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Hepatic Lipidosis Does Not Mean Death for Cats: Monday Meowsie News


What a whirlwind weekend we had here. So much to do…most of which I cannot yet share with you all.  But soon my pals, very very soon.

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But I have something much more important to share with you than anything about me and my doings.

Do you recall the lovely cat named Lightning whom I shared with you some weeks ago?  You can click here to read that story…it is one of rescue, adoption, abandonment in the new home, back to rescue…from starvation and the syndrome it can bring to cats…hepatic lipidosis.

Lightning was so very fortunate she was pulled from the local county kill shelter by Bright Haven…an animal rescue and sanctuary…and so much more.  Please be sure to learn more about their incredible work to help animals in need and to educate humans about what it means to become a guardian, for life, for a companion animal.  Visit their website here.  Their subtitle is “healing arts center for animals”…trust me you will enjoy learning more about them.

Back to Lightning and her battle with hepatic lipidosis…before I give you the update…it is important to remember the condition this sweet girl was in when her foster pulled her from the shelter…(hover over photo to view complete caption)

The most often approved treatment method for a cat in this stage of hepatic lipidosis is to insert an esophageal feeding tube in the side of the cat’s neck.  You can see the tube used to feed Lightning.

Lightning was fortunate that her vet knew just what to do…and her foster knew just how to follow the vet’s directions…

This is Lightning now…(remember to hover…)

Paw Pats, Savannah

 peeEss...if you can help Lightning find her forever home, please be sure to contact her foster Mom at susanh at brighthaven dot org

What A Difference A Year Makes: Monday Meowsie News


Last week, specifically July 27th, marked the one year anniversary of Cuzin Leo’s move to his very own furrever castle. Dad Dave sent us a “back then” and “right now” set of photos that we thought many of you would want to see.

Without all of you, Cuzin Leo’s life might not have been…and his joy in his new home and the love Dad Dave gives him would never have been felt by either of them.

So first, thank you all who proudly displayed these badges last year…do you all remember the auction and raffle that helped Cuzin Leo pay for his esophageal feeding tube…which ultimately saved his life. Leo was in the final stages of hepatic lipidosis…and it took this blogville village and lots of very special people to help save his life…purrs and prayers surely played a big role as well.

My pals, Alfie and Mollie got the fund raising started by hosting the raffle and auction and so many others put in lots of time, energy and caring to make it successful.

pawticipated save Leo

organized save Leo

…and then the search for his very own Furrever Castle…

Cuzin Leo needed help

Cuzin Leo needed help

Leo on July 29th, 2013…hiding in the linen closet where he remained for weeks when he was not hiding under Dad Dave’s bedspread…

One of his safe places...linen closet

One of his safe places…linen closet

Leo, July 29th, 2014…helping Dad Dave stay awake to watch TV…

Not afraid anymore

Not afraid anymore

Thank you all for Cuzin Leo’s life.

Paw Pats, Savannah

We also offer our most sincere heartfelt sympathy to our furriends at Cat In The Fridge for the loss of their long time family member precious Rocky…please stop by and let them know you are part of the paw circle surrounding them in this time of loss…

Rocky, Forever

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