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ComPuter Breakdown Forces “Cheater” Post! OH MY!!

Hey, hey, hey Everybody!

Mom has had awful computer stuff yesterday and today…spent whole day today with this dude who always comes with lots of coffee and techie gadgets.  So I couldn’t “chanel”my thoughts to her for her to post for me…so I am kind’a cheating by pulling one of my favorite pages over from my sidebar menu…all about Remembering AniFamily Past for Mom and Dad.


While Mom did the ‘puter stuff…DAD and I PLAYED…he brushed me…made totally sure my every need was met…he even cleaned up my up-chuck from last night…I felt kind’a queezy after my night nom noms…then tossed ’em right up after they went to bed…better now tho’…thanks tons for asking!

Playtime with Dad…

You can see…life is GREAT with my Dad…now here is Dad and Mom’s AniFamily Remembering Page…hope ya like it…back on Monday, Savannah


Rainbow bridge

Rainbow bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hiya..Savannah here.  I sort’a feel like, well…ya know…I’m allllwaaayyyss writing about me and my recovery…but I know Dad and Mom get kind’a sad sometimes when they remember their AniFamily of the past.

So…this is for Mom and Dad…and their totally loved “kids” who have gone OTRB…

First, I’ll talk about the dogs…the “kids”…like Dad and Mom always call us AniFamily…who are not totally feline…but Mom always says Siberians are like cats trapped in dogs’ bodies…they clean themselves and wash their faces just like us cats do…and they love to be loved, er, um, kind’a like us cats..well, ya know…on their terms…

So, here is Mom and Dad with, from right to left:

Snowmist’s Upper Crust: AM and CAN Champion Family name: Crusty (nickname “Bun buns” or “bunners”)…crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 12 1/2 yrs old Feb 1994

Snowmist’s Autumn Rose: AM Champion Family name: Rose (nickname “Rosiedosie”)…crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 11 1/2 yrs old June 1993

Mischa Pandi of Aslanlars: AM CD Champion Family: Mischa (nickname “Puppygirl”)…crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 14 1/2 yrs old Oct 1993

Now…their cat AniFamily just before me…there were lots more over their 35 years of being together…but well…’cuz they don’t have people kids…they sort’a don’t keep lots of pics around ‘cuz they feel like…”who cares once we are gone about our photos”…kind’a sad, but they know it’s true…anyways…here’s the cat AniFamily before me…

Popcorn:(nickname Poppers) found him at their new house in So. Calif…hanging around as just a tweener…with his mom…they called her Bright Eyes (coyote took her, sniff)…Poppers liked to drink out of their swimming pool…anyways, they finally made him an indoor cat and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 16 yrs old Sept 2010

Boris: (nickname B’sie or B) he is bro’ to Tasha…they rescued him at a Petsmart…he was from a humane society in So. Calif.  He could jump so high…like 5 feet…goin’ for the cat dancer toy…wow!…wish I could’a seen that.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 16 yrs old June 2011

Tasha: (nickname TashaMasha) she was so scared when they found her and B in a cage together…they took them both ‘cuz they knew no one would want her ‘cuz she as so scared…just like me and no one wanted me but Mom and Dad saw way past my fear…just like they did with Tasha. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 17 yrs old. Sept 2011

Hope ya liked my post for Dad and Mom and some of their AniFamily from the past…if I can find some pics of others…I’ll post ’em on this page and let ya know.  I’m kind’a sad after this so I think I’m gonna go downstairs and take a nap with Mom…I can tell she needs me…catch’ya later, Savannah

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One thought on “ComPuter Breakdown Forces “Cheater” Post! OH MY!!

  1. Lovely to meet them all! Hope the pewter is fixed soon.

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