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Hiya Everyone!  Savannah Here!

Today is what I hope will be the first of many interviews I share with all of my furriends.  If enough of you “LIKE” this post, then I will make it a regular feature on my blog. I will do at least ONE per month, on the first Tuesday of each month. Your suggestions for making it better are appreciated.

I want to share other rescue cats’ and dogs’ recovery stories to spread our learning about the challenges we face and the joy our Guardians get to experience as they help us into and through recovery…(recovery meaning we show as much as we can of our REAL SELF).

So, here we go!  First up…I am so thrilled that 2 of my furriends over at Katnip Lounge agreed to be my guinea pigs trial interviewees…

 Please welcome SCOUTY and CC from KATNIP LOUNGE!!!


SAVANNAH:  Hiya Scouty and CC!!  Thanks lots for stopping by and having a chat with me

 Scouty:  Hi Savannah!

CC: shy head butts

Savannah: Guys, would you share with all of us how you arrived in your furrever home?

Scouty:  Well, it’s kind of a long story.

Savannah: No problem…we all wanna hear about it…go on…

Scouty: We were born feral, and our Mama had a hard time feeding us until she found some kind Humans who had an outdoor cage for their kitty, and some of her kibble was falling out onto the ground.  Mama led us over there every day to nibble up the leftovers.  We had to climb a six foot cement wall to get into the yard!  It was tough but we were hungry.

One day the Lady Human came out into the yard and startled us…all she caught was a glimpse of orange, scaling the wall like a gecko!  Right away she knew it was a kitten; it was me, Scout!


The Lady told the Man what she had seen, so they put out tuna, water, and a little night light, and waited until dark.

Later, I came back…I had never seen so much food in all my life!  I ate and ate, and Mama came in to eat, too.  The People were excited to see us, but they stayed hidden indoors.  This went on for a few days, me appearing first, then Mama…The Lady named me “Scout” because I was always the first one in to check out the area.

Then, one night, we gave the People a HUGE surprise…there was another kitten with us!  White and orange, with bulls eye swirls like mine.  Mommy, my huMom, named him “Cow Cat” for his markings, which was shortened to “CC”.


The People knew they had to neuter and possibly socialize us.  But how?…we were extremely skittish…so they decided they would buy a live trap.

OMC!!  Kitties, let me tell you, being trapped was so traumatizing!  All of a sudden we were in a strange place, with walls and no sky!  CC actually climbed the stucco walls all the way up to the ceiling, over and over, trying to escape.  Eventually, we got tired and slept.  When we woke up there was food and water and a litter box, and the Lady was in there, too!

We were terrified, and huddled under a cabinet.  The Lady touched us and stroked us…but we hissed at her…same with the Man.  They set up cameras in the room to watch us when they weren’t in there, and it made them glad to see us come out, eat and groom and play like normal kittens.  We were probably about three months old, almost too old to socialize, but the Lady insisted on petting and holding us every day.  CC warmed up after about a month, but I (Scouty) resisted…In fact, I still do to this very day…sigh.

 Savannah: Oh Cat! CC and Scouty! What a fright that must have been to be trapped!  What has been your greatest challenge in learning to trust and depend on your Guardians?

 CC: Well, I can’t help it…I just love being petted!  I try to tell Scouty that he needs to just let go and enjoy it, but he’s just too feral.

Mommy wishes she had pushed harder socializing him, more holding and handling.  When he was a kitten, if he’d relax he would turn on his motor and drool with happiness when she would pet him, but not anymore.

I enjoy being petted and brushed all over, and I ‘specially love nice firm butt pets.  Mommy calls it “spanking”…hee hee.  But (no pun intended!) I am wary of being picked up…I will allow it and I like it if her or Daddy are on my level; that is, laying down or sitting before I approach.

If Johnny is around I’m a lot braver, he helped raise us and I love him lots.  He keeps me safe.  I don’t like strangers and sometimes Daddy scares me…he’s BIG!

 Savannah:  CC, it seems like you trusted more than Scouty from the beginning.  Can you guys describe some of the ways you and your Guardians worked together to help get you into your recovery and try to overcome challenges?

Scouty:  Even though I don’t want to be touched, I do like being part of the Family.  Daddy and I have a routine…he gives me real shrimps every night in his office, and talks softly to me while I eat.  I show up and stare daggers into him when my tummy clock announces Shrimp Time

And I’ll take treats from Mommy if she’s lying on the sofa and puts out her hand.  I hang around in the rooms where they are, keeping tabs on them, and sometimes I sleep at the foot of the bed at night.  Oh yeah!!…and I love to sleep on Mommy’s pillow!  But that’s as close as I feel comfortable.

