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About My Christmas Tree Eskimo Ornaments…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

I was enjoying my fireplace and my tree last night…and I got to thinking about something one of my furriends commented about a few days ago…


My furriend Easy commented on my post about my First Furrever Christmas Tree…he noted (VBP) I had “Eskimo ornaments”…and he thought they were cool…

So, I thought I would just tell you all the story behind all our Eskimo ornaments…first, they are just Hallmark…not some handmade, specialty item…but they are special for Mom and Dad and now for me.

The very first one they got, you see, was WON by Mom’s pick of the litter show dog, Crusty…Snowmist’s Upper Crust, AM CH and Canadian CH.  He won best in puppy dog class at a practice match and the award was this fun Eskimo ornament..

ct 16

…of course it was so appropriate (VBP) for a Siberian Husky show match because it had the little boy hugging his Husky.  It is ALWAYS the first ornament on our tree…

ct 17

…here is my long before me Siberian Brother, Crusty…Mom is brushing his tail before showing him…she called him “Bunners” because he always squirmed danced on the grooming table and talked (arwooo wooo) whenever she brushed his tail…

crusty 10001

…and he was a winner for sure…

crusty 10002

So Dad started to put another Hallmark “Frosty and Friends” ornament in Mom’s stocking each year.  They had quite a lot by 2006 or so, the series started in 2000.  If you look at the photo, the one Crusty won was dated 1981.  Anywho, in 2006, Mom decided to make sure they had ALL the series up to date…and the ones  missing, she went searching Ebay for them…

And Mom actually found an original 1980, still in the box with price tag…and all the others they had missed over the years…so now they have the COMPLETE series from 1980 to 2012…that’s the fun story behind our Eskimo ornaments. I hope you enjoyed learning about them Easy!!


Well, I am going to take a nap in my special chair…and think about what to do for tomorrow…oh!! I know!!!

Tomorrow, Sunday…I will tell you who my special package was sent to…heh…heh…

Paw pats, Savannah

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42 thoughts on “About My Christmas Tree Eskimo Ornaments…

  1. What a handsome, handsome guy! And we just LOVE the ornament!
    Play bows,

  2. The ornaments are lovely and he was a stunning dog.

  3. They are nice.I love huskies and wish I could have one.I have hand painted German wooden ornaments on my tree for safety.and collect a few each year from out big Christmas market.

  4. Whoa! How wonderful. TW has tried to do collections but always gave up. She wanted to get Pop all the trains but it became too expensive after she lost her job.

  5. Hiyah Savannah! Thanks for the great story on the Christmas ornaments, and on your folks’ dogs. Here at my house we don’t have a tree or ornaments, but we light candles on a big candleholder with a funny name I don’t know how to spell. (Oh. Housekeeper says it’s a menorah.) The first December I was here I heard my housekeeper tell a friend that she wasn’t going to light any candles because she was afraid I might get next to them and catch on fire, or tip the menorah over and set the house on fire. Well, really, what sort of cat would do that? So the next year she got a lectric (spelling?) menorah. The first night, when she turned on the two lectric candles (one was pretending to light the other) and they both were pretending to flicker away, I got up next to the menorah and the candles. It was too heavy to tip over, and even though I got real close to the flickering candles, I DID NOT catch on fire. So all her concerns were really for nothing. Some people just worry too much. Your friend, Dinah

    • LMFBO Dinah!!! Silly humans!! And Mom and I have learned so much about those Menorah thingsy from our furriends, we did not totally understand Hanukkah but now we do kind’a! I will make sure Dad knows how to greet your human this holiday season…heh…heh

  6. Crusty was so handsome! He looks like a cross between Rumpy and my birth daddy:-)

  7. Thanks Savannah for this wonderful post and for sharing your memories with me. You know what? Our Husky Frosty did the same thing while brushing. First they had to catch him and then he grizzled the whole time about the brushing. They bought small pink eskimos too for a Huskie-Christmas, but the ornaments they bought as “Huskies” were polar bears (probably bought without glasses). Crusty looks so beautiful – and I think he was always a winner – in show and specially for joining in a fabulous family ;o)

  8. I really enjoyed learning, and Crusty looks like Misaki.
    I like the little eskimo ornaments, that to Easy for asking more about it and thank you for sharing the story behind.


