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Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…


WOW!  You guys are so appreciative!  I had so many “LIKE” this feature comments…and then I started to receive the “I will volunteer to be interviewed” emails and comments!!!

I have had sufficient (vocab building project VBP) volunteers to allow me to do this two times each month!!!!!!!!!!!

AND…I have cats AND dogs!!!!  I will do this feature twice a month, the first and second Tuesday each month through December 2012…and then we will see if you still find it interesting, helpful and informative…

As I said in the first post…I want to share other rescue cats’ and dogs’ recovery stories to spread our learning about the challenges we face and the joy our Guardians get to experience as they help us into, and through, recovery…(recovery meaning we show as much as we can of our REAL SELF).

So, here we go!  My FIRST UP DOGGIE…

 Please welcome CHANCY  !!!

chancy 01


Savannah:  Hiya Chancy.  I can’t believe that you would honor me by being my first ever doggie interview!!!  You are so kind to do this!

 Chancy: Hi, Savannah, Thank you for invitin’ me to be interviewed. We was happy to hear that you interview dogs too. I am excited about answerin’ your questions.

 Savannah: Chancy, would you mind sharing with us how you arrived at your furrever home???

 Chancy: A teenage boy across the road from Mumsy and Popsy adopted me from the local Humane Society.  He got in trouble and was put in the jail.  His mama did not want me and gave me to Mumsy.

I was 4 months old when I got my furrever home.  I now am 4 ½ years old and I loves my furrever home and specially my Mumsy.

I was very bad off and near death when I came to my furrever home.  I had two kinds of mange, lots of worms, staph infection and was covered from nose to paws with ticks and fleas.

There was a collar embedded deep into my neck.  Mumsy cut the collar and carefully removed it.  She says she will never forget the love in my eyes as I stared straight into her eyes as she was cutting off the collar.  My neck had a very deep gash that went almost from one ear to the other.  Mumsy called the vet right away and they scheduled me for surgery the next morning.

Dr. Scotty called in a special surgeon to fix my neck. The collar had grown so far into my neck the surgeon had to cut away a lot of tissue and neck skin that was dead.  He stretched my skin tightly in order to stitch my neck back together.

You can see I had to wear my collar very low so I would not be afraid it would choke me.  Mumsy tightened it ever so slightly ever couple of months until I got to where I was not afraid of to have it on.  This picture was taken after I came out of the 2 months in isolation.

Mumsy did not want pictures of me when I first came.  She said the memories were sad enough without picture reminders.  She still cries when she thinks back.

Savannah:  Chancy, I know you have been in your furrever home now for what…about 4 years??…Do you remember what some of your most scary challenges were as you tried to trust and depend on your Mumsy and Popsy???

Chancy: I was ‘fraid of everybody when I first came to Mumsy and Popsy’s.

I didn’t stay afraid of Mumsy though.  I fell in love with her the second she cut the embedded collar from my neck.  I still don’t like to be held but I will let Mumsy and Popsy pick me up and take me to my kennel when I don’t want to go. And I let Mumsy holds me close when we go to the Vet ‘cause I get real scared.

Dr. Scotty says I am a “clinger” ‘cause I hold on to my Mumsy tight as I can.

I am afraid of a brush and won’t let anybody near me with one. I will let Mumsy brush me with her fingers though.

I am still afraid of a leash and go ballistic if Mumsy tries to attach one to my collar.  She is happy we have a very large yard for me to run in.  Mumsy is proud of me for wearin’ a collar too, ‘specially after what happened to my neck she didn’t think I ever would.

We are still workin’ on separation anxiety issues and Mumsy says I am a tad better but I still get very afraid when Mumsy leaves me.

We also are still workin’ on me learnin’ that when people come to visit they are not goin’ to hurt Mumsy.  Mumsy makes sure our guests are sitting down before she brings me in the room with them.  I am okay after they sit down.  I won’t let them sit close to Mumsy though and we are very slowly workin’ through that issue.

When Mumsy can reassure me the peoples are okay then I settle down.  I have to go behind the gate when little peoples are here ‘cause I don’t like them.  We have worked up to me lettin’ 2 people besides Mumsy and Popsy pet me, my oldest human brother and Mumsy’s best friend.  They still have to be sittin’ down though to pet me.

Savannah:  Ummm…ahhh…Chancy, would you mind telling us about some of the ways you and your Mumsy and Popsy worked together to help get you moving forward…ya know…like the peeps call it, “recovery”…where you try to overcome your issues or challenges?.

Chancy: Mumsy talks to me softly when she is reassuring me.  The way she helped me be okay with my human brother and her friend was…she would sit by them, put me on the other side of her, hold me by my collar then she would touch them on the arm or leg while telling me it was okay, they are good people.  After a year or more I started goin’ up to them to be petted.

