move?? Tell me how in comments.


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19 thoughts on “Someone idolizes TKS

  1. My daughter’s kitten has decided to be the newborns bodyguard. Thunder hissed at my daughter when she tried to pick him up one day.

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Maybe Pip sees himself as a mini-Sage!

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Our Angel Céleste was a huge fan of a lovely and friendly feral mancat. She followed him everywhere in the garden and in the fields (it was before we had a fenced garden) ; when he stopped, she stopped too. She let him come in our house and eat in her plate. It was funny to watch ! Purrs

  4. Such a sweetie. Barely even hiss-worthy!

    Love and licks,

  5. How funny that Pip looks up to Sage (both literally and figuratively).

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    My Angel Snowball used to worship Angel Phoebe.

  7. Sage has a boyfriend…Sage has a boyfriend….

  8. We used to be more chummy but since Rumpy became an _ss not so much. Toby and I have been a bit more so since it has gotten cooler and maybe will cuddle, a little that is. We are man cats after all

  9. love it from Jamison and JV. we always want to be top cat. Go for it Savannah!!

  10. Oh my we think Pipsqueak has it bad for Sage. Seems like everyone is getting along pretty well Savvy we think you are just a hissy girl like Scylla. She still goes all hissy on Yang sometimes.

  11. Oh yea, he sure worships TSK!

  12. I think, Savvy, you do not like stinky boys, do you? But the poor Pipsqueak has a big handicap – like TKS – he is a house Panther. And those do not find new homes easily. People are superstitious or just think the photos will not turn out good (yeah, they are superficial, too) – so do not get too upset if the little boy stays a while longer. He would LOVE his own home, I am sure!

  13. sage; we think itz total lee awesum pip thinkz yur de catz meeow:) pip; all yur sisturrz rock; all wayz haz… grate post two day guyz 🙂 ♥♥

  14. Carole Schulman on said:

    Oh it has to be hard to have a foster brother in your home but Savvy, TSK…think what a good thing comes out of it. What if that was you needing help, right?

  15. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Maeve is our former feral and she watches Hitch and Korey’s every move. It’s fun to watch her learn to interact with humans with to boy cats as her guides.

  16. We think Shimshi idolizes his Big Brofur Caspurr. He often lies down.beside him, emulating Caspurr’s exact pose. That is why they are champions at Synchronised Snoozing Techniques (SST).

  17. I da nelly idolize da Phenny… for his crazy behavior.. and I try to become like he… hard times for da staff LOL

  18. Pipo: Minko used to come to me whenever I had a nice comfy spot, or a lap…and he took it over for himself…I do miss him, but not that part…MOL!

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