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He’s doin’ it again!!!


So I need some help from some of my senior kitty pals who have had to train a juvenile male kitty about how to approach his senior cat. Any of you ever have to train one of these types of kitties? Remember when I posted about him tryin’ to take over my place on the couch? The Domino Kid , aka Domie, is back doin’ it in the same place again!!

You can tell by my alert ears that I may be deaf, but I sure as heck can feel his fat butt against my taileo. He starts to clean himself as if there is nuttin’ wrong with him landing on my hind end! The nerve!!

Then he starts to take some freebie whiffies of my tail and my butt! Good grief! Who teaches these juveniles their manners???? I can barely twist my head around ‘cuz I have arty-right-us in my neck. I sure wanted to give him a dragon hiss!

Then he gets all still and like “I’m not doin’ anything Princess Savannah”. HAH! I say. I am on the alert and ready to smacky paw him if he gets any fresher.

Next think I know, he is tellin’ Mom L that I INVITED HIM UP!!! SHEESH!!! As IF I would ever do such a thing.

Domie thinks he is all “innocent eyes” but I know the truth. And, thank Ceiling Cat, Mom L does too! Can you see him holding my taileo down? Like he thinks he can keep me from turning around to give him his comeuppance!!! Again I say “HAH”!!


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13 thoughts on “He’s doin’ it again!!!

  1. Purrsonal space! Purrsonal space!

  2. whitefish wavez everee one, just stoppin in two say Hi and hope yur mew yeer iz goin grate sew far 🐟‼️❤️

  3. Well…. it does sound like he wants to be friends, but let me tell you, Savvy, black kitten boys are not to be trusted! I have one of my own, Benny, and he is a t-h-u-g!


  4. Besides you, what does he like? He needs something to distract him when ever he does what you don’t like, but it needs to be a reward for not pestering you.

  5. catladymac on said:

    Well Savvy, there is nothing wrong with a good paw whap strategically given ! You have lulled him into a false sense of security !

  6. Kids. Am I right? Keep ignoring him and maybe he’ll leave. If not, well… at least you don’t have to look at him.

    Love and licks,

  7. You tell him, Savannah!

  8. Edith Chase on said:

    These younguns don’t have any manners nowadays! 🙀

  9. Sure is a bit close for comfort Savannah X😻💗💗

  10. Too much freedom we say!
    But of course we are dogs. LOL!

  11. haha the look in the last photo… this youngsters LOL

  12. Oh dear, Savannah! We don’t know WHAT to say! It must be furry annoying, We are sure! We were all adopted within about a year and a half of each other. Now we are beginning to wonder if it would be such a good idea, after all, when We are all (nearly) senior kitties, for Mummy to adopt a much younger, homeless kitty like CalliCallou.

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