Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat


…Savannah??…Yes Mom…whaddya want, I was resting?…

…Mom: did you know it’s here?…Savannah: What?…is it for me??….

…Mom: why yes Savannah Banana…it’s all for you!…Savannah: WHERE!…downstairs?!!…, no silly girl!…Savannah: it must be in our office then…OH! It’s in this box!!…

…Oh Cod!!!…what is it??…must be cautious…just take a peek….

…ummmppfff…need to get to the other side…

…Mom!!!…it’s not in the box…where is it??!!….

..Hey Mom??!!…now where are you??…sheesh…guess I have to go downstairs…maybe it’s there…

Oh Cat!! Can you believe it!! World Cat Day arrived!!!

…and it’s all for ME, ME, ME!…

…well, of course I know I have to share the day with all my other feline furriends…

Hey Mom?…yes Savvy??

Thanks for my brekkies in bed, my special morning massages from you AND from Dad…and then my snack…and you played extra with me…

Mom: that’s my pleasure Savvy, it is after all your day!

Not wordless…but we wish a warm, kind  and loving World Cat Day to all cats everywhere…Paw pats, Savannah

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64 thoughts on “APAWS! APAWS! WORLD CAT DAY!!

  1. Miss Satchie on said:

    Sowy I missed it…. but… happy, happy day, evewy day ❤

  2. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    We hope you had a terrific World Cat Day sweet Savannah. Hugs and nose kisses

    • thank you Chancy, and Angel, Baby Boy, Patches, Snookums, Pooh and DK! hope I got them all right! I just visited your blog and read through your fur family stuff. What a nice fur family! I hope I get to interview you Chancy, and any of the others that are willing to pawticipate! Paw pats, Savannah

      • Chancy and Mumsy on said:

        That was so sweet of you to visit our blog and read about all of us. And you did a super job remember all of us. Chancy says he would love to be interviewed. Hugs!!

        • I am going to post Chancy’s interview August 21. I have enough volunteers now that I think I can do two per month!!!YEA! I will try to be consistent and do them the first and third Tuesday’s each month at least through December. paw pats, Savvy

          • Chancy and Mumsy on said:

            You are just so sweet. Thank you again for asking to interview us. We are happy you are getting more wanting to do an interview…this will be a great success. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    What a special day! May I just say that the picture with your tummy showing you white fluff gives us one more thing in common… I have white fluff on my tummy too! Mom asked me to share that she LOVES that picture.

    Enjoy all of your treats, pampering and attention, you deserve it all. 🙂

  4. I hope you had a great World Cat Day!
    The humans and I and Milou didn’t do anything special because Milou and I made it clear to the humans a long time ago that everyday should be world cat day =^.^=
    My human gave me a little bit of her steak yesterday though. She’s trying to diet so I just wanna help, you know.
    Purrs and Happy Belated World Cat Day!
    (You look fab btw)

  5. I wish every day in your whole life will be a CAT DAY!!!

  6. Well, since Zim is an honorary kit-cat, I should have done something special for him yesterday, huh? I’ve gotta find a way to make it up to him. Any ideas?

    • well, Dave…hmmm…you are the younger one…so of course you need to show Zim respect, which I am sure you do, right?? Maybe you could share a smidgen of one of your treats with him today??? He really is very cat like you k now…I bet you are too. I bet both of you clean your faces and ears just like us cats!! All Mom’s Sibes did that! So cute!! paw pats to you guys, Savannah

      • I was adopted after Zim, but I’m a couple years older than him. We have a mutual respect thing going on – we’re best friends, not just brothers! He’s only allowed his prescription food, but I had Mom give him an extra one of the treats she makes for him!

        • Oh I did not know you were oldest Dave…sorry…where were you adopted from? A shelter? A breeder? Did woos want to do an interview with me like I did with Scouty and CC from Katnip Lounge?? I am looking for more rescue doggies to pawticipate. Chew on it while you are having a snack, let me know, paw pats for you and Zimmerz!! Savannah

  7. Happy your day!

  8. Happy kitty day! Hope you had a good one!

  9. Happy World CAT Day, Savannah!

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    My WCD was made 1000 times better after seeing your sweet tummy in that first shot. In fact, after that, I couldn’t really pay too much attention to the rest. Me, I hadded a kind of stressful day. Sigh. It’s been a tough week.