When Mumsy has to leave for a while she puts a special toy, a dog cookie and a chew bone in my kennel with me.  Before she leaves she pets me lots and tells me she promises she will be back soon.  She also leaves the door to the room open so the cats can visit with me and I won’t get lonely.  And she always brings me somethin’.  I never eat my cookie until Mumsy gets back home and opens my kennel door.

Savannah:  Ok Chancy…now let’s be real; be honest.  How successful have you been in working with Mumsy and Popsy so you can show your REAL SELF ??

Chancy:  It has been slow, but we have made progress.

The cats have helped me a lot to adjust.  They were not afraid of me at all when I finally got out of isolation.  I wasn’t afraid of them either.  We have always played together.  They are my furriends!

I tattle on them a lot but they still loves me…(snicker, snork)…koff, koff…ahem…moving along…

The challenges we are still working on is me not being so overly protective of Mumsy and be more trustin’ of family members and friends.

I also try to jump up and bite people who walk up to the fence and Mumsy is teachin’ me that is not a good thing to do.  I get so upset when people come near the fence Mumsy has to pick me up, stroke me and whisper in my ear that it is okay until I calm down.

This is how I look now after Mumsy and me worked together to get me all well and happy. I am one happy boy now.

Savannah:..Oh Chancy, you are such a great dog!  Luvluvluv ya man!  High Paws!!!

Ok, I promise…the very last, last question…Do ya have any  advice or tips,  to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or maybe a new rescue dog they may be thinkin’ about brining into their home…anything  you think is impawtant to help that dog be able to show its REAL SELF??

Chancy:  Just give ‘em lots of tender, lovin’ care, be patient and consistent.

Savannah:..Oh My Cat! Chancy, this has been so pawsome to get to know you better…to learn about your early days before your furrever home.

Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Chancy:  You all probably already knows this but…I wants to say that there is a whole lot of doggies and kitties that are neglected and has collars on that do not grow with ‘em and they needs help to get those collars off.

Sometimes the collars are very hard to see because their lovely furrs is covering them.

So when you sees a kitty or doggie anywhere; check their neck closely to be sure they don’t have a collar growin’ into their neck.  If they does not gets help they will eventually choke to death or starve.

And I wants to thank all of you who have taken in doggies and kitties and give them lots of TLC.  Hugs and nose kisses to everybody from me and my Mumsy.  We thank you, Savannah and your mom too. We were happy to do the interview and share my story.

WOW!! I hope all of you are holding up way better than me!!!…I am EXHAUSTED from talking with Chancy…what a SURVIVOR he is!  What FANTABULOUS peeps are Mumsy and Popsy!!!

…I have to go take a little rest in my closet after that one…

PURRLEASE, PURRLEASE…remember what Chancy and his Mumsy and Popsy said…never, ever, never let a cat or dog pass you by without just taking a quick look to make sure their collars are the correct fit…even if they are strays or belong to neighbors…just a suggestion…

Paw pats, until next time…Savannah

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78 thoughts on “Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…

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  4. Oh Savannah and Chancy…what an incredible interview. SHE was reading it out loud so I could enjoy too…but then SHE started crying. I was so concerned but SHE let me know it was tears of joy…joy that you were in such a wonderful, loving home! We are both so happy for you and for Mumsy and Popsy too!

  5. OMD, Chancy. That’s quite a “rags to riches” story of your life!! You’ve come a long way with the help of your wonderful Mumsy and Popsy. Nice to know more about you. And Thanks to Savannah to telling us your story.

  6. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here.

    Savvy, interviewing Chancy was one of the most important things you’ve done so far for K9s. What a heartbreaking story. Chancy was most courageous to share his sad beginnings. His Mumsy and Popsy deserve high paws, Jetty kisses and JJ hugs for reaching out and providing a safe, loving forever home.

    Remembering to check for collars… super great advice. We know Chancy will continue to recover little by little with his human parents, not to mention his feline fur siblings… who have clearly made a strong, positive impact!

    • so pleased you found his story informative, hope lots of others do to. We have an 8 yr old female cat at Kitty Corner who has a half inch bare ring around her neck, no fur whatsoever, from a collar left on her too long! Thank Cod it did not do the damage Chancy’s collar did!

      • Hi Miss Linda.

        How horrific! Mean, mean, mean, terrible human who could do that to a member of their pack.

        We met a human at the vet, well Mom and JJ actually, that said she rescued 3 felines where some human (term used loosely) cut off the whiskers. Unthinkable. Cruel. Horrific. Thank Cod they found this nice person to adopt them.

  7. MOWZERS, Chancy – what a story – with a really pawesome ending! We’re so sorry you had to go through the icky stuff to get to the good ending but we’re so glad you have a great Mumsy who loves you!

