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Thankful For Lots of Stuff…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

So much to be thankful for…this Thursday…

  • Furriends and their family who have come through a horrible visit by the introoder Sandy
  • Many on the East Coast have power now for the new cold storm coming through…I know, I know…and many don’t….just tryin’ to be pawsitive…
  • So many blogger, Twitter and FB furriends have stepped up to help those in need
  • And I am blessed with furriends I care about in the good, bad and joyful times of our lives…our paw blog, anipal Twitter and FB furriends are just the bestest ever community like, well, like furrever!!

…wipes leaky eyes with paw…

…koff, koff…ahem…clears throat…meow…



…yooo hooo…

So, my furriend, Nerisssa, my bestest Nova Scotia furriend, has passed a brand new award to me!!!…and he also gave me another one he started months ago…which had Mom’s fave flowers on it…PANSIES!!… that one was the THINKING OF YOU award…just lovely…

Anywho…moving on…Mr. Nerissa passed this pawsome award to me…it is the BRING ON THE NIP  award..

…now, I personally, never seem to have…errrr…ummm…koff, koff…so embarrassing…

…(whispers behind paw to Mom…”what do I say, Mom?”…”Savvy Do…tell the truth…”…ahem, “Ok Mom…”)

TRUTH…ahhhhh…shuffles paws…Ok , ok…I don’t like, well…I don’t think I have…oh MOUSES!!…so hard to say…


…whew!…that was so hard to meow about… thanks for hearing it furriends…

Now, I have digressed (vocab building project VBP)…let me continue…

Nerissa has so graciously passed this pawsome award to me…and I ACCEPT!

Here are the protocols (VBP)…

Nissy says ” I’m introducing the new Bring on the Nip! award.  It’s an award for celebrations.  As usual, there’s stuff you need to do in accepting this award but none of it is difficult.  Firstly, you need to thank the cat who gave you this award and link back to their blog.  Now, I don’t have to do this ’cause…  well…  I’m startin’ this shindig.”

ONE: Done Nissy…linked back to you…

SECOND: You have to tell everyone something you wanna celebrate.  Something good that happened.

“I want to celebrate my privilege in bringing to our paw blog family such amazing Life Changing Interviews: Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking…I am humbled that so many cats and dogs trust me with their rescue experiences…thank you all”

LAST: “Pass the award along.  You can pass it along to just one blog or as many as twelve.”

Well, I like to try to diversify…ya know…pass awards around all the cats, dogs, rabbit, piggies, etc…

So I came up with 3 cats, 3 dogs, and 1 diversified ummmm…ahhh…paw bloggers…

  • Tiger, over at Growl Tiger & Co…he is a handsome mancat…what big paws you have Tiger!!
  • Another blog I have followed since I started, The Blog of Otis, is a fave…never miss read…Leader Otis, Brothers Henry and Oliver and their Guardians have been doing a fantabulous job of rescue with a former limbo kitty Thomas…so this one is for Thomas, The Blog of Otis,  to welcome him to our paw blog family…his TRUE SPIRIT is starting to show!
  • And my Swedish furriend, so cute and blonde…Charlie Rascal AKA Kjelle Blu…he is the only cat I know who is a star show cat…and he still knows how to have fun!

Now my doggy furriends…

  • Tylersat99 Blog, about Lexie and Mica, two gorgeous Newfies…ya really need to keep in touch with them…there walks go through some great scenery…just sayin’…
  • Misadventures Of Sage, a Portland, Oregon resident, appearing to be a rescued Australian Kelpie…never even knew about that breed…and all his adventures…great reading…go visit…
  •  I want to pass this to Lady Litchfield, Long Life with Cats and Dogs,  who always shows up for all of us in our comments.

Now my diversified paw furriends…Animal Couriers…I know they don’t show their awards on their blog…but we all know who they are and they deserve to be recognized…not all their passengers will appreciate the “nip”…but they will get the heart behind the award…Miss Ann is such a great visitor to so many of our blogs…

That’s my Thankful Thursday…Nerissa, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for thinking of me…and mostly for being the most incredible writer…I just luvluvluv your bloggy…and now I have digressed…moving on…

Just a couple of other things:

Purrlease hop over to My Three Moggies and check out their fantasmic new site…you will be purrleased you did!

