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UPDATE: An afternoon at the Kitchen Kitten Clinic


I know most of my readers are very familiar with KITTEN SEASON! And you also know that Mom L, at my direction, has been volunteering with our partner nonprofit organization, Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) for over eight years at their almost weekly KITCHEN CLINIC.

This clinic takes place in the kitchen of the lady who manages CC4C. The attending veterinarian is my buddy Doc Josie. Mom L does the recording for medical records and Miss Gemma does all of the “holding” of the patients for Doc Josie.

This clinic is basically set up to prepare kittens for adoption. All kittens are from abandoned mom cats living outside as community cats. They receive the following when they come in for “The Works“!

  • FeLV test for feline leukemia
  • First FVRCP vaccination ( feline distemper)
  • First of a series of three, every two weeks, of Pyrantel for deworming
  • First of once a month treatment of Revolution for fleas
  • A general Vet check-up

Mind you, some kittens are resistant to these inflictions upon their bodies!! MOL!! Especially the part when they must be held still!

At this weekly clinic, Doc Josie also sees some only “medical cases” which can be adults or even kittens that are not thriving.

The handsome male brown tabby above had the biggest paws and so dark and handsome!

We see so many kittens, itty bitty ones, with eye infections. Sigh—the perils of being born wild in the out of doors. But with the wonderful fosters from CC4C and this Kitchen Clinic and Doc Josie, these littles are cured and thrive and find loving forever homes.


The above trio of kittens came to the clinic so thin, severe diarrhea and simply not putting on weight. Normally, kittens who are thriving gain one quarter pound per week.  Miss Gemma told their foster that she would take them under her wing for care. Miss Gemma can snatch almost any kitten from the paws of death—and that’s no kidding!!!

Doc Josie and Miss Gemma brought out some yummy Nulo turkey and chicken wet food, good for kittens and adults. And the kittens chowed down! Mom L saw these kittens last week and they are doing GREAT!!!!

This Kitchen Clinic is Mom L’s most favorite  thing to do ever!! She has learned so much and done things to help her bestie Doc Josie do surgical repairs to kitten’s butts and oh so many more things—not bad for a retirement project, right??

So what do ya think about our Paw It Forward work??



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16 thoughts on “UPDATE: An afternoon at the Kitchen Kitten Clinic

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  2. Pawsome job!!

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    That is so awesome! We are so proud of Mom L (and Dad P) for helping all those cats!

  4. We love seeing the Kitchen Kitten Clinic updates. Wonderful stuff and when we did hands on work you really have to watch some of the little ones. Our Einstein was very very sick and it took weeks to get him back on track. Each and every one that is helped will give back Love ten times over and isnt that what its all about. Purrs

  5. What a wonderful thing your mom is doing! I admire those who are able to work in rescue. I know there are disappointment, but I’m sure the successes outweigh them.

  6. What cute kits! Paws up to Mom L and all the others doing such good work there at the clinic.

  7. catladymac on said:

    These kittens are so beautiful ! So much thanks is due all these care gives – and to you for keeping us updated Savvy ! Purrs & Purrayers !

  8. We’re so proud of the good work you do, seriously! I’m out of retirement and trapping again…3 kittens down, 5 to go + 2 Mama kitties.

  9. Claudia Walker on said:

    Saving the world because you save kitties!! Thanks for all that you do to give a wonderful life to our furry feline friends!! Love you!! Claudia XXOO

  10. Carole Schulman on said:

    Sending love to Mom L!!! I am so grateful for the loving generosity of Mom Land all in the Kitty Clinic. Mom wants to ask a question though…what surgical repair to kitten butts?

  11. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Well done to your mom and everyone else who helps it’s great to have such loving caring people.x😻💜🐾

  12. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    You all do such wonderful work.

  13. Thanks for faithfully being part of the team; helping all those kitties!!

  14. Your human is so lucky she gets to do this, Savvy!

  15. you are amazing… and we are glad that there are people like you who care so much for those in need…

  16. You Mum does an amazing job,we love her,xx Rachel and Titch

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