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Lazy Days of Summer


We are all trying to find cool spaces, spa treatments and quiet time in the midst of our Northern California, east bay area heat wave. Not to mention we cannot open our windows for the last several days because our air quality is so bad, especially for Mom L and her interstitial lung disease from black mold exposure. But we are tryin’ to make the most of it.

Sage has sought out the cool corner in our master bedroom, at the midlevel of her cat tower. Normally she goes up to the tippy top but these days that is too warm. Dad P keeps our master bedroom dark and Mom L keeps a fan going for us. We all congregate in this room. Even Mom L does when she takes a little cat nap with us.

As for me, I hang out in the shadows until late afternoon, then I often rest, getting my sauna treatment, from the very warm afternoon sun. That feels so very wonderful on my old arthritic bones.

Katie likes to nap on our master cal king bed. Mom L caught her just opening her eyes with the sun starting to pour into the room. Mom L closed the heat/light blocking drapes and Katie wandered back into her kitty dream land.

You can see we have our Summer bedspread on. It is light weight seersucker cotton. We love it!! Don’t tell everyone, but often Mom L captures photos of me and Katie sharing a cool, darker spot to nap together. NOTE: I did not place my tail around Katie’s butt, Mom L must’a done that just for this photo op! (Mom L here: No way! LOL!!)

Have a happy, cooler Monday!


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13 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    We sure hope it cools off there for you all real soon, sweet pals. Savvy, watch out for those tails … they have minds of their own sometimes!

  2. Hots and bad air just are such a drag…hope you get some fresher conditions, soon. We finally have our windows open after a LONG time of heat and humidity even at night. We might need a light blanket tonight…hooray! Did Katie ask/complain ‘who touched me?’!

  3. Bruce & Peg. on said:

    Binky has been relaxing indoors as well,he has a new buddy from the house across the street.Doesn’t like him much at all.Binky seems to say “This is my house”.

  4. It’s starting to be a little cooler here. Fortunately, we have awesome A/C, and our summer has been closer to normal (whatever that is these days) than a lot of other parts of California.

  5. LOL! I didn’t think your mama would move your tail! It must’ve moved itself without telling you!

    Love and licks,

  6. It’s finally gonna get a little cooler here this week. Maybe we can open a window! ~Ernie

  7. catladymac on said:

    Everyone has a common goal when it is so hot and stifling !

  8. S & S & K; we hope de firez ceaze and de air kleenz and kleerz soon; itz wicked crazee bad out yur way ~~~


  9. Edie Chase on said:

    I hope the air clears up soon. Miss Savvy Do, that darn pawparazzi will do anything to get a photo of you in a compromising position. There’s no way you would touch Katie with your tail. Hahaha!

  10. We purr you all just are comfy as anything. Come on Savvy we know you poked Katie with that tail!

  11. I hope the cool stuff sticks around for you and y’all get lots of comfy cozy time!

  12. Carole Schulman on said:

    I swear, our mom’s dream up the most silly things for us. Mom said to me just now that if I had a sibling, there is no end to what I might have happen with MY tail.

  13. we hope the air will be better soon….

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