    Of khourse, I may be just a wee bit biased 😉


  10. catfromhell on said:

    That is Pretty cool! Collecting special ornaments that yous sees every year and adds more is special.
    Mommy used to make new ornaments for everybody every year until last year. Last year she added the money from making the ornaments to the money she donates to the local shelter. She got calls from her family wanting to know where their new ornament was and Mommy said it went to feed homeless cats and dogs. They was not impressed. Mommy is doing the same this year, even though her baby sister wants a ornament.

    • well Nellie, Mom and Dad stopped gifting for anything 20 years ago…they decided that they had everything they needed, and so did their immediate family…they don’t have any children of own…and so did all their peep friends. So about 20+ years ago they started to donate and Christmas time the amount they think they would spend on “gifts” for family, each other and friends..and they donate to animal rescue (small); wildlife protection and sanctuary; and battered women and abused children. They asked all family and friends to cease gifting them and to keep that money for their own needs or to donate it. Wish we could tell you they donated, but most just spend it on gifts…but at least Mom and Dad don’t collect anything anymore that they have to ‘dust’…MOL!!! ANd our CHristmas is all about celebration, not ‘gifts’…and we are blessed by the universe for sure…purrrs, Savvy, Mom and Dad peeEss tell Mommy to tell her sister to act like a grown up…just a thought….purrrrrs

  11. Sparkle on said:

    Wow, that is quite a special history! My human has a few sentimental ornaments she collected over the years, but not a whole collection like your human!

    • know Sparkle, I suspect my human is a bit older than yours, and I bet she collects lots more…those Eskimo ornaments are filled with memories for Mom and Dad, of every year since 1980…and especially for those years when they had their Siberian furramily…

  12. Thanks for sharing the story behind the ornaments, Savannah.Crusty was just so beautiful. We would love for you to share more stories and photos about Crusty – maybe on Flashback Friday:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • oh good idea…you know there were two others, MIscha, about 2 years older, first Sibe, then Crusty…then Rose, about a year younger than Crusty. They were Mom and Dad’s ‘kids’…until ages 11, 12 1/2 and 14 1/2…Mom has been thinking of doing a post every now and then about life with them…it was pawsome!

  13. That Crusty was sure a handsome one! Good looks runs in your family pretty Savannah!

  14. Great story! Now about those kitteh ornaments…..

  15. that was a wonderful story and we sure enjoyed reading about Crusty. What a stunning dog he was! Mom and I love Huskies!

    • Hi Dakota!! ANd Miss Caren and Cody!! I didn’t know you loved the singing wooing huskerboos! A big fave at our house and thank you so much for the compliments about Crusty. He was a winning dog in the show ring but he was most happy when Mom retired him very early, about 4 years old we think. He always was a home body and loved his two sisters, Rose and Mischa (not related but you know what I mean)

  16. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Mowzers, since mommy works for Hallmark she KNOWS how rare it is to have the whole set – and how very collectible they are! You have quite a find there – we bet lotsa keepsake ornament peeps would be envious!

    • oh how great! You Mommy can really understand how hard Mom worked to make sure they had every year since Frosty and His Friends was started in 1980! That first one, cost a tidy bit, but it was purrfect condition with box and all.

  17. Award winners 🙂 love the ornament story xx

  18. Award winners all round.

  19. What a handsome lad Crusty was! Thanks for sharing the story behind the ornaments with us, Savannah!

    The Chans

  20. That’s a wonderful story, Savvy! Mommy says eBay is great for “that one last thing”.

  21. What great ornaments with such a lovely story behind them.

  22. Great post, gorgeous dog – Siberian Huskies have long been one of my favorite dog breeds.

  23. Love the story behind those ornaments

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