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A Bi-Monthly Series Featuring Adult Rescue Dogs and Cats

Oh you are so gonna luvluvluv my doggy interview today!  He is just, well…cute…and wise and brave!

My good furriend, Khumba, from Twitter (@khumbasibe) and FB , Tails from the Pack, is the one who sent me over to have a meow and woo with this guest’s older brother…but then once I meowed and aarrwwoo’d (yes, I do speak some Sibe and a few general doggy dialects)…with  his pack leaders, we thought his little brother would be a purrfect interview guest.

So let’s not wait…help me give a warm paw blog welcome to:



Savannah:  Hiya Dez!  Thanks lots for stopping by and having a bark with me…I know your big bro’ Tyler, @Tyler_T_Dog, from our Twitter barks, arwoo woo’s and meows…So purrleased he directed me to you!

Dez:  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be here…or anywhere! I’m the luckiest Dez ever!

Savannah:  Well, I know you and Tyler get out for lots of walkies…but let’s get started…can you bark a bit about how you found your furrever home?

 Dez:  I was picked up by Pet Angels Rescue. They found me after a looooong time of living out on the streets. They put me up for adoption on a website, I think it was on this thingy called Pet Finders??

My people told me that they saw me on there and knew they had to come check me out because I was soooo cute.

One day, in May of 2010, Pet Angels Rescue had an adoption event at a local mall and guess what?!?  They decided to take ME—DEZ! (Back then, my name was Frank, but I didn’t like that name too well.  It didn’t really fit my personality.)

There I was in a little make-shift cage with a bunch of other pups when this real nice couple came in and started looking at me. I knew I had to be on my best behavior or they wouldn’t pick me.  So I acted real cool and didn’t get all excited like the other pups in the cage.  It worked! They decided to take me for a walk to see if they would just love me forever.

After our walk, they put me back in the cage.  I was so confused.  I thought they loved me and wanted to take me home.  The man kept talking about how “Tyler” would react to me while the lady kept talking about how cute I was.  Then they both left and I was real sad.

Savannah:  Oh Dez, that must have been so scary—not knowing if the bipeds would come back for you…I am sorry you had to wait.

Dez:  It was pretty scary Savvy…is it OK if I call you Savvy?

Savannah:  oh cat! Of course!

Dez:  Anywho, a few days later, they came back!  They decided to take me home with them.  I was so happy when they were filling out the papers that I was running all over the house.  Nothing could keep me still!  That was the same day I met my new brother, Tyler.  He’s an older husky and he acts grumpy sometimes, but I know he loves me!

I’ve been in my new home over 2 years and I love it! I’ve gained lots of weight and have lots of toys.  Tyler and I go to daycare 2 times a week and they love us there!

Savannah:  So Dez, can you bark a bit more about any stuff you had to work through when you first came to live in your furrever…did you have any, well…like…ya know…luggage baggage left from your past??

Dez:  I warmed up to my people real quick.

At first I didn’t like to put on my leash. In fact, my first day at my new home, they put me on a leash in the kitchen because they didn’t know if I would tear up all of their fancy stuff and make a huge mess. Well, I chewed right through that leash without them knowing and I busted out of the kitchen and had a great time playing with Tyler all day.

When they got home they were so surprised that I had eaten through my leash, but even more surprised that I didn’t tear up anything, so I got lots of treats!

The only problem I really have is I am very possessive of my big brother, Tyler.  Sometimes when we go on long walks together, I pick fights with other dogs because I think they want to hurt him.  I know he’s old and I feel like it’s my job to protect him.  I’m only 20 lbs. and he’s 90 lbs., but he’s a little weak and I don’t want him to get hurt.

My pack leaders work with me to try to keep me from getting so excited.  We go to the dog park, but I don’t ever start fights at the park.  It’s only at home.  They told me that I need to get that under control if I want to be a Canine Good Citizen like Tyler.

I’m still trying…

Savannah:   Well, of course you need to keep Tyler safe…even if he is grumpy sometimes; you know he is happy to have you with him.  Dez, did you and your pack leaders do special stuff to help you with your, errrr…ummmm…anger management.

Dez:  I don’t really have many issues…and I don’t really get “angry”…just really protective of Tyler.

Savannah:  oh Dez, thank you for correcting me…”anger” is a peep behavior…I know we cats and dogs react to stuff that scares us or threatens our own, or our furriends’ safety…purrlease go on…

Dez:  I’ve been a really, really good boy.  The few problems I do have, we’ve done some different things to try to address them.  Since my issues are with other dogs, my pack leaders take me to places where I can interact with other dogs and be social with them. My first challenge was daycare.

