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Office help no longer needed


Well Mom L is always sayin’ that now that I am getting on in my years—she needs some office help ‘cuz I tend to nod off too much. They say “you get what ya ask for”; right?! Mom L got just what she asked for—new office help. She has stopped askin’ now ‘cuz she isn’t so sure that she got what she was hoping for. I will let you all decide if Mom L has enough office help now—heh, heh, heh!

They say it takes a village to do many things. Mom L wasn’t counting on a village to help her in her office work. Sammie, Jessie, Domino and Butch think differently. They believe that Mom L needs all the help they can give her!!!

Domino has taken on the responsibility of being her “go to” typist and editor.

And Domino and Jessie have taken on making sure her office chair is covered in comfy warm furs!!

And Jessie, Domino and Samantha are making sure she gets all her photos done just right.

Do you have office help as capable as Mom L ? Let me hear a shout in comments out about how you all help you typists!

Now the not so silly news. Our precious four foster kittens, now about five months old, have not had one serious inquiry about adopting them. Nope, not one. They may be with us still at Christmas. They are so very loving, gentle sweet cats. If you are actively involved in getting abandoned cats adopted, please let me know if you are having the same horrible slow down in adopters showing up for adoption events.

Our four sweet kittens/juveniles at their last adoption event this past Saturday.

On the left are The Domino Kid and Butch Cassidy and on the right are Laughing Samantha and Jessie James; at their last adoption event this past Saturday. Are they not the most adorable sweet juveniles ever??!! Please send all your purrs and POTP to our foster juveniles in hopes that someone recognizes what precious loving, purring darling companions they will be.

The four are available for adoption,  through Community Concern For Cats,  by contacting  Mom L at: They are located in the San Francisco Bay area.


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14 thoughts on “Office help no longer needed

  1. Edith Chase on said:

    People should be finishing up their vacations soon. Sending positive thoughts that they will be adopted soon.

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Wow, they all look like the most helpful helpers ever! We are sorry it’s been a tough and busy kitten season there, too (same here). We hope these sweethearts find their forever homes real soon. XO

  3. Such beautiful kittens Mom is in love with the silver one. We have our paws crossed that they find their forever homes soon. We all help Mom in the office although Fenris’ main job seems to be keeping the peeps inside the office.

  4. Wonderful post. I love the office help. And had a great time today with movie paling around So now to bed. I’m pooped and gonna be ready for Wednesday kats. See u soon Me


  5. They’re adorable. And clearly VERY helpful! They should get a raise.

    Love and licks,

  6. Maybe Mom L. needs a bigger office!

  7. My mouses, that is some SERIOUSLY cute and adorable office help you have there, Savvy’s mum. SERIOUSLY! Best lookin’ office help I’ve ever seen in my whole entire nine lives! purrs

  8. MOL! Be careful what you ask for, Mom L!

  9. Mary McNeil on said:

    Well, Mom will learn to appreciate some help that might doze off occasionally ! The new help look wonderful s0 hopefully they will be finding furever homes soon!

  10. Billie Cummings on said:

    How much do they charge to help me with my office work? My guys are not so inclined.

  11. 15andmeowing on said:

    Such great helpers.

  12. Snoops and Kommando help around here. Usually they edit. 🙂

  13. Cutest office helpers ever!!
    Too bad no one seems interested in those cuties…here one event one of our rescues held, adopted out at least 6 kitties. They are held in a local pet store.

  14. My human would never get anything done! Paws crossed that the crew finds homes soon!

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