Also, Doggy is hosting his very own competition to give a boost to our good furriends’ Alfie (kind’a have a little crush on his nose…so cute!) and Mollie and their Mollie’s Dog Treats and Bandannas  products…look pretty yummy even to a cat!

I think that’s it for now, Paw pats, Savannah

Paw pats, Savannah

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51 thoughts on “Thankful For Lots of Stuff…

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  2. We have it on good authority that Australian cats don’t have the nip gene so no need to be embarrassed Savannah. And when he was younger Socks didn’t really get into nip. Now that he is older he seems to LOVE the stuff.

  3. You and Mollie are the best xxx

  4. Concats on your award, Savvy! We agree, we’re so thankful for the warm & generous hearts of the blog & twitter peeps whoa re helping the east coast animals!

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    ::Looks furtively around:: Okay, it’s safe I think. You know, savannah, I seem to go through phases with teh Nip myself. there are lots of times I just give it a sniff and walk away, and then occasionally I go all crazypants. What do you think that’s about?

  6. Cancats on your award! Is that last image a painting? It’s gorgeous, just like you. I do love your Rescue Stories. I wish we really knew my entire story.

    • oh Cathy Keisha, I wish I really knew mine too…I was just dumped (thank Cod) at the county kill shelter…but I guess cuz, like you, I was “pretty”…ie part Russian Blue…(not plain black)…they kept me and tried to get me adopted for about 3 months, then I was pulled by my no kill private shelter, cuz I was an adult, and I lived there for 11 more months before Mom and Dad Gott’ed me. I am terrified if either of them sort of “blow out their breath” like someone blowing out candles…does that mean someone tormented me by blowing on me like I was a ballon??? Who knows..sigh…CK…I have sent you a gift from me…and while I know there are so many kittehs where you live that need so much help, I just wanted you to have something from me, for you, but if you decide to donate it, no problem…hope ya know it was the thought that counts…paw hugs, Savvy

  7. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Concatulations for your brand new award! So wonderful to write about celebratory feelings. 🙂

    It’s ok you don’t enjoy the “nip”… neither does the Puffmeister! (nor did Mugs Mom just told me.) You can celebrate you award any way you wish.

    We like your diversification idea, too, you are a wise and generous feline. Sorry we scared you guys today…

  8. Hi Savannah !
    ConCATulations to the Bring on the NIP award and thank you soo much passing it on to me !
    My mom-person have been working the eveningshift tonight , that is why I´m so late to pick it up.
    I will post it tomorrow/friday when my mom-person come´s home from work.
    P.S Me neither is much for nip

  9. Concatulations on your award, Savannah… and that is a GREAT list of things to be grateful for!

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  11. ConCats Savvy, so well deserved 🙂 I think I must have two nip genes as I go crazynuts over it!! >^,,^<

  12. Congrats Savannah! We all have so much to be thankful for too.

  13. Wow! Congrats on such a unique award and thanks for thinking about little ol’ me. This’ll be fun. 🙂

  14. Congratulations on your award, Savannah! We kinda missed out on the nip gene too but you should give silvervine a try. It’s really the best!

  15. Thank you! We rarely get awards so this is lovely!

  16. Concats on the award Savvy! We got it too and isn’t it an honor to be among the first EVER to receive it? Guess what….I didn’t get the nip gene either although once in a VERY GREAT while, I can get interested briefly then that’s that for another VERY GREAT while! Funny huh? Oh well, it’s not about nip anyway, it’s about celebrating!

    Have a great Fursday!

  17. Thank you so very, very much. We really love this award (well, maybe not Litchi but the cats certainly do 🙂 ). We just love your interviews – you do such a fabulous job.
    PS – we won’t tell anyone that you don’t like nip (was very brave of you to share).

    • OMC! Efurryone is learning about it before I even get to tell you!!! So sorry you had to find out by my post and not a personal message! OH NO! I gave it to Litchi! What a fool am I!! A nip award!!…play bows to Litchi…and dont forget to send me your email so I can send you the interview questions. Savannah

      • Oops – sorry, I did forget to do that – silly me. Work keeps getting in the way of all this fun stuff.
        something else will come up and I’ll forget again – tut, tut).
        PS – it’s great to find out about an award when reading a post – makes it all the more exciting!

