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Who Is That Cat In The Tunnel?????

Hiya! Savannah Here!

By now, you all know…I am really loving all my tunnels.  I have two downstairs and my 3 Way Tunnel is upstairs in our bedroom.

But not long ago, when I was like just hanging out in the blue tunnel in my 3 Way Tunnel, I looked up and…WHOA!!!

Who Is That Cat In The Tunnel????

What the___???

…I asked Mom to grab her FLASH and CLICK…she did…but her shots are all like yellow…but it was night and we had only lamp lights…but still…

Are you getting this????

…then I asked for a close shot…it was so dark…so Mom tried to make it better…sorry for the lousy photo quality, but you get the idea, right?…

Yup…that’s ME! Who Knew??

I am still very puzzled by mirrors…I try to play with my feather toy when I see it in the mirror and get all up tight when I can’t catch it!  You’d think I never had a mirror before…but for some reason, I use the mirrors more in this house than our old house.

Hope your Caturday is going great…Paw pats, Savannah

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50 thoughts on “Who Is That Cat In The Tunnel?????

  1. orientallily001 on said:

    Whew! It was only a mirror. What a relief! I thought for a moment that your tunnel had torn into the fabric of the time-space continuum and taken you to an alternate universe or somethin’ like that. purrs

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  2. Ha! Reflections, gotta love them. Watched Raffles stand nose to nose with his reflection in the glass doors today while I nearly fell over laughing at him. Then he saw me and I had to run and hide quickly or I’d have been covered with puppy slobber again!!

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    Why, I think that must be an introodur cat, Savannah. You should ignore it. It’ll go away when you turn your back on it. My Human’s nosicle is all drippy today and she is even more useless than usual. We are being a little hit-and-miss with our visiting. Sigh.

  4. I use the mirror to check that I’ve washed my ears properly … it’s very handy cause I can’t see them where they are positioned!

  5. Mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Hi Savannah! I think I’m going to bring the pink tunnel in to the bedroom, where Hitch can’t get to it. You look like your having so much fun I’d like to try it, WITHOUT Hitch on my back. I didn’t tell him I was posting a comment to you. I didn’t want him muscling in……..again! I don’t have a big mirror to see myself in. HuMom had a small one I hide from the boy behind. It’s on the dresser. I like to jump out when they don’t expect it. Dumb boy cats. Have a good time with your Auntie Shannon. She’ll protect you from the mirror cat.

    Oh, huMom sent your Mom an email about your tunnel search. Let us know what you guys think.

    Purrs to you!

  6. Does your Mom’s camera have a setting for incandescent and fluerecent light? If TW used the wrong one, the photos come out yellow. The last one looks grainy cos the speed was probably like 400 or 800. Digital cameras are way more sensitive that the SLR ones. Needless to say, you look stunning in any light. Tunnels are great for zooming through.

  7. Oh I LOVE your tunnel! We used to have one like that, but when it broke we couldn’t find another one like it *sniffle*

    You look awesome in your tunnel!

  8. OMC !
    Do you have the awful mirror cat in your country too ??!!
    Careful so that mirror cat don´t steel YOUR tunnel !

  9. Hey Savannah, you finally got to see just how cute and beautiful you are – you must be mighty impressed and rather big headed now!

  10. Oh yeah…you’re checking your self out there…looking good too!

    BTW, we love the 3-way tunnel! We gotta get one of those!! All we’ve got is the one way…or is that 2 way??

    • it’s 3 way with a hole in the middle in case you need to get out fast OR you want to surprise someone inside…heh…heh…and Mom has looked like furrever for another one…no luck so far…but she is gonna keep searching…Miss Google turns up only one source, in China, and you have to order hundreds!!

  11. Looking damn fine my fur ball purrrrr your Archie xxx

  12. Maybe you should try going into the mirror, you mind end up in wonderland 🙂

  13. Oh Savvy! Why don’t you run and greet her!! *sniggers* >^,,^<

  14. Oh my CAT! Savvy, she…she…looks JUST like YOU! What are the odds…?

  15. That is so cute!! Oh dear, if we had a mirror like that in our house, then we would have 16 cats!!! Yikes!!!

  16. Sparkle on said:

    ACK! It’s the dreaded Mirror Kitty – and she is trying to steal your tunnels! Be careful, Savannah, you never know what Mirror Kitty has planned and she is a terrible copycat.

  17. We must ask Mommy for one of those mirrors. All the mirrors here are mounted high on the wall so we don’t get to see ourselves. 😦
    Have a wonderful Caturday!

  18. you found a playmate for yourself!

  19. That cat in your tunnel may be very good looking, but she has a nerve to keep staring at you like that. We do like your tunnel. It is like a maze.

    • She does just stare, huh? And Mom has searched the net high and low and cannot find another tunnel like that one. She bought it at one of those close out discount junk stores (MOL) for $5USD…the only ones she can find with 3 connected tunnels don’t have the escape hatch in the middle in case ya need to dive in there…sigh

  20. Are you SURE that’s a mirror? It might be an alien invasion that’s making you THINK it’s your reflection.

  21. That is a great tunnell Sweetie. Mine is just a straight one, but it’still fun., Mirrors – hmmm – I don’t seem to get very thrilled with them. M thinks I know it’s me on the other side of that mirror.

  22. Hehehe you are funny Savvy,hehehe,xxx Speedy

  23. catfromhell on said:

    Me LOVES to looks at mt in the mirror in the bathroom. Wes used to has a big mirror like yous has when me was younger and me used to box with the other me!Kisses

  24. maybe the name of the mirror cat is Hannavas ? I like your fluffy carpet, think it would be the perfect color for me ;o) Have a wonderful Caturday ;o)

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