Mommy and Daddy have been very respectful of our wildness, and they use their wits to try and think like cats so they can make things easier for us.  They love us lots.  We both love to play string and feather games, and that’s one way they actively interact with me.  I get so carried away that I come really close…sometimes they even manage to stroke me! …I’m just happy they accept me the way I am.

 Savannah:  (wipes leaky eyes with paw)…hang on a minute guys, you got me a little choked up…you are so brave!

Ok…koff…koff..ahem… now can you talk about how successful have you been in working your recovery program??  Like, what are a couple of REALLY big paws forward??

CC:  Mommy is very pleased with how far I’ve come in the five years I’ve lived here.  I’m so relaxed these days that if we’re in bed, I let her eat my belly meat!  I seek her out for pets and luv’ins every evening.  I’ve gone from a scared hissy kitten to a confident (though shy) cat.  Daddy says I’m the sweetest little boy, ever!

Scouty:  Daddy has hopes that one day I’ll allow him to pet me.  Mommy has her doubts, but he and I have bonded, and for some reason, I just love to watch him.  Maybe in another five years…sigh…paws to head, shakes head…

Savannah:  You guys are just great! Just one last question, can you offer any advice to our peep readers to help them support their adult rescue cat, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through its recovery process?

 Both:  Think like a Cat!  Do your homework and read up on cats, talk to cat people, and watch, watch, watch.  Cats talk with their bodies.


Savannah:  Nice! Good Tip!  This was great!  Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Both:  Savvy, thanks for the opPURRtunity to share our story!

Savannah: awwww you guys!…blushes…Come back again in 5 years and let’s talk some more!!

Whew, thanks so much to Scouty and CC and Mom Trish for working with me to get this first prototype(vocab builder)  interview posted.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about how Scouty and CC came to live in their furrever home at Katnip Lounge!

Let me know if you would enjoy having this be a regular monthly feature AND if you would like to be interviewed, or know a furriend who has a story to tell that can help our Guardians learn how to be even more successful in gaining our trust and help us show and share our REAL SELF…If you want to pawticipate,  send me an email telling me your contact email:

…I am so exhausted from the excitement and nervousness of this first interview…I think I will grab some sun puddle and take a teeny tiny nap….

Paw pats, Savannah

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91 thoughts on “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking…

  1. LOVED your interview with Scout and CC. It’s so important that everyone understands that rescue pets are just as good, only more experienced. Mom says rescued pets are best because they know how lucky they are to have found a good home. We’re all rescue kitties as Mom has volunteered with the shelter at LAPCATS for almost 8 years now. There are 8 of us and we have 3 canine siblings too: 2 were rescued from the shelter and 1 was a stray, but that was quite a long time ago. We can also have Mom set you up with kitties that are still looking for their forever homes. (They come and stay with us sometimes.)

    • thanks for visiting..Mom and Dad volunteer for a private cat shelter and so we have lots of adult cats we try to help find furrever homes. And I am an only cat, I don’t like other cats to share my space, they scare me. Good luck with your cats, Paw pats, Savannah

  2. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Apaws, apaws. Mom asked me to share that you should do your own blogradio talk show like she does on Saturday mornings!

    You are a natural, a pro, cattastic! Yes, YOU MUST DO MORE… So many Guardians or potential guardians can learn and take the leap of faith that is required for those of us K9s and felines who come from a non-traditional background.

    As you know, Puffy and Fluffy, Pluffy as they are now known on our blog had a super tough beginning, you know my story, JJ’s story is a bit gentler, and Koko’s story even made it into Dog Fancy in August 2005!

    We offer our stories anytime you wish, dear Savannah… thank you for providing such an important public service!

  3. Wow! That was a great interview! Thanks for sharing Scouty and CC’s story. It’s a beautiful story. I hope Scouty will go to discover how nice it could be to be petted by the humans.
    You should definitely do more interviews!

