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Monday Meowsie News: Surprised Again!!

My new furriend Tigger, over at Tigger’s Teachings totally flabbergasted (vocabulary and spelling builder) me…just as my staff, read “Mom”, was off on another of her and Dad’s ‘get-aways’…Tigger passed two gorgeous Awards to me!!!   Luv ya Tig baby!! Luv ya my man!!

The first Award is the One Lovely Blog Award:

I am so humbled to think that someone experiences my blog as “lovely”…I’m always afraid that what I tell Mom to post is too silly or uninformative or uninteresting…it is, after all, a blog that is just about My Life and My Recovery from being an adult shelter rescue cat…and the photos are tough to get ‘cuz I don’t hang around much when the camera comes out…sigh

The second one is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Well, again…I would NEVER tell any of my former shelter roomies that I thought I was “Inspiring” any cat, let alone a peep!  Go figure?!  I am so very honored again to have someone such as Tigger pass this along to me.

The Awards’ rules are as follows:

(1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.  (Thanks again Tigger’s Teachings!)

(2) Share 7 things about yourself…I have already done this when a couple of other awards were passed forward to me…so I don’t think I’ll bore ya with more…MOL

(3) Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.

So….ya all know from my last Awards posting…I find it difficult to name so many blogs, that don’t already HAVE these awards! And I admire EFURRYBODY I visit efurry day!.

I am again, only less than 4 full months into my blog journey…and still working hard to hook up with others…mostly a time issue ‘cuz my staff types kind’a slow…harrummpppfff

So here’s hoping some of you furriends don’t have these great Awards yet!:

Jimmie Chew…he sort’a looks like a relative of mine…nice!
Cat From Hell’s Blog…Nellie and Kozmo are ALWAYS inspiring!…and of course Queen Penelope is lovely
My Three Moggies…they already have One Lovely Blog so they really outta have “Inspiring” too ‘cuz their adoption story is pretty cool
Pedro of Maru Can Kiss My Furry…! well Pedro is totally Inspiring in the way he searched for the 350 pound cow…go cowcat!
Wazeau’s World…I always luv visiting Nekoka, Sassafrass the cats and then Bandit and Merlin the parrots..what a mix
Three Cat Yard…Calpurnia, Julius and Gus are verrryyy photogenic…
Hutch A Good Life…my piggy best buddies…Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy
Hey, It’s Jet Here…of course this is my big guy Jetty…he has the Lovely Award, but given his rescue story…totally needs to be sport’in the ‘Inspiring” Award
Clowie’s Corner…my big fuffly pile of white soft fur…purrrr
Texas, A Cat in New York…Texas is one admirable cat…hang these on your walls my good furriend!
Spity Speaks…I luvluvluv how he looks in a tux!
Katnip Lounge…OMC! Totally ‘Lovely’ and ‘Inspiring’…they brought us the REYED adventure and the ‘pink starfish‘ lable and who can forget ‘airing my undies’
House Panthers…gotta luvluvluv that color!
Nerissa’s Life…once I got his name and gender sorted out…we have been best furriends…MOL
Brian’s Home…ya gotta check out all these cats…great photos and content…

(4) Leave a comment on each letting them know they have been nominated….I will get those out to efurrybody today!

Now, lemme leave ya with a couple of photos…as you know now…Dad and Mom got home yesterday…and Oh Cat!  Did I ever miss them!!   First time this morning…I trotted right behind Dad down to the kitchen to get my brekkies!  I even let him give me a pet while I ate!!! YES!  Paw Pumps for Savannah!

And Mom was sooooo sweet…she didn’t jump outta bed this morning to get to her spin class at the gym…she hung out in bed with ME!!! And we just chilled…watched the WHOLE Good Morning America show…nice!  Score one more for ME!

…this is me and Mom watchin’ TV this morning…

…and I got some brushing time from Dad…

Nice home coming for Mom and Dad…’cuz this time I let them know how totally much I missed them…kept Mom up half the night ‘cuz everytime she moved…I meowed at her…so she would give lots of scratches and rubs and stuff…she says we’re gonna have a nap later to day MOL!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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44 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News: Surprised Again!!

  1. Hey, we posted our award today, well, Sascha did! Thanks!

  2. Pingback: Purringly surprised and happy: two more awards! « Texas, a cat in New York

  3. Love you Savvy thank youuuuuu and three big hugs and extra one from mum xxx

  4. Savvy, Concatulations! It is well deserved because you are both lovely and very inspiring! Your story and your new life with the humans are a daily dose of loveliness and inspiration to all of us cats!
    Thank you so very much for thinking of me my sweet furriend =^.^=

  5. Thanks, Savannah, for the lovely awards! We love following your adventures very much, you really deserve the accolades, and we look forward to many more posts to come!

