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Friday Frolic…and an update

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Well, let me get the “UPDATE” out of the way…it’s about the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.  I was fretting (VBP) about not being able to get my award filled after I got my first star from Zena…but Misaki was gracious (VBP) enough to gently remind me…she also passed a star to me early on when this award first appeared…so the UPDATE…

Misaki, passed me the Blog of the Year Award on November 16 and also to Zena…Zena then passed it to me next day..all while Mom was in MEXICO…you know where the mess up comes from, right???


Now really, cross my paws over my heart…this is all Mom’s fault…she was in Mexico and not taking care of keeping my blog sorted out properly…so she MISSED posting that I have my FIRST star from Misaki and my SECOND star from Zena…we lady paw bloggers stick together…and purrlease note that they are both canine furriends…play bows to both.


My Mom even wrote my comment to Misaki:

“Squeeeeee!! A BRAND NEW AWARD AND NEW BLOGS TO VISIT!! Doesn’t get better than this…CONCATULATIONS MISAKI!…OMC! It does get better…YOU PASSED IT TO ME!….thank you ever so much…I know there are a kazillion others who are so deserving….runs off to make list to pass the award along… fun is this award!! Woo Hoo, paw pats, Savannah”

…but did she text me so I could keep the record straight??? Noooooo!!

So, I have FIVE and Sammy left me a comment giving me my Sixth!! DONE


Ok…on to the FROLICS FOR FRIDAY…and it involves what???…YES! My Peacock Feather!!

…What Mom???…Oh, sure…I have time to play with you…let me just finish up my workout here on the step…OK…let’s go…


…I like to keep up my precise paw coordination by sometimes going for the feather blind…keeping my head in the tunnel to see if I can still hit the feather…


…then I get Mom to run it under my Nip ‘N Nap Mat…so I can go for the feather even when it is hidden…sometimes I have to put the bitey on the mat ‘cuz it doesn’t cooperate…


…then I do my kill face to scare the feather…


…that usually does it…the feather is then dedded…just sayin’…I am one expert Peacock Feather killer…hear me ROAR!!!…heh…heh

One last thing…remember yesterday I gave a little teaser about a special Christmas package I was helping Mom wrap up…well no one guessed right so far about who that package is for…so here is the hint from yesterday…


…remember?…here is another one…


…I challenge everyone to guess who this special package is for…and there is more…see that box? That’s the one I used to send it.  I will tell the WHOLE story on Sunday…bet’cha NO ONE gets it right…unless you have been paying attention to the special furriend in my life…

Paw pats, Savannah

peeEss I stole photos for Misaki, Zena and Sammy…purrlease forgive me

peepeeEss…sorry about the weird positions of photos and print, WP won’t let me format anything properly right now, maybe never again…sigh

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57 thoughts on “Friday Frolic…and an update

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Savvy, you worry too much!!
    I’m glad you’ve maxed out your stars – congrats:-)
    Play bows to you too xxx

    • dropping ears…embarrassed…I do fret too much…I know…I fret about my bloggy not being interesting or fun enough…and then Mom and I remind each other…about my Mission…and we know that we are still pretty much on focus…and then we stop looking at the numbers and stuff…and stay focused…and we are trying to get back to Twitter because it is a really good place to work my Mission too. paw hugs Savannah

  3. orientallily001 on said:

    You’ve got all six of your stars? CONGRATULATIONS!!! You so totally deserve each and every one of them. And more! AND MORE!!! purrs

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  4. Savvy, we know ALL ABOUT slacker Moms…


    On a happier note, WTG with that fevver!!! We enjoyed seeing you kill it over and over and over.

    • you guys have sooooooo gotta get some of these!! and my Mom now has my visits backed up again to about 125 sitting and waiting for me to visit!! Not to mention NO POST DONE yet for today…runs off to get Mom back to work…

  5. Well done Savvy – all six stars plus more. Very well deserved.
    PS – peacock feather killing is a vital skill and you look just too cute doing so.

  6. mollieandalfie on said:

    I gave you one the other day Savvy, youz must of missed it 🙂 So you are a complete STAR now..Your Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • thank you pals, I know you did tell me I could have a star if I needed it…but I try hard to follow the protocols for this particular awrd as I know the creator hoped to make it a bit more meaningful. I do have all 6 now and have an opportunity once more time to pass it to others and there are lots of paw bloggers still who don’t have it. Jetty just started filling his, I gave him one and then he got another same day I think. Luv you Alf…and Miss Mollie too

  7. Wow!! So many stars! How purrfect for the holidays!!!!

  8. What kind of exercises were you doing? Step aerobics? Ha roo roo roo!
    PLay bows,

  9. Concatulations to your full star card… think you deserved a whole spangled sky ;o)
    I love your workout picture on the step. Have a wonderful Caturday ;o)

  10. Hi Savvy…….concats on getting all your stars PLUS extras just in case! I’ve been watching you play with that peacock feather for a long time and I’m thinking I just might put a PeeEssss on my Santa Wish List and ask for one…..As for your mystery package – no guesses here but whoever it is, is LUCKY!

