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Monday Meowsie News…More On Helping Rescue Cats

Hiya Furriends!! Savannah here!

As some of you may know, I was accepted months ago as a full member of the Twitter Whiskas Liberation Front (#WLF), with all rights and privileges. We have a code of conduct and my post today is in keeping with a part of that code:

“The WLF will use social media channels to oppose any injustice anywhere in the world whatever species those affected might belong to”

I am not opposing an injustice today, but I am asking all of you to help me make right an awful wrong committed against hundreds of my feline brethren…

I have something very impawtant to tell you about…and I ask that any of you who are willing to…PLEASE REBLOG THIS INFORMATION.

We anipal bloggers have an opportunity to help hundreds of cats who are survivors of the trauma known as the CABOODLE RANCH SANCTUARY.

It was NO SANCTUARY at all…but it was a living nightmare for hundreds of cats and kittens.  They have been saved by the efforts of so many, and that rescue was led by the ASPCA.  The cats and kittens have been receiving medical care and socialization behavior modification.


June Buggie, from Rumpy Dog, in one of his June Buggie Speaks Outposts, has recently talked about the cats needing adoption after being saved by the ASPCA from the infamous Caboodle Ranch mess.  You can click here to visit Rumpy’s post.

I agreed with an ASPCA spokesperson to make a special post about their upcoming event in Florida…this event is an all out effort to get hundreds of these feline survivors adopted into their furrever homes.  There is more information at this site, ASPCA Caboodle Ranch Rescue, and for additional photos, click here.

June Buggie stated:

“There are hundreds of cats to choose from. Some of these cats have special needs, including barn cats and those that are FIV+ or have feline leukemia.

So if you live nearby, come to the ASPCA Temporary Shelter at 2580 West 1st Street in Jacksonville, FL 32254 Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM.  Bring a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, non-driver ID, etc.) proof of address, and a pet carrier.

These adoptions will be fee-waived. In addition, all of the cats that are available for adoption will be micro-chipped and spayed/neutered.

And if you’re in the Sarasota or Tampa Bay areas, you can also adopt a former resident of Caboodle Ranch.  Smaller, separate adoption events for the Caboodle Ranch cats will also be held that same weekend in Sarasota (hosted by Cat Depot) and in the Tampa Bay area (hosted by the Humane Society of Pinellas in cooperation with SPCA Tampa Bay).”

I hope you will all think about ways you  might be able to help get this event publicized through your own social networks…especially if you have any in the Florida or South East area.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I have a really cool post in the draft stages for tomorrow. If you all like it, I will make it a regular event once every month…and I will also ask all of you to think about pawticipation..


Paw pats, Savannah

PEE ESS…I am VERY behind in visiting. We are gonna work real hard this week to catch up. Mom has been runnin’ around tryin’ to help Dad find us a new home to live in. We are givin’ our house back to the bankersters…it has been a long year, but we are almost done with all the hard stuff. We are fine, don’t fret on our account. There are so many other peeps and cats and dogs out there who have way bigger struggles than ours. But, we have fallen behind in our visits to all of you and we worry that we will start to lose you. More Paw Pats, Savannah

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65 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…More On Helping Rescue Cats

  1. Reblogged this on Hey… It's Jet Here and commented:
    A worthy reblog from one of our bestest pals, Savannah. I am her Champion, so, will always support her causes. 🙂

  2. Kitties! Little Satchie wants to pway with all those kitties!

    And look at you, auntie Savvy, so pwetty with that hat

  3. On our Facebook page as we have more readers there then the blog at the moment. xx

  4. YAY! We’re plugged into this situation cuz the peeps Mommy volunteers with were one of the group deployed to help care for the kittehs over the past 6 months while the court battle went on. So she got to know what it was like down there early on. So hoping that loads of kittehs find their forever homes this weekend!

  5. We meant to say that we are worried about you three and do hope you find a new home soon. That is more important than keeping up with us all and we do hope you spend enough time on that important search =^..^=

    • we are about to sign a lease this week. Very nice town home (kind of a flat?) 2 story, English Garden like back yard. Brand new renovated kitchen and baths! YEA! And we can take a month or so to move slowly!! paw pats, Savannah peeEss thank you for your kind thoughts

  6. Dorothy Abernathy on said:

    Hi Savannah! My huMom posted your blog on our Facebook page. Every little bit helps!

    • oh thanks so much Mistletoe! and we did get your photos…you are so pretty!! Can you tell me if you have a blog? or what your FB page is? I could ‘like’ it if you want? I also want you to read my post today and think about being one of my interviewees in upcoming months…thank you, paw pats, Savannah

  7. Sometimes you’ve got to do more im-paw-tant things than visit–can’t wait to see your new feature!

    • oh, I just posted my new feature…at least I hope enough furriends like it that I can make it a monthly feature. You are such an experienced writer, your suggestions would be most welcome, paw pats, Savannah

  8. Dear Savannah……..Mom “shared” your blog post on Facebook and we certainly hope that lots of people are able to “step up” in the area of these adoption events and help these poor cats find happy homes. Bless their hearts AND the hearts of those who can help them………and certainly YOU for posting this info for all of us to share.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. I hope your parents can find you a new home very soon and you’ll all live “happily ever after” there!

    • we must all keep paws crossed this Sat and Sun for all those hundreds of kittehs! And thanks for the warm thought Sammy about our home hunting. We actually are signing a lease, whatever that is, this week…we will start to move after the 20th, good news is we can move over a month! We haven’t paid mortgage for 1 year, so we can easily pay the monthly lease and move at a leisurely pace. Mom and Dad are tryin’ to make it as easy as they can on me…paw pats, Savannah

  9. Hi Savvy, we’ve put it out on Facebook and Twitter so far – sadly we don’t have many US followers but hopefully a share or two might reach someone in the area. It’s such a terribly sad story but there are going to be many lovely endings.

