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Our Gotcha Day!!



I decided to ask TKS to join me today because YESTERDAY, January third, was our joint GOTCHA DAY!

Dad P and Mom L asked that TKS’ adoption date be the same as mine so’s we could share our special day together. Not like that’s gonna be happin’ anytime real soon, na’mean??

But we do share a cat tower now and then.

I didn't know TKS was up there. MOUSES!!

I didn’t know TKS was up there. MOUSES!!

And we often nap across from one another on cat towers in my special Savannah’s Sun Room (aka our guestroom).

We are throwing our GOTCHA DAY PARTY TODAY! So hope you will come on over and help yourself to some noms and your choice of beverages!

drinks 2meatshrimp

Mom L and Dad P are doing a commentathon this year to celebrated my SIXTH YEAR with them. For every comment made on this blog post through midnight Pacific Standard Time, I get to donate fifty cents to Outcast Cat Help.  This is the rescue that has the highly successful Return To Field Program where Mom L has been a Feline Express™ Driver. I sure do hope you will all SHARE SHARE SHARE this blog post and help me get ONE HUNDRED comments!

Sure do appreciate all of you who stop by and leave comments!





It’s January 3rd and that means it my FOURTH GOTCHA DAY and The Kid Sage’s SECOND GOTCHA DAY. Please celebrate with us. Sage and I know that we are two very fortunate cats having our Mom L and Dad P drawn to each of us through our magical feline charm.

Many other cats languish in shelters and with rescue groups hoping that their purrfect forever family will soon find them as well. Now I am not sayin’ this to be a downer…nope, no way. This is still our day to celebrate. I just want to remind my pals who drop by to visit me to never forget, WE are all the fortunate ones. Those of us who have a voice through our social media clearly landed on all our paws when we were chosen by humans who help us have a voice the world can hear. Join me when you can to Paw It Forward…especially for adult and special need or physically challenged cats that humans too often pass over for the cute kittens.

4 whole years. Thank you Ceiling Cat for helping Mom L and Dad P hear my voice

4 whole years. Thank you Ceiling Cat for helping Mom L and Dad P hear my voice

I know The Kid Sage feels the need to celebrate just as I do, but she also recognizes that fate for her could have been a life living on the streets.

Gosh! 2 years flashed by and I never saw it because I was safe and having fun

Gosh! 2 years flashed by and I never saw it because I was safe and having fun

Now we want to share our DOUBLE GOTCHA DAY with all the participants on the fun Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head. Just click on the badge below and you will be whisked away to join the hop. You might leave a comment to check in on sweet Fiona who is struggling with CKD.

Sunday Selfies Badge

Mom L said we could have some noms and beverages and a couple of games this year; so come on in!!

Join in tag, catminton or play in the cat safe park

Join in tag, catminton or play in the cat safe park

Dig in!! Grab a beverage and some noms and make some new friends…*pushes the first guest through the door to food counters*. And yes, counter surfing is A-OK today!!

Anipal friendly noms

Anipal friendly noms

TKS and I hope you are having a great time. We truly appreciate having you all come to our DOUBLE GOTCHA DAY CELEBRATION.

Remember…PAW IT FORWARD…and SHARING SAVES LIVES…so always paw the ‘share’ button when a cat or woofie is searching for a home and especially if they are desperate to escape from a kill shelter. Let’s all stick together in making this year, 2016, the highest save rates yet across the world.

*steps off soap box* Ok, I’m done now.  Let’s get my BFGF the Stunning Cathy Keisha to get the tunes to spinning and let’s PAWTAY!!!




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