    • wasn’t it fun to learn how they got their names?! I hate to tell you, but the Mom cat was not rescued. They could never trap her and after a few days, she never came back…but her two boys are well and loved, paw pats, Savvy

  4. Yes stories of rescue should be a feature as a suggestion you might want to do one on Brians Home where their motto is Adopt Cats We Deserve It. Glad that CC and Scout from Katnip Lounge got the feature started on the right paw

    • why thank you!! and if you put a follow by email button on your bloggy I will follow you. I only do follow by email. ANd I will definitely ask Brian and his family about interviews…and would you like to do one??? paw pats, Savannah

  5. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Sweet Savannah that was a wonderful interview. We love all our sweet friends over at Katnip Lounge . We didn’t like the interview…we LOVE it! Hugs and nose kisses

    • hey thanks lots Chancy…now I need other cats and dogs to let me interview them…do you have anyone you can refer to me? Or, are you guys rescues…do you have a story to share??? thanks lots, paw pats, Savannah

      • Chancy and Mumsy on said:

        We will let you know if we think of anyone with a good rescue story. We don’t know if our rescues are the kind you do interviews with but…Pooh, was rescued from a drug house. Chancy was rescued from an abusive home. Baby Boy was deserted by a neighbor that moved away and we took him in.

        • YES!!! I am not looking for particular stories…just wanting to find a way to get folks and cats and dogs talking about how the cats and dogs learn to trust the peeps…maybe we can all learn from each other…maybe someone who is thinking about rescuing a dog or cat will read my blog interview and think “wow, I can adopt an adult rescue because they can be helped to recover from trauma and to learn to trust again…and they always give such joy and love”…if we influence just one peep family or person to adopt one dog or cat…then it is all good!!! paw pats, Savannah peeEss I will get the questions to you in a week or so. I am just collecting names and email addresses. I have your email. hugs, Mom and Savvy

  6. What a fun innerview! The peeps can only imagine what I was like when I was first trapped. Thanx to Scout and CC for telling their stories.

    • if ya ever want to, I would love to interview you CK…as you can see, the questions are mostly about how you and your peeps have worked together to help you be able to show as much of your Real Self as you can. Let me know, it would be fun, paw pats, Savannah

  7. Well, obviously I like this one. I love the happy ending stories. Well done on your first interview.

  8. You are two lucky kitties, and you’re very beautiful too!

    • oh, I think you mean CC and Scouty…you know they live at Katnip Lounge, right? This is my new feature I told you about…I am going to do monthly interviews of other cats and dogs about their rescues…fun, huh? Hope you liked it. paw pats to Kelly and Cookie and the panther gang!

  9. Hi Savannah, I’ve nominted you for an award and happy, happy cats day to you!!!

  10. great job! It was a very fun read.

  11. great job – we loved your interview. we love those boys and learning more about them. (if you want, you can email us too at

  12. Old Kitty on said:

    What a great interview sweet Savannah! Awwww wonderful CC and sweet Scouty! Thank you for such an entertaining and amazing read into how you found your forever home!! Me and Charlie are so happy you are now part of the fabulous Katnip Lounge and that your huMum and Dad were there for you both!! What happened to your furry mum?

    Take care

    • errrr…ummmm…I did not put it in the post…but their Mom did not make it. Scouty and CC’s humans could never trap her and after a few days, she never came back again…very sad…Are you guys rescues? Do you want me to interview you??? Let me know, paw pats, Savannah

  13. I so loved reading this story, and also your blog in general. I hope you will find enough interviewees to do this on a regular basis. Purrrs!

  14. Great interview Savannah……nice to meet Scout and CC and hear their story from feral to family….it’s a tough transition but they sound like they are happy to be in their furrever home and allowed to live life on their own terms within their comfort zone!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  15. Super super post and great idea Savvy. We can’t wait to read more! Good luck with all your busy plans at the moment 😉

    • Miss Annie…can I interview your pretty black kitty you told me and Mom about? I think it would be a very good interview. You can see the questions I would as. I plan on using those same questions for everyone. What do you think? (no pressure…nudge, nudge…MOL) paw pats, Savannah

  16. Oh what a story… Great idea Savannah…

  17. Savannah you did a wonderful job of interviewing CC & Scout. I hadn’t heard their stories and it was very touching.

    Thank you and I think this is a great idea – I couldn’t figure out how to “Like” it because I’m not a wordpress member though.

    Take care!

  18. Jenna and Sissy on said:

    We luf hearing about the kitties!

  19. Hooray! We loved it! Mommy says she would luf to see this efurry month. Great story and innerview, Savannah.

  20. Wow, What a story those boys have! I’m so glad they have a home now. Thank you Savannah, for doing the interview! We think it would be awesome if you made it a monthly feature!