They wanted me and Tyler to go to the same daycare place, so I had to take a temperament test before I was allowed to go.  They left me at daycare for almost a whole day and I didn’t start any fights so I got to go to daycare with Tyler!

When I started going with Tyler, that was when I became more possessive, but I learned which dogs were our friends and which dogs Tyler didn’t want to play with.  He told me, and I make sure to keep those dogs away from him.  I’m not mean to them, I just bark at them until they go play somewhere else.  They call me Tyler’s Body Guard! BOL!

The first time we went to a dog park, I thought I had gone to heaven!  There were so many puppies to sniff and so many things to pee on…I didn’t even know where to start!  I know my pack leaders were nervous about how I would act, but I was really good!  I didn’t start any fights with anyone.

For me, it’s the unstable dogs around my neighborhood that make me nervous.  We go out lots of times every day so I can get used to seeing them.  Without Tyler, I do just fine.  It’s when Tyler comes with us that I get nervous and start fights.

Savannah: Mouses, Dez, you have really done lots to get a hold of your protection urges…bark some more about how you and your pack leaders are making sure you can show more and more of your REAL SELF.

Dez:  My pack leaders are working with me on my possessiveness with my big brother Tyler, correcting my actions when I act out.  We hope by this coming summer I can be good enough to go to puppy school and take classes for my Canine Good Citizenship test!!  That way I can be just like my big brother!  I am so excited!!!  School will be tough, but I am up for the challenge.  Having patient pack leaders helps too.

Savannah:  It is the bestest ever to have our pack leaders or Guardians be so supportive, huh?  So my last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or one they may be thinkin’ about brining into their home,  through its recovery process so that dog can show more and more of its REAL SELF?

Dez:  Cats and dogs are a lot more like people than the peeps really think! We’re very smart and very in tune to what our pack leaders are thinking and feeling.

From the way peeps react to us…from when we bring our favorite toy to them to us bothering them for a potty break…we know if they are excited to be with us or if they would rather be left alone.  Sometimes it hurts our feelings when they don’t appreciate the messes we make or the trouble we go through to get our favorite toy on the couch for them.

We always do these things because we love them and are so happy they decided to share their life with us.  We tell them with our voices, our barks, arwoo woos…and with our actions that we care about them very much.  Without the peeps to take care of us, we would probably already be at the Rainbow Bridge.  As nice as the Rainbow Bridge is, no puppy or kitty wants to get there before their time.

Savannah:  MEOW! Dez, for such a young dog, you are very wise!  You and your pack leaders have made a real furramily together!

We are at the end of our interview, but Dez, do you have any last thoughts or words of wisdom you want to share?

Dez:  We’re not perfect and no matter how hard we, meaning us adult rescue dogs and our pack leaders, both try, accidents are going to happen.  Together we can make each other’s lives a little less boring and a little more worth living.  Hug your adopted pet every chance you get, because we love it just as much as you love doing it.

Savannah: Well, that’s a wrap on another great Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking: Life Changing Interview with Savannah.  Hope you all luvluvluv’d Dez as much as me!

Now, Dez doesn’t blog, but just an FYI for readers, Dez and Tyler have their own FB page, Tyler Huskamute, so hop over and give them a “LIKE”…or send a Tweet to Tyler @Tyler_T_Dog and he will pass it along to Dez.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss  I am looking for rescue dogs and cats who want to pawticipate in my Life Changing Interview with Savannah series: I have openings for CATS: Feb and March 2013 and DOGS: Jan and Feb and March.  I try to schedule one to three months out so my furriends have time cuz I know they are all very busy. Let me know if you want to pawticipate or you have a referral. Thank you, Savannah

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31 thoughts on “Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…

  1. Such a lovely story – Dez is doing what he was put on this world to do – protect his mate.

  2. What a cute bodyguard he makes!

  3. Dez suits better than Frank. Savvy an amazing interview as always xxx 🙂 We love happy endings x

  4. Cool interview with Dez. He is one cool lil fella looking after his big bro like he does. Love reading your blogs, dont always get time to comment but we do keep up to date.