        • yes, but I realized just now that it really was an award for cats only as it is ‘nip’ but I always pass to both dogs and cats, so guess I embarrassed myself AND my dog furriends, hope Lady L forgives me. I will delete this comment so your email is not hanging in the internet wind! MOL

  18. You look quite lovely on that pretty blue blankie, Savannah. Congrats on your award. We don’t seem to have that nip gene either – BOL

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. CONCATULATIONS!!! We are purring for the East Coasters big time

  20. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Good Morning Savannah! I want to say concatulations on your award. I was reading Narissa’s blog yesterday when he named you as a recipient. I was so excited for you. You deserve this award. Just think, your one of the very first to receive it….( whispers,… pushing back) knock it off!) Sorry,…. I think that (Stop it Hitch!)….. I think that you….(hiss…you brat, wait your turn!…) should be flattered to be one of the first. (grunts and shoves …….hard). Now Hitch would…

    Hi Savannah! Hitch here, we haven’t been formally introduced, I’d nibble on your paw, but I have to keep an eye on Miss Bossy Pants. She’ll shove me off the iPad if I lean over. I wanted to say, I don’t like nip either! When Miss Evil and the bully boys are all sweet and rolling around, I’m mostly just interested in watching them act like fools. Suddenly, Missile-Aimed-at-my Head is Miss I Love You All. It’s a riot. Have you tried silver vine? HuMom ordered some and I liked it better, but that might have been because huMom spread it all over crinkly paper. I luvluvluv crinkly paper. And boxes. And bags. And I like to play in water. Do you play in water? Dripping or still, I like to splash it all over. I also like to drown my toys.

    Anyway, Miss I’m Going to Whack You is creeping closer. I just wanted to tell you that I don’t do the nip either. Plus I’ve been wanting to meet you. (NO! Not because I’m jealous of you getting attention, Jeez!). Sorry about that. Miss Better Than Me is so rude. Maybe we have so much in common because we’re both gray. Miss oh So Conceited says I’m diluted black, but I’m silver/gray. I know cause huMom said so and she doesn’t lie. That’s how I know I’m the handsomest man cat ever. Well, it was nice to meet you. I admire your beautiful white markings….I, um yeah, I mean the work you do with adult rescues. I was still pretty young when I came to my furever home, but the world outside can be scary. (Mistletoe yelling “especially the tippy tops of trees!!!”). Well, I’d better let you go. This is supposed to be a comment, not a book. Hope I’ll see you around, maybe?

    (Mistletoe returns) Well that was weird. I hope that goofball didn’t bother you too much. He’s acting all nervous. I wonder what he’s up too? I almost thought he was blushing! So anyway, great job on your award. You’ll always be one of the first to get it. That makes it even more awesome. And it’s from Narissa! He’s a handsome hunk of man cat. You lucky girl!

    Meow at you soon! Sorry about Hitch pushing in.
    Purrs to you,

    • MISTLETOE!!! You cracked me and Mom up!! You and Hitch…so competitive!! We have to get Hitch to meow his story to me after the New Year…how about the ginger twins…any story there?? Or your canine sibling? Anywho. I luvluvluvd your comments, both of you!! paw pats, Savannah

  21. catfromhell on said:

    Great Post Savannah! Mes loves that yous is so caring!
    Yous deserves this award!

    • awwww…shuffles paws…thank you Nellie…(leans closer to Nellie…whispers…how did you get to accept Kozmo?…they keep whispering behind my back about this and that kitty at my former shelter…they think I need company…how did you do it???…just between us girls…shhhhhh)

  22. congrats on the award Savvy! well done a great post!

  23. mollieandalfie on said:

    We are so thankful that all our buddies seem to be safe. I knows some are still without Gas and power but they are all in one piece, our thoughts go to the people we don’t know too. We are lucky Savvy, we have a warm home and food. That is such a cool award, don’t forget youz take the family one 🙂 Big cuddles , youe Alf xx00xx
    pe-es Thanks for posting and entering Doggy’s competition.. xxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • oh sweet Alfie, thank you so much. I am happy with the award you and Mollie gave me and will get it posted with one other one Saturday. I just hope others see me as a family member cuz I sure do feel like my blog,Twitter, FB furriends ARE furramily!…and Alfie, I think your nose is so cute with its freckles..just wanted ya to know…purrrrs, your Savvy

  24. Congrats on the award Savvy!! Most definitely deserved 🙂

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