    Hey! Sure, I would LUFF to be interviewed one of these mumfs—I’m afraid I am not as witty and charming as the Lounge Kitties though!


    • oohhh… Spitty…why has it been such a tuff week sweetie?? You are my only Bay Area furriend…now I am going to fret over you…purrlease tell me if I can help…do you need a cold cloth for your forehead??…maybe a tiny little bacon treat??…you let me know…Savannah reaches over to Spitty and give him a soft paw stroke…And, thank you for being willing to let me interview you. I am working on changing up the questions a bit so they aren’t always the same…but I have to make sure they always provide the content I am trying to focus on which really is “telling efurryone what challenges we adult rescue cats can have in trusting peeps and showing them as much or our REAL SELF as we can AND how the peeps have tried to gain our trust..”..maybe we can all learn from each other. I will send the questions in a week or so after I rework them. Thank you so much!!

  11. Happy World Cat Day…though we think every day is our day!

  12. Happy World Cat Day, Savannah. It sounds like it was a very good one. Love all the pics, especially that second one.

    Woos – Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Happy World Cat Day to you sweet Savannah!!! Maybe something good really is in that box though!

  14. catfromhell on said:

    Happy World Cat Day Savannah!
    Me did not gets anything special, but Mommy tells me the next painting is of yous!
    Me will gets to looks at yous lots!

  15. Happy World Cat Day! Hope you have a wonderful one!

  16. mollieandalfie on said:

    Happy world cat day Savannah…you’s soo cool strutting your stuff 🙂
    Paw patties Alf xx

    • Oh Alfie!! you just like me lots! I’m not that pretty…am I!!! MOL…paw pats, Savannah

      • mollieandalfie on said:

        Yooo is so pretty Savannah, no words can say..I mean’s dat. Tell Mommy, she dosen’t haff to comment on all our posts..must of taken her hours last night. Wez nose she’s weally busy..Just pops by now and den or if there’s someink I weally want you to see’s..I’ll whispers in yor ear..:)
        Big Paw pats my lovely Princess xx
        Alfie xxxx

        • Oh Alfie…you are nice! What a lovely compliment! And Mom and I REALLY want our furriends to know we read their blogs every morning, but don’t have time to leave comments until Mom cranks up the laptop. It is hard to leave comments using our iPad ‘cuz if you touch it just the wrong way, you lose everything…puts Mom in a really bad mood in the morning so we stopped trying to do it until the laptop gets turned on. We luv you and Mollie lots, paw pats Savannah

  17. Great post celebrating World Cat Day. You are pawsome!

  18. Happy World Cat Day!!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  19. We wish you a warm and furry World Cat Day too Savannah! You got the best gift ever, your PAWRENTS!
    Love, Cody

  20. HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY , Savannah 😀

  21. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    Happy World Cat Day to you, too! We think every day should be World Cat Day.

  22. And to you as well. 🙂

    Though our humans should know *every day* ought to be World Cat Day!

  23. Yay!!!! World Cat Day is fabulous!! 🙂
    Have an extra treat or three!! xx

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

    • oh you guys!!! I am so weird, but I don’t LIKE treats!!…no seriously…it’s true…I have not liked one single treat Dad and Mom have tried on me…I don’t think I ever was given treats when I was young…sigh…paw pats, Savannah

  24. Love the little picture story of you trying to find what had arrived for you. Happy Cats Day!!

  25. Oh dear – we haven’t wished our cats Happy Cats Day – we didn’t even realise it was today until Easy told us. Never mind, they seem happy and very uninterested in us so perhaps it doesn’t matter 😉

  26. Happy World Cat day Savannah 🙂 xx

  27. And a very happy World Cat Day to you too Miss Savannah! My Mom keeps telling me every day is Cat Day around here but it is nice that there’s a VERY special day set aside for we felines isn’t it? Sounds like you enjoyed yours very much………

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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