  5. That was a great interview, Savannah! Dez is a very lucky dog.

  6. that was a great interview Savvy,xx Speedy

  7. WOW Dez is ultra cute! We’d love to have him as our bodyguard. Do you think that Tyler asked for Dez to protect him or that Dez is just so darned proud to have a brother that he feels the need to protect him? Anyway, we love Dez, and Dez’s peeps for understanding..they must be really special to understand.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  8. Gotta love how protective Dez is of Tyler, considering Tyler is even bigger than me BOL
    Great interview as always Savvy 🙂

  9. mollieandalfie on said:

    It’s true, Cats and Dogs are more like us than we think. He is such a cute Pup and he is going to have a wonderful life ..Great interview Savannah, as always 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Oh my Cod, Savannah! That was a pawsome interview with Dez. We were really touched when Dez barked about how much we four-legged’s understand our humans and how we all make mistakes no matter how hard we try. I know my huMom is really glad I like to play with the group now, but she’s not always happy when I wake her a couple hours after midnight to play. Of course if she remembers to play before she sleepss I leave her alone. So she doesn’t get mad, she just hides under the covers, or get up and grabs da bird. I really like it when I get my way!
    I know you’re glad your mom and dad are home! How many years were they gone? Like 9? You’re so patient with your humans.
    Thanks for another great rescue interview! They are very inspirational and remind us all to be patient. While we are all flawed we are all deserving of giving and receiving love. Great job Savannah and Miss Linda.
    Purrs to you
    Mistletoe and Hitch

  11. Great interview and Dez is simply too cute for words. Love the play bow photo

  12. spittythekitty on said:

    Okay, so I really loved reading about Dez. He’s a very cool lil pup and it’s great he gotted a wonnerful furever home.

    But here’s the thing: “Pack leaders”?? Really, what can you say about creatures who believe the hairless two-legged ones are their leaders??? That’s just….sad.

    I’m glad you held out for at least 10 seconds last night Savannah. It’s a start. We can work with that.

  13. What a cool woofie Dez is. I hope Tyler appreciates his protectiveness.

  14. Pawsome interview with Dez!!! What a great doggie you are Dez!!! I am glad you found a fur-ever home with Tyler & your humans….you definitely landed on your paws; life on the streets is no fun, is it???
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    Love & pats from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

    • waves paws to Nylablue!!…HI!!!!!…I am so purrleased you stopped over to read about Dez! Isn’t he the cutest?! And I am so relieved Mom is home…after a kabillion years!!!

      • *waves paw back* Me mizzed you so-o much Savannah…..
        Dez iz such a cutie….eben tho’ me purr-tendz to not like doggiez me lubz da little onez who bin abused n get a second (VBP) chance wif a gud Hu’man!!!
        Me iz glad da typistz iz home too…it wazn’t quite a kabillion yearz, yow, yow!!!
        me Mum iz goin away nect month fer da hollyday n she tellz me how many ‘dark time sleepz’ it iz so me can count da Aunti Anne will be here fer me.
        Ok me haz to gib da PC back to Mum….n go play on da Boogie mat. Fankz agin. Lub Nylablue xo

      • Me iz lookin forward to da sumfing fer sure az iz da Hu’Mum!!! We iz so happy we met you n Linfa-Mum!! You iz da best!!!
        Me haz known Aunti Anne since me came to me Hu’Mum. Aunti iz bery lubly n talkz to me all da time n feedz me like me Mum!!!
        Me won’t won’t have to fret when Mum iz away…such a good Hu’Mum!!!

      • Me iz not typin bery good…I meant next month….me seez me iz makin mistakez…..maybe me needz a new typist?? MOL!!!!

  15. What a great interview, Savannah!!! We think that Dez is far better than Frank for a name!!!

    • Oh gosh thank you Austin…Dez wasn’t sure if his story ‘fit’ with my interview goals, but when I saw his answers I knew efurryone would want to learn about him. His big bro Tyler is a much older Sibe and Dez tries to protect him

  16. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, I learn something every time I read one of your interviews. I love this one with Dez! I wish everyone could read it, or even better, meet Dez so he could tell them face-to-face!

    • Waves paw to Miss Susan…that is the nicest thing to say!….shuffles paws, blushing…I do try to bring out the impawtant points, but my guests are the real writers and their stories are theirs to tell…so many lesson for all to apply, paw pats, Savvy

  17. Harroooo Dez!! Glad woo found some of the good people! Woo & Ty are quite the duo! Play bows,


    • Hi RA!!! so glad you got to meet Tyler’s little bro’…you know Tyler from Twitter, right? I met him through Khumbu, he referred me to Tyler’s Mum to interview Tyler, but she said Tyler was not a rescue but Dez was. Then Dez wasn’t sure his story had much hardship in it, and I said ever rescue doesn’t have to come with tough challenges…so Dez stepped forward and let me interview him. I luvluvluvd his story especially about how he protects Tyler! Pawsome, Savannah

  18. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    glad ewe finded yur forever home dez, N ewe bee rite, “frank” iz knot ewe ….and best fishes two ewe next yeer in skewl and what ever ya due; don’t let em talk ya inta takin math….


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