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PSSSSSTTT…Get’in Better with Trust…Maybe???

YEP..that’s me in my current sort’a hidey place…sometimes the afghan is hangin’ down more so I can be even more private…but it’s in our bedroom so at least I am still with Dad and Mom.

SO….here’s the kind’a reallllyyy cool thing this week…I totally have surprised me, Dad and yep, even MOM!  First…Dad always feeds me…they do that so’s I sort’a have to depend on him..remember…I’m still pretty nervous around male humans…

YESTERDAY—tootttaallly forgot myself and when Dad called me to the kitchen where they put my food now…I leaped off the couch where I was hang’in with Mom and ran to Dad…WHOA…SERIOUSLY FORGOT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AFRAID OF HIM…BUT…he had the FOOD!!! WOW MEOW!

That was pretty cool tho’, huh?!

Next…ya know I still don’t get in Dad and Mom’s laps…too scared again…but YESTERDAY (BIG DAY YESTERDAY), took a nap with Mom…when she was sleeping…I strolled over…AGAIN FORGOT MYSELF…and crawled right up on her legs…snuggled right down…and there I was….sort’a in her lap–only upside down lap (snigger MOL) ‘cuz she was on her tummy….and DAD GOT PHOTOS…check these bad boys out!

HOLY COW…that is totally me, right there..and yep..that’s my Mom napping away with me right on top of her…then Dad comes in and takes the next one up close to make sure he has proof I’m gettin’ braver…harrruummmpfff!!!!!

THEN..I hang out some more with Mom…Dad shootin’ pics the whole time…I can’t help myself….luv luv luv having my whole head rubbed, scratched…even my eyes and nose…ooooohhhhhhh

ahhhhh….and the total “piece de resistance”….Mom gets the brush….OMG…it doesn’t get any better than this.,..holy smokes…I practically drooled…then purrrreeedddd so loud even Dad could hear it (he’s kind’a hard of hearing..just a bit…really….not much)…

GOLLY…when she rubs my head with that brush…well, just sayin’……


TRUSTdoesn’t come easy to an ADULT RESCUE CAT LIKE ME…but I say it is getting way better when I can finally have a nap while MOM edits and types my post…and I even showed my tummy…WOOOO HOOOO….PROGRESS IN THE TRUST department for sure!!!

I’ve had a great 2 days…tons of progress on my mental recovery….long way to go…but thanks for reading…I’ll trust some of you will come back tomorrow…MOL MOL

TTFN   Savannah

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7 thoughts on “PSSSSSTTT…Get’in Better with Trust…Maybe???

  1. Such good news, you lucky furry thing!

  2. Oohhh Susan…I betch’a Douce was totally special…and wow…kind’a like me, huh?! I hope I can some day just sort’a hop in Mom or Dad’s lap and not even think about it…but right now…I can’t do that or let them pick me up…I love being touched, brushed (yep, they do it everyday!)…totally like our work out program (sometimes just play too…meowwww) Maybe you could have another special rescue cat some day just like Mom and Dad did with me…paw pats Savannah

  3. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, you are making such great progress! I adopted a little girl cat who was a stray at my workplace. I know she loved me. In the whole time she lived with me, 5 years, she never sat in my lap. But when I was lying down, resting or sleeping, she would lie down on me. She also loved being combed, and once I learned that I combed her every day.

    Her name was Douce. She died 4 years ago and I am still grieving for her.

    • I left a comment for you on my post…I haven’t figured out yet how to make sure my readers receive my replys…I want them on the post…but really want to make sure you know I read EVERYTHING! catch ya later, Savannah

      • Susan Mullen on said:

        Hi, Savannah. I got your response. Thank you! I hope I can do another rescue some time too.

        Douce looked like you, too. In the photos it looks like you’re a gray tuxedo? Douce was a black tuxedo. She was a very sweet girl.

        • oohh yes..they call me “russian blue” mix..I am a lovely charcoal gray, with white bib, french mani on my front toes and small socks on my back feet to keep them warm..purrr…and I have a lovely white bib, and two white diamonds on my tummy. Mom says they once rescued a gorgeous male tuxedo guy who was wild in their So. Calif. neighborhood…”Mister”. very cool cat! later, S

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