  21. Love, love, love! You’re a natural, miss Savannah!

    And what a great story. So happy to hear those kittens found such loving humans to take care of them.

  22. Wow, what a terrific interview. And Scouty and CC made good points it is impawtant for our peoples to love us the way we are.

    You asked about Arty. We just don’t know Mommy hasn’t seen her at all so there is no good reason to believe she is nearby. Mommy still calls her for supper and she calls her when she is outside and when she walks Fenris. Fenris gets a scent of something (since Mommy is calling Arty she is hopeful that, that is the scent he is looking for and has but there is no logical reason to think so as Fenris isn’t trained to track).

    If you is interested you can interviews ME. My Mommy was a feral cat that was poisoned when I was a baby. The people that had been feeding her found me and Charybdis and Mommy agreed to foster us. ~Scylla

  23. spittythekitty on said:

    Hello Darling! I luffed luffed luffed this interview! I love CC and Scouty! I fall somewhere in between them as far as being socialized–I am not a trusting as CC but I am way more Human-friendly than Scouty (Course, nobody threatened to put ME in a StewPot like Scouty’s Ebil Mommy! Ha ha meow) Yes, please, do this efurry month!

  24. catfromhell on said:

    Reading about Scouty and CC made me all leaky eyes.
    Savannah, your questions was magnificent! Yous is a great interviewer.

  25. Yes, yes, more! That was a terrific interview and I so enjoyed your questions and their answers!!!

    • Oh thanks Brian! I really wanted some feedback on the questions…I tried to keep them just a few, but sometimes the answers can be long. But CC and Scouty’s story was so great! I loved how they both got their furrever names!! paw pats, Savvy

  26. More More More! That was a great interview! You are a great interviewer, Savvy!! Got a bit leaky eyed there …. ahem! *coughs*


    • OK! thanks for the ‘like’…and isn’t it cool how Scouty and CC got their names!! Luvd that part!! paw pats, Savvy…pee Ess…any interest in being interviewed? Or do you know someone else who would do it? just wonderin’…paw pats,Savannah

  27. That was a great interview! You should do some more.

  28. This was every bit as great as we knew it could be! We are honored to be your first interviewee(s), Savannah! We vote for MORE stories.

  29. ande123 on said:

    That was a terrific post and all of us are feral kittens too and so know all about that fear at first. It is terrifying when first put in a home. Our Person put us in an extra bedroom in this house and for the first week, she couldn’t find us. We got in the book cases and got behind the books. She had no idea where we were. And our Person just talked about she wishes she had socialized some of us more than she did.

  30. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, I love this post, and I hope you make it a regular monthly feature. I like the eye-catching title — how did you come up with it?

    • MOL! Mom hit ‘publish’, then went to share it on my FB page and saw it didn’t have a “title”…so she went quik like a bunny back to ‘update’ the post and thought up a title, and TAAA DAAA! That’s it! Glad you like it Miss Susan!

  31. That was a fantastic interview and yes, we LIKE LIKE LIKE! 🙂

  32. mollieandalfie on said:

    That was fandaddiedossie Savannah, wot a brilliant idea 🙂 So many of us have been through the mill and us lucky ones have found loving homes..Bravo.. I’m up for it but my story’s not quite as heart rendering as alot of others..
    Big Hugs Alfie x

    • Alfie, your story made Mom cry like a kitten! ANd what about Miss Mollie? Not sure if she was rescue or not??? I hope you ‘like’ my post so I can tell if I should do it again next month…paw pats sweetie, Savvy

      • mollieandalfie on said:

        Only mez was rescued…well..we had her at 7 weeks, instead of 10.. cos the farmer didn’t want her as she was Blonde ( that’s what she’s really called on birth certificate ) so I guess Mommy saved her..perhaps that’s why she’s such a Mommy’s girl..cos she’s never really known a doggie mother being so young 🙂
        I think you should do this every month..lot of hard work but it will be worth it..If you need me Savannah..Just call out my name, and you nose where ever I am, I’ll come running…to see you again, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all yooo’s got do is call, and I’ll come running , to see yoo’s again.. Little song for you Savvy 🙂
        Hug’s..Yor Alfie x

        • You are so cute Alfie! MOL! Let Mom see if anyone else volunteers too to be interviewed. But for sure I want to interview you. Your story is a really impawtant one. So take a look at those questions. I will use the same ones each time. Mom will be in pee-mail contact with Miss Stella soon. paw pats, Savvy

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