  8. littlemissjackie on said:

    Hi Miss Savannah, boy, what a pawesome interview! Mr. Chancy is a very brave boy, isn’t he? And his Mumsy and Popsy are so payshent and luving! What a wonderful story!



  9. Savannah what a great job you did interviewing Chancy. We have been blog friends with Chancy for few months now but we didn’t know this story. Sending *hugs* and *kisses* to both of you.

    Bella and DiDi

  10. We’re just glad that Chancy went to Mumsy. Give Chancy a lot of time and space, and he’ll find his way.

  11. Wow, we’ve been blog buddies with Chancy for so long and never realized what he’d been through. Mumsy is a true angel on earth. It makes me both sad and angry to hear of people who either abuse or neglect animals. We need lots more Mumsies! 🙂

  12. Hurray for Chancy, it was so lovely to read about how close his mum and he are, and how she is helping him grow into the brilliant dog that he is! A fab post thank you

  13. So good to read a positive outcome xxx

  14. Thank you Savvy for interviewing Chancy. I was very moved by his story.
    We have to be grateful for humans like his Mumsy who took good care of him and gave him love.

  15. Wow that is some story. Glad Chancy found such a great forever home.

  16. Dorothy Abernathy on said:

    Thank you Savannah and Chancy and your pawrents too. I think it was very brave of Chancy and his family to tell his story. Also, Savannah and her huMom are very valiant too. It’s not easy to tell a difficult story. I’m so glad Chancy found his furever home. Now Mom needs a tissue….
    Purrs to you,

  17. What a beautiful woofie Chauncy is! We never would’ve know about the collar thing. Humans can be so cruel but then others can be so nice. Chauncy has met both kinds.

  18. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Wow, all these wonderful comments are just amazing. The best people in the world are cat and dog people. We don’t know how we will show all of you our appreciation for reading the interview. We are getting to meet new people because of the interview so sweet Savannah we thank you for that too. Hugs and nose kisses for ALL!

  19. Chancy is such a champ! You know, it’s funny, but I never pet a kitty (or occasionally a doggie, though I don’t know many) who have a collar without secretly sticking a finger under the collar.. I hate the idea of tight collars!

    • You ROCK!! Only Mom and Dad’s Siberians wore collars, but Mom and Dad know what a collar is supposed to feel like…they do the same thing you do…amazing how many peeps over the years they have told to rethink the dog/cats collar size!! How hard is it to make a collar fit…duh! paw pats, Savannah

  20. Chancy is just one AMAZING woofie! We are so happy he has his Mumsy to love and be loved by. We never knew he had such a bad start in life, and that he struggled so hard to be where he is now. If we wore hats, we’d throw ’em up into the air for happiness! Three cheers for Chancy and his lovely Mumsy!

    • made me wanna do my happy dance to…Mumsy’s first go at the questions left out the condition he was in when she took him from the neighbor kid. When she revised and sent it to me, Mom and I leaked all over our keyboard!!…paw pats, Savannah

  21. Wonderful Interview about Chancy. We are so very glad he is with his folks now. We had lots of kitties that were feral and lived outside that needed to be tamed to bring in. It takes, time, patience and lots of love.

    • it does, and that is why I am doing these interviews. I want to spread the word that adoption of adult cats and dogs works and also that rescue work is challenging for the animals as well as the people and maybe we can all learn from each other’s experiences and techniques! Oh, and if you have someone who would like to pawticipate with me for an interview, let me know!! paw pats, Savannah

  22. MadSnapper on said:

    I think this is a heartbreaking making me cry story and also a joyful heart story at the same time. I have a similar one with both our rescue dogs, thanks for the interview Savannah, i know it was tough being your first canine spot.

  23. Great interview! It’s lovely to hear Chancy’s story and how he is progressing from such a sad start in life.

  24. That was such a terrific interview Savannah. I have know dear Chancy for a while and I did not know that rescue story. Love ya Chancy!

    • I think it will be a surprise to many of his most long term fans. It was very hard for Mumsy to help him tell this tale…and Mumsy had no photos to share of his original condition as it as too painful for her and I don’t thing they ever even took photos back then. I wish I could give him a for real paw pat…and Brian, concats on the run for Cat Ruler of the World!!

  25. What a beautiful rescue story! We’re so so happy Chancy got a second chance in life and is so loved by his Mumsy and Popsy. He has grown into such a HANDSOME mandog.

