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Holiday Gift For My Virtual Brother Boots

Hiya! Savannah Here!

My special furriends, Mistletoe and Hitch, are the only ones who guessed right…indeed (VBP)…my virtual brother Boots, who lives at Blind Cat Sanctuary and Rescue, in North Carolina USA, is the special, special furriend and furramily member who will get that large box for Christmouse!

boots 3

I helped Mom shop for the 3 things we put in that box.

HOW DID YOU PAY! YOU ALL ASK!!!…heh…heh…it pays to have a friend in a high…well, ok…maybe not ‘high’…but a peep friend who has influence at a high level in an on line cat and dog product company.

In November, Mr Brent and Ms Melissa offered me an opportunity to ‘shop’ on their ‘dime’…at their company,…they gave me a $50 promo code to use as I purrleased.  They only asked that I meow a bit about my on line shopping experience …which I will do in a later post.  I decided to use part of the promo code moola to get my virtual brother, Boots, his Christmouse gifts to experience how well Chewy could send to one location when being purchased by someone in a different location…so…without any more explanation…

This post is all about BOOTS!

boots 4

Alright, so I helped Mom shop at Chewy, then we waited…and my package finally arrived and I needed to get it wrapped and off again via postal service so Boots would receive it before Christmouse!

First, I had to make sure that everything was all there…I bought 3 things…I picked a Nip Kickaroo, a nip mouse and a really nice angled cardboard scratcher…I thought he would like to sharpen up his claws for that Kickaroo!!

wrap 1

…then I had to wash my paws…I didn’t want to get anything dirty…I had just had my night noms, so didn’t want to get Fancy Feast on anything…

wrap 2

…next…would it all fit??…first…how long is this Kickaroo??…hmmmm…

wrap 3

…ok, now if I add the Nip Mouse…

wrap 5

…yeah, this is looking pawsome!…next…making sure I have everything I need to complete the package…tape, check; card, check; scratcher, check; scissors, check; Kickaroo and Nip Mouse, check; and wrapping paper, check…

wrap 7

…ok…let’s get going Mom…I have the scissors…let’s do some cutting!!!…

wrap 8

…now…let me make sure that box is going to be OK…I better get inside to check the dimensions (VBP)…

wrap 10

…yup…looking good…oh wait a minute!  MOUSES!..I better not leave any smells…let me just do a quik tidy up…

wrap 11

…okey dokey…that about does that…let me just take a look see…ok, ok…not bad…

wrap 12

…I think this box is ready, the gifts are going to fit nicely…my work is done…MOM!!! DAD!!!…

wrap 13

…I am hoping that Miss Alana at Blind Cat Rescue will send me some photos of Boots enjoying his virtual sister’s Christmouse gifts…but…they are really busy…so I’ll let you know…

Hope you visit and let them help you with your own Christmouse gift shopping and more…

Paw pats, Savannah

pee Ess…this is my first ever offer to get something IF I do something…so not sure of protocol…but only asked that I report on my experience of shopping with them on line in exchange for what has amounted to $65 USD and I am not obligated to speak anything but the truth of my experience. I will wait until my last order has been delivered before meowing about my experience. And I am a first time shopper with them having never even known of their existence…seriously…not kidding

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31 thoughts on “Holiday Gift For My Virtual Brother Boots

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  2. Savvy that is very nice of you.xx Speedy

  3. What a kind thing you’ve done!! We hope you get photos too, we’d love to see little Boots enjoying the loot! Very generous of 🙂 We’re going to check them out!

  4. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, auntie Savvy, you’re so wonderful! I’m sure Boots will be the happiest kitty on the block!

  5. That is so sweet. I’m so glad I innerduced you to Boots. I’m sure he’s gonna be the happiest cat at BCR. Thanks for being so unselfish and thoughtful unlike myself. OK, I did try to win something for you this afternoon but I lost.

    • awwwww…Cathy Keisha…always that thought that counts mostest…and you and TW and Pops are FAR from ‘selfish’ given all you do to try to fund raise for rescue shelters around the world and all you do to win things for kittehs who don’t have much or don’t have furrever homes or FOR YOUR FURRIENDS…who luvluvluv you tons! And our Niners Football team won!! YEA I have not visited to leave comments since Friday, but I am reading you and others, and will be back tomorrow. paw hugs, Savannah peeEss Mom has a huFriend who has a doggy who is 10+ years old and my be on way to the Bridge…so she will be busy some tomorrow too…her huFriend does not have family in area, so Mom wants to give support…just in case I am another day late

  6. spittythekitty on said:

    Savannah! This is an excellent idea! The Human says that we can send something to my Virtual Brofur Sandy (we really *did* ‘dopt him even though our name is not on his page yet!!) I think he would be happy to have some toys too 😉 Thanks for posting about it!

    • Oh Spitty!!! Did you do a post about your virtual brofur Sandy??? Did I miss it??? And yes, yes, send something…if Sandy is completely blind be sure it is something he can smell of something he needs for his claw sharpening…they seem to all use those…just a suggestion

  7. We think you did a great job Savvy and Boots is gonne be OVER THE MOON with his gifts!

    Mommy guffawed at you worrying about leaving any smells…such a rude woman…

  8. I’m sure your ‘brother from another mother’ will love his gifts:-) You are so sweet xx

  9. Those are lovely gifts for your virtual brother.

  10. Aww, what a sweetie you are Savannah!

  11. So far I think you are doing a great job reporting your experience, Savannah! And I think it is especially awesome that some of what you got is going to your virtual brother!

    • Hi Sparkle, I really appreciate your compliments…and the rest of the money Chewy gave me I sent to the SP#1 group of special need kittehs that Lemony Squeezes blogs about. I will post that once Lemony gets the package and takes it to the kitties…in all I had $65 USD to spend from Chewy…and I squeezed every nickle except postage and I paid that…cool, huh?!

  12. Really nice of you.

  13. Brilliant Savvy! Boots will be Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.That’s clever of you to send toys that he can sniff ,and doesn’t have to see.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Yeah us! We only managed to guess right because we know that you are very considerate and you seemed quite excited when you posted about your virtual brofur last month. Just look at how you snoopervised the wrapping of those presents. You really paid attention to detail. I think Boots will be super excited to receive his gifts from his virtual sisfur. Well I (Hitch) have to finish checking all the ornaments the huMom and boy/man hung on the new cat tree. They are lots of fun but come off when you give them a good swat! Also this new cat tree has no place to take a nap……well except the very bottom. I do like the way it lights up though. Oh well, a snoopervisors work is never done. Mistletoe says I have to say,
    Purrs to you, So I did, bye meow!
    Mistletoe & HITCH

  15. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy, Iz gotta be quick.Tried leaving comments on the Eskimo’s 3 times, wouldn’t go through..Just to let you know we loved the post and the Eskimos. How wonderful you are , giving to the needy 🙂 Love youz loads xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. That is such a wonderful thing to do sweet Savannah!

  17. You are a real honey for so lovingly choosing and wrapping gifts for Boots xxx’s

  18. So clever with your paws, Miss Savvy!

  19. Now if ONLY woo would box purrself up and khome visit ME 😉 !

    What a great sisfur woo are to Boots!

    PeeEssWoo: Khwite the nice post fur Chewy.Khom – I’m sure they will be purry pleased!

  20. that’s so nice and I’ll bet Boots will have a wonderful Christmouse …be careful with the scissors…don’t lose your whiskers :o)

  21. How wonderful, generous and sweet of you to use the opportunity to give something to an animal in need. I’m so proud of you Savvy.

  22. Give the moggies the box :-). You know they will play with it xx

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