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Friday Cat Memes Are Back


I don’t know about all of you, but sometimes I find hangin’ out with Mom L watchin’ some TV at night to be totally frustrating. Just why do humans think we cats outta “do” stuff for them? And then get blamed for stuff “they” do?

Your wisdom left in my comments will be greatly appreciate. ‘Cuz if I can’t sort this out with Mom L, then she is gonna be watchin’ TV in our bedroom! I am done with her messin’ around with me during TV watchin’ time on the big screen at night!

*shakes head* Humans! Gotta luv their desire to make us seem like them

*shakes head* Humans! Gotta luv their desire to make us seem like them

Mom L wasn’t done. She then blames me for the channels going wonky! What will the humans think of next to blame on us cats? First the decimation of the pretty song birds who cats luvluvluv hearing, then the decimation of the froggies who cats so enjoy watching, and now this!

How would my butt even know how to do that??!!

How would my butt even know how to do that??!!


PeeEss—follow Cat Meme Fridays on my menu bars on the top of my blog page—I’m thinkin’ I have somethin’ cool goin’ on with this, what do you think? Wanna join me—just a thought—?

Human Domination in Two Easy Steps


I bet’cha I have your attention now, don’t I?

The steps are actually very simple, unless you happen to be a woofie over about twenty pounds (nine kg)! I can’t demonstrate this process myself and you will see shortly why. I asked The Kid Sage (TKS) to step up and do the demo.

Here ya go—

First Step—step lightly onto your human’s lap (see, I can’t get to the first step—really a bummer). No eye contact to start. Be sure to snuggle up close to their body and spend a bit of time arranging your front paws for maximum “cuteness”. Adopt a relaxed, serene pose and stare off into space as though you have much on your mind.

I am so gonna own Mom L

*sigh* So relaxing, so much to think about—

Second step—Let me warn you, don’t try this on your human’s lap unless you have practiced this technique in front of a mirror. This is the crucial step to achieve human domination, and you will get only one chance to get this right.

After you have been on the lap long enough to allow the human to feel your warmth, maybe even the soft rumble of your purr, then when you feel you have the human in a state of bliss—turn your head slowly, tilt upward toward your human. NOW make direct eye contact, and show your adoration of your human with a look, you know the look, and the human will be dominated for the rest of the day. You will receive anything you want. Trust me.

You have dominated the human—score one for cats!

You are the most special human in my whole life—I love you

My thanks to TKS for the demo, she does it better than I do. Well, of course I can do the “look” part, I just don’t do the “sit on the lap” part. Which, I must say, is very important to lasting domination. Hope this helps you. Let me know if you have that “look” in your tool kit for managing your humans.


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