  26. LOVED to read your interwiow with Chancy ❤
    Poor littel guy that had his collar stuck round his neck like that 😦

    • Hi Charlie R…yes, Chancy had a terrible thing happen to him, in fact many terrible things, but he is a survivor and he is still working his mental recovery process with his Mumsy’s help and his Popsy’s too. paw pats, Savannah

  27. Well done Mumsy (and Chancy) – what a close call that was. The injuries from the collar sound awful. People do the most dreadful things out of negligence (at best). Your call for people to check what’s around a dogs neck is so good. Loe the fact that Chancy loves cats – you all keep each other great company. Good luck and well done 😀

  28. That was an excellent interview. Chancy, thanks for sharing your story with all of us. What you went through was very sad. But we are glad that you are in such a happy loving home now!

    • Yes Chancy is in a wonderful home, but please let’s all remember…he had as much damage done to his mental condition as he did to his physical condition. ANd his Mumsy is really working hard with some very good techniques to help him continue moving forward in his total recovery process. That is what is the greatest challenge sometimes….sigh…at least that’s mine and Chancy’s for now…paw pats, Savannah

  29. Yay that Chancy FINALLY found a great home. Many prayers for all the other puppehs and kittehs needing loving homes in the world.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

    • Thanks guys for dropping by again. Luv to see you. By the way, I just ran over to your blog, and if you add a follow by email button I can follow you! Your blog looks really cool and if I can follow, then we can try to get you to your 500th post!! Woo Hoo, paw pats, Savannah

  30. Brilliant first interview – done like a real pro! Thanks for bringing attention to the rescued and abused animals – I’m all for that, as you know. So sad that so many animals have to be subjected to that sort of human behaviour.

    • I know you are such a great advocate for us rescues…and my very first rescue interview was actually August 6 with Cc and Scouty from Katnip Lounge if ya wanna read that one too. It was also pawsome. I am trying to switch between dogs and cats…paws crossed I can do 2 interview posts per month…paw pats, Savannah

  31. What a wonderful interview! So many things we didn’t know about Chancy!

  32. Awww! What a wonderful story, Chancy! It’s so great that you found your furrever home with your mumsy and popsy!
    Piggeh kisses,

  33. Thank you Savannah!!! Mom stopped breathing while reading what the guy has done to a little Doggy…I’m afraid she would burst… We are really glad, Chancy found a fabulous home at Momsy and Popsy. Great Hug for Chancy, for leaving all bad things and fears behind and another great Hug to Savannah for sharing this very touched interview with me.

    • We had to replace yet another soaked keyboard after typing this interview! And Chancy is indeed working his survival…but if you noticed, he still has so many issues to overcome with trust of others’ beyond Mumsy and Popsy…he has a long road still to walk, but he has loving and caring peeps to help him along the way…high paws for Chancy, thanks for coming by Easy, paw pats, Savannah

  34. That is some story. Thank you, Savvy for talking to Chancy and letting him tell it from his side. Can’t say anymore, it made me go all leaky eyed!! xox

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  36. mollieandalfie on said:

    That was so sad yet wonderful..Chancy has a lovely” Mommy forever ” who adores him and we love Chancy 🙂 I’ve seen on the TV programmes , especially dogs, where the collars get embedded in their awful..I’ll go now otherwise I will be in tears again..
    Lot of love and hugs xx

    • Mumsy and Chancy raised a very impawtant point about collars!!! I don’t wear one ‘cuz I never go outside. And I am micro chipped should I ever escape…but I never even try to get near an open door…paw pats, Savvy peeEss we had very leaky eyes typing it

  37. Wow, what an amazing and moving story of recovery. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Chancy, and thank you, Savannah for the interview! And Chancy, I’m so glad you raised the issue of the collars that we might not be able to see! I’m going to make a point of checking from now on!! You are a beautiful, beautiful little precious being and I’m so glad you have found such a loving family.

    • Oh Hi Melanie! Isn’t it a great insight for all of us to watch for those darn collars!! Even if we see a dog on a leash or a cat out wandering…we could make a difference if we try to do something if that collar is too tight. ANd isn’t Chancy just the cutest guy?? paw pats, Savannah

  38. We wondered why our Mum was crying….she showed us this interview..sniff..erm..sniff sniff…we’re going to get some catnip and a cuddle.
    Chancy’s Mumsy sounds lovely…we are so happy that Chancey got a chancey (hehehe..little cat joke) to be loved cuz all animals deserve to be loved…don’t we?
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  39. catfromhell on said:

    Dearest Savannah,
    It is so hard for mes to reads these stories. It alway brings back awful ememories for mes, but me knows with good pawrents, wes can all become parts of families!

    • oh Nellie, I don’t want you to have bad dreams. And, that makes me wanna ask you a question…but, well…errrrr…ummmm…ah, well, I do not know your life story about how you came to your furrever home…are you a rescue??? Would you be willing to do an interview with me?? just wonderin’…paw pats, Savannah

  40. Chancy’s story brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that he found his forever home with mumsy 🙂

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