    Happy Caturday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. congratulations on all the Stars Savvy,I knew you could do it,everybody loves you Savvy,xxSpeedy

  12. Yay, I’m so glad you got all your stars Savvy!
    You look so cute playing on the step!

  13. spittythekitty on said:

    “Nasty. Old. Cat”????? “Alfie”????

    I am wounded to the core.

    • WHAT??? I never said anything about a ‘nasty old cat’…or about Alfie…Spitty???!!! What are you nippin’ on dude? I certainly hope you did not ‘inhale’ it!!

      • Mistletoe&Hitch on said:

        Sweetie, it’s Mistletoe. Thursday when Spitty busted you for going out without permission I think you said something like your Dad didn’t want his sweet innocent Savvy Do going out with that nasty old cat. You were clear that it was you Dad that felt that way and not you. I just remember cause Hitch was jealous of you going out with Spitty. Sorry. I probably shouldn’t stick my nose in and I can see why you don’t remember. YOU don’t think that, and never did. Dad’s can be very protective so he probably would feel like that no matter who you want to go out with. Love you!
        Purrs to you,

  14. theislandcats on said:

    Congrats on getting all your stars, Savannah. And we don’t know who’s getting that package, but it’s one lucky kitty! We can’t wait to see who it is!

  15. You are such a busy cat Savannah, but you always have time to play. Whoever is getting those nice gifts I am sure they will enjoy them very much.

  16. Seeing you having so much fun just makes my whiskers grin up pretty Savannah! ayou’ve come a long way baby!

  17. We TOTALLY need to get one of those feathers – look at how much fun you’re having! Woah!

  18. Congratulations on getting a full star-card Savvy 🙂
    What a complicated story, I’m not surprised your Mom got a bit lost.

    • It was complicated, huh? And the fact that all of this started while Mom was trying to keep up using only her iPad in Mexico, made it even harder. And I really like this Blog of the Year Award if we all stick to the rules. It is nice to be able to give it back and then pass it forward. paw pats, Savvy

  19. Sparkle on said:

    Paws up for getting all your stars, Savannah! I have no idea who the package is for, except that it is for one lucky kitty!

    • oh thank you Sparkle, I know you have a ton of stars what with all your fame, calendars, books and stuff…but for me, I have to get my bling from my paw blog community!! You, Sparkle, are the bestest! And my package is for someone efurryone will like AND how I paid for it is pretty cool too!

  20. Allie: We totally loved the action shot of you roaring.
    Maxwell: yes, Furry Furry realistic. You’s one scary gurlcat.
    FaRADaY: I know who the prezzie’s for! ME!!!
    Allie: *eyeroll* he says that abotu ALL presents.

  21. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    we still be votin for King Spitty

    we hurd ewe both wuz crusin de streets in hiz new FURRareez !!!

    hay, haza grate week oh end !!!

  22. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We’ve been thinking about who you’re sending the present to and we think it’s your new BROTHER! He lives at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sancuary and we think his name is Boots, but we might be wrong about that. Did we get it? Did we? Oh and concatulations on getting all your stars! Hurray for Savannah! Have a great weekend. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a present too!
    Purrs to you!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • hmmmm…now that’s an interesting guess…not sure tho’…have to find out on Sunday when I tell all about what I got for my special furriend and how I wrapped it and got is all fitted in that big ole’ box…purrrrrrsss Mistletoe! And nose rubs Hitch

  23. catfromhell on said:

    Wel Here! let me gives yous star #7! Now we has the same number. Me likes that!

  24. ande123 on said:

    That is terrific that you got all your stars. We don’t have a clue as to what the package is or who it is for. We should pay better attention. You sure do know how to play with that gigantic fevver. Hope you have a great week end.

  25. So, awards beyond measure! A girl with bling is a happy girl indeed. Mata Hari on gift front… we’re too slow dear girl, and will have to wait for illumination…

  26. good work with that naughty feather

  27. OK, I think I know. Is it for your champion? Jet has cat sibs, doesn’t he? Or maybe for the shelter you came from? That’s an excellent kickaroo. Concats on filling up all your stars. I don’t even know if I got anymore since everyone is just passing them back and forth. If I don’t, I’ll just give myself the other 2 or however many.

    • well, first…good guess…but NO…and yes the kickaroo is nice, I don’t care for them myself, but others do. And you may not have heard, but Jetty lost BOTH his feline sibs, Fluffy went OTRB a few months back and Puffy just left to join him about 3 weeks ago.(sad ears) And for the stars, I tried really hard to follow the rules as the award initiator tried to give something with a bit of meaning etc. I think I was an early receiver from Misaki. BUT, it was all over once bloggers started trading them and just passing them back and forth until they filled up. WTH! CK, I will happily pass one to you my BFFF (best feline furriend furrever) you prolly already saw this but it was fun for me paw hugs, Savvy

  28. Savvy, we are so happy for you that you got your stars! We want to give you one, too, but our Decca says we can’t use the computer until Sunday, cause she’s been so busy using it herself. **very sad ears** We just hopped on now cause the UPS man is at the door. Hiiissstt — she’s coming back ***back on the flooorrrr***

    • awww…you guys!! I can pass you a star if you need one? I just didn’t do it again in this post, but I can and still be within the rules. I just didn’t do any others because I didn’t have time…sad ears…but happy to hear from you!!

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