  10. Mum would have them if Dad would let her xxx Furry paws they all find loving homes x

  11. I sure hope all those kitties – and you – find some very good homes.

  12. Reblogged this on All That JazzCat! and commented:
    Please help in any way you can!
    Even if it is just reblogging as miss Savannah says. You never know who is gonna see it that will be able to adopt one of them

  13. I remember seeing a video several years ago about how great this place was (sigh). I hope all of the kitties get homes.

    • what a shame isn’t it!! What a dishonest person this man was…collected so much money from caring rescue advocates, then turns out to be a hoarder…and cat abuser…ohhh..sorry…having leaky eyes right now…thank you for caring BD..paw pats, Savannah

  14. We read about the Caboodle Ranch and it made us very sad and mad. We’re glad all these cats have been saved…and we purr that they all find furever homes. Good going, Savannah, in getting the word out!

  15. Yeah, I really cherish the thought that karma will come back and bite the owner of this horrible place. Is it wrong of me that hope that his cell mate finds him very, very attractive?

  16. Reblogged this on Summer Solstice Musings and commented:
    For my American friends.
    In case you can help or know someone who can!

    Please let’s help find a forever home to all those kitties!

  17. I’ve tweeted and reblogged 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on themisadventuresofmisaki and commented:
    Please read and help save some kitties!

  19. Great post Savannah! I have send several posts out about this from my rescue blog!

  20. ande123 on said:

    That is such a good post about all those kitties that need homes. Thanks for telling everyone about them. We sure hope they all find some really good homes.
    Sure sorry to hear that you have to move. Hope things work out for you and your family. We sure will be thinking about you.

    • we are gonna be just fine. The hard part is ‘finding’ something we like and then the ‘harder’ part is the actual move…ugh! paw pats, Savannah pee Ess Mom wants to know what blog you are? Embarrassing, but we only see ‘ande 123’ and we don’t know who you are???

  21. spittythekitty on said:

    Darling savannah! We hope your Mommeh and Daddeh find a good place for you all to live very soon! This has been such a very hard time for so many Peeps! (Although the Human is *not* glad in any way to hear about all this, she has to say she’s just the tiniest bit relieved to read it since she thought maybe *I* had offended your mommy with my remark about the caterwauling and you was mad at us!!)

    Cod bless those wonderful peeps who took in those kittehs and helpded them. I hope they awl finds good furever homes, just like you and I did.

    You know you would NEFUR lose me, sweet girl! XOXOXO

  22. Reblogged this on Misty Shores Chesapeakes and commented:
    Please take a moment to read Savannah’s post regarding the Caboodle Ranch trauma that so many poor unfortunate kitties suffered but are now being cared for by great people and are ready for adoption.

  23. Hi Savannah, Easy sent us over here to check out your post and what a great post it is. I will gladly re-blog for you and all those poor unfortunate kitties!!

    • oh my cat!! thank you ever so much!! I don’t know if we will make a difference, but if we all try, maybe we can help even one more kitteh find a home. I will visit your blog in a few minutes. Paw pat, Savannah

  24. Keep my paws crossed that many of those cats will get new forever homes this weekend !
    Keep my paws crossed that you soon will find a new home too !!

  25. I’m glad those kittehs will be able to start anew. I do have some good news that you may not have seen. Massachusetts governor just signed a law forbidding BSLs! *happy dance* I hope you find a nice new home where you can live happily ever after. Banks are evil.

  26. We are tweeting and sharing this just as we have been with the numerous Cat Bloggers who have been blogging about this. It is quite important information!

  27. Done. Hope, it works, it’s my first reblogging :o)

    If you searching for a new house, you can be my new neighbor :o)))

  28. Reblogged this on Easy Blog and commented:
    Reblogged from Savannahspawtracks – very important for saving the poor kitties…

  29. I’ve shared it on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter.

  30. We are happy these kitties were saved. We are ALSO happy that Karma is a b*tch; it will revisit cruel people.

  31. Wow… just when you think you can hear of everything then you read about even more stupid humans doing even more stupid things against animals.

    I long for the day when people are put into really deep dungeony like places for the crimes against people with fur

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  32. mollieandalfie on said:

    Peeee-ess…Yoo’s not gonna lose any of us..Wot’s you doin is weally inpawtant 🙂 If yooo’s lose furbuddies, then they wern’t furbuddies to start wiff xxxx So there!!

    • thank you so much. We just have so much going on right now. Mom kind’a gets behind in visits. We try real hard to respond to all comments and to keep up my daily posts, but whew….we have had some big posts that take so much time. and the one tomorrow is another big one and totally new for us. hugs, S and Mom

  33. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wez will definately post dat on our blog..Yoo’s nose we fick wiff compawters.. If ya emails me Savannah how’s to get yor post on our blog.. wez will post it… 🙂
    Yoo’s might still have our address but just in case..

    Big hugs Mollie and Alfie xx

    • Thank you so much. If you have WP, which you do. You should just be able to click the “reblog” button at the very top left side of my blog when you visit it. Just pull up my blog site, and it should be there. if that doesn’t work, tell me and I will email other ways to do it easily. paw hugs for doing it, Savannah

    • Hey Alfie. I forgot. Just go to bottom of my post and click the button that says ” press this”

  34. I so wish I were closer so that I could help. It is so sad. All my best wishes for those lovely creatures that need new homes.

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