  6. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. (I never tire of you calling me that!)

    Mom asked me to share that she is this thingie called verklempt (yiddush for overcome with emotion) that you bestowed the inspiring blogger award on our blog.

    If those places that almost you know whatted us could see us now they would put us on a poster! Black pearls indeed Savvy!

    BTW, are you joining my vocab builder challenge? I like it…

    Special Savvy/Big Guy Paw pats of gratitude cutie pie.

    We will share on Thursday… oh, are the inspiring award rules the same as the lovely award rules???

    • yep same rules as best as I can tell…and no kidding about those peeps who almost ‘ya know whatted me and you…’…and frankly, even my last shelter that was a no kill shelter, Mom and dad volunteer there..but can you believe that when I did not come out of my hiding place for 11 months, some of the other volunteers talked about ‘maybe she should have been put down cuz she is so aggressive and antisocial’!!!! HA on them

      • Hey Savvy,
        OMD/OMC aggressive and antisocial my paw! You were probably terrified shocked by the conditions like me.

        Puffy and Fluffy (brothers biologically) were kept in small cages for 6 months at a time, hit, neglected and worse in 5 different homes in 3 years. Then they landed in a kind home, however, little peep developed sneezy stuff. That’s when Mom and my human sister, Rachel saw them on Cat Network’s website… no wonder it took Mom 4 years to brush Puffy from nose to tail. HA on all of them indeed!

        Oh and thanks for the rules. 🙂

        • aiiieeeee! I found about 5 of your comments in my spam again!!!! What the Cod is that about!!! Sooooooo sorry….

          I am so sad to hear the Pluffy had to experience such pawful living conditions…and I also how great now Puffy gets to feel the pleasure of being brushed…mmmmm….luvluvlu it

  7. orientallily001 on said:

    Oh Savannah… I’m so flabbergasted, too! Thank you so very, VERY much. I cherish and treasure every award I get. It’s such fun! I can’t believe I missed this post on Monday but… you know my motto… when in doubt, blame the peep! So, since it’s my motto, I’m blaming her for sure.
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

    • hey hey Nerissa my guy! so glad you like the awards!!! I look for your posts all the time…and I get the ‘blame the peep’…my Mom has been messing up my comments, ‘cuz she was gone for 3 whole days! sheeeshh

  8. congrats cuz! and thank you! We do look like brofurs dont we. We are sooo cute!!!!

    • yes we do look like siblings…but I would be your big sister (girl cat here! MOL) And I hope you don’t have the awards I passed to you…and if you already have them at least ya know I really admire your bloggy!

  9. Congratulations to you, I always enjoy your blog! And thank you so much, I think I’m in danger of wearing my tail out – it’s wagging so hard.

  10. Concatulations Savannah on the new “bling” !! I think you deserve all the awards you’re getting – your blog is very inspiring for lots of kitties AND humans! I know you’re happy your parents are back home and I know you were EXTRA happy your Mom stayed home from spinning to cuddle with you and watch TV! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. Congratulations! Your brushing session looks very relaxing 🙂

    Bella and DiDi

  12. You just keep it up Savannah! woo woo woo!

  13. CONCATULATIONS ON YET MORE AWARDS SAVANNAH!!!! And….I love now you now have discovered TV!!!

  14. Penelope on said:

    Oh My Goodness (or badness) Me is thrilled that yous gived me those awards! Me loves to puts them up on my awards page! Me will not be able to blogs about them until later this week. Mommy and Daddy are taking our Hairy Slobbery sisters to Spokane because Bob has to see an eye specialist. Me and Kozmo is staying home. So me won’t be able to blog until they gets back!
    Kisse sweet Savannah

    • No Problem Nellie…and you and Kozmo deserve even more awards cuz your bloggie is so amazing! And, I hope Bob is OK…always a worry when the eyes are involved…keep us posted on how he does…and you and Kozmo try to keep the home front going…sending purrrrss

  15. Concats on the awards! What are you watchin on the telly, pretty Savannah?

  16. Concats on the awards! I just blogged about the award you gave me last week today. I do believe you, Ms. Savannah, are becoming domesticated.

  17. Laptime and brushing?!?! You are making serious progress! Congrats on the nice awards and thanks so much for sharing with us!

  18. What lovely awards Savannah! We think you are totally inspiring and we are very interested in your story and what you have to say!! No rush on the pictures, you just take your time feeling comfortable with the world!! xoxoox

  19. Thank you for the awards!! We’ll post about ’em later this week! You have a couple of pals we haven’t met so we have some visiting to do.
    You enjoy that afternoon nap!

    • oh so glad y ou lke them! I just found the Awards pull down menu on your blog so you may alreayd have them…but I also want you to know Mom forgot to link each of your posts to the REYED, Undies and Starfish words but she just updated now…so sorry

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