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Monday Meowsie News

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Hmmmm…not sure where to start…a really, really busy weekend…so Mom didn’t have time to help me get around to hardly any furriends, so I am very sorry I have been missing from your comment queues.  Hope I get to show up later today and Tuesday for sure.

I have been really enjoying having our gas fireplace on.  Our living room is kind of small, so my end of the couch is right next to it…and I can sit and stare, make my biskits, and have Mom give me a pet now and then…I just sort of get entranced (VBP) by the flickering and warmth…I just stare, and stare…and if Mom reaches over and touches me…I get startled and let out a loud YEOWIE chirpy sound…makes Dad and Mom smile…


…I like to watch the fire, and listen to the TV…and think about how fortunate I am to have this home…I start making biskits just thinking about how much difference a year has made for me…


…then I make myself so drowsy (VBP)…I have to try to sit up…or I fall asleep too fast…


…then I think, what the heck…I earned this nice warm blue afghan, pretty fire and all this love…so then I settle back down again…


…and finally give it up…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…



Saturday night…Mom was already asleep…and I was next to her…

Then Dad came to bed and was lying on his back with his used iPad (he has the one I used to have, then Mom bought me the new one with the camera and all…so I gave Dad my old one)…he downloaded the Kindle App and was reading a book…the iPad doesn’t make as much light as the Kindle light so as to not wake Mom.

I looked over at Dad…and there was this nice flat place in his middle…and without thinking much about it…I got up and moved over…gave his middle a test with one paw…I had to make sure nothing would like sink in or anything…

Then…I GOT UP ON DAD’S TUMMY AND LAID DOWN!!!!!…JUST FOR A MINUTE…KIND OF A TEST RUN…so to speak…Dad was so stunned he didn’t breathe!!!

And,  because Mom and Dad were gone all day yesterday…when I sat on the couch with Mom last night, I came right over to her…I didn’t stay at the other end.  Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder???

That’s all I have for today…but I think that last thing was a really big deal…my mentor and furriend Sammy always said I would just do something like that one day…

Paw pats, Savannah

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73 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

  1. I am doing massive excited tail circles for you and dad!! woo hoo well done you!!

  2. Keep warm Savannah!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow Savvy, you sure are getting brave! Can’t wait to see future pics of you curled up with your peeps. Keep warm and snuggly xx

  4. WOW you discovered the “tummy-pillow”, how brave! I love the “tummy-pillow” too – that’s a very nice place… the best place ;o)

  5. That is amazing Savannah! woo woo!!!!

    And guess what? Your letter to Santa was posted today. Come see!

  6. awww…kitty you are going to love cuddling up to mum and dad! Perfect on cold winter months!

  7. mollieandalfie on said:

    You look so cosy and warm Savvy 🙂 How great you getting on Daddy’s tummy, things can only better Savvy 🙂 Have a great day xx00xx
    love you lotz, your Alf xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Hi your bloggy is cool 🙂
    I added the “follow by email” thingy 🙂

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, Missy, I am stampin’ MY paws over here! First of all, YOU got the furry firstest ride in the FURRari when the other LadyCats were lined up clamoring! (Even though you evidently think I am a Nasty.Old.Cat.)

    Miss CK gotted a special trip to the Plaza for a fancy cocktail! What do you women WANT for Cod’s sake????

    ::throws up all four paws:: ::falls asleep::

    • ummmm…Spitty, first, I NEVER SAID NUTTIN” about ‘nasty old cat’…that was Mistletoe’s brofur Hitch who has a teeny crush on me…and Mistletoe made it right in a comment, and of course, YOU NEVER read that. And, yes, (blushing)…I was the firstest ride in the new red FURRari…but all the others are going like “out of town”…and I didn’t…and Dad NEVER lets me do anything exciting…old stuck in the mud he is…must be all that xposure to human edookation…shhhhhh…MOM! stop laughing!

      • spittythekitty on said:

        All right, all right, truce!! I hunted back through the comments to find what all the hoo-ha was about, and it does seem that it was your Nasty Old Dad (hereinafter, the NOD) who referred to me as Nasty Old Cat (hereinafter the NOC). Okay–he and I are even now, MOL!

        Now here’s the thing: CK lives in NY (or right next door), Nellie’s in Canada, Iza’s in Maryland, etc. etc. We *did* stick close to (their) home. BUT!!! You are right that *WE* only went “driving” (since you were my FIRST date, I hadn’t thought it all through yet). So…..purrhaps we should venture a bit further afield and do something more special….maybe Yosemite??? I think dinner at the Ahwanee would be lovely and romantic. And then a nice stroll though the woods? Well, you’ll have to give me a little time which will work out well since you will have to convince the NOD to give you Purrmission this time.

        Purrs. XOXOXO

        • Oh Spitty, thank you so much for the truce! I just don’t like having tension(VBP) between us Bay Area BFF’s….and I really do luvluvluv your bootiful floofy tail, it may be your furry best feature…purrs. And the Ahwanee is a huge fave around this house. I don’t have to ask NOD because Mom already said “YES”…you decide if lunch or dinner…I’ll bring a scarf in case indeed it for our walk. Purrrrrs, and paw pats, Savvy

      • Mistletoe & Hitch on said:

        SAY WHAT! Good thing for me that King Spitty does his research. Jeez, what’d I do to get thrown under the bus…or the Furrari.

        • Hi Mistletoe, and that Spitty still thinks my DAD made that comment! I think his “tutoring” may have addled (VBP) his mind more than he knows. My Dad never comments. Anyways, I think I’m gonna get another ride in the FURRari and we are going to Yosemite to this gorgeous hotel, The Ahwanee, for dinner then a stroll in the woods…squeee! Paw hugs, Savvy

      • Exhibit A:
        “heh…heh…Spitty…you are like, ahem…koff, koff…well…these are Dad’s words, not mine…”that nasty old cat”…trying to lure my sweet young SavvyDo away…so…no, I did not have permission…sorry Spitty, I lied…”

        Exhibit B:
        “Hi Mistletoe, and that Spitty still thinks my DAD made that comment! I think his “tutoring” may have addled (VBP) his mind more than he knows.”

        The tutoring *may* have removed a body part, but it wasn’t my giant, lightning-fast BRAIN. 😉

        • MOUSES!!! BUSTED!!! I forgot I SAID THAT to you!!! So here’s the deal, really, my Dad NEVER talks like that…he has one of those ‘piles higher and deeper” edookation thingys so he is like, well, ummmm…more well mannered…so to speak…than ME. You see I spent a WHOLE 18 months in shelters before Dad and Mom GOT me…no one ever wanted me before…so, sniff, sniff…I may not be as thoughtful as I should.

          ANd what the…???Are you monitoring my responses to comment?? LMFBO! And yes, I concede…that is one lightning fast BRAIN on you my furriend, and I hope you are still my BFF here in the bar area. Here’s some hopeful makeup nose kisses, Savvy

      • spittythekitty on said:

        Oh my beautiful darling girl! Of COURSE you are still my BFF here in the “Bar Area” or even the Bay Area (Freudian slip???)


      • spittythekitty on said:

        Aw, I’m sorry you lost your Furiend, sweet girl. I’ll be right over for a snuggle and a nice face grooming and then we can have a good nap. XOXO

  10. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Savvy, I think you had a bit of your own Hannukah miracle! That’s pawesome, phenomenal, whoo hoo and all that. I’m so happy for you… more and more forward movement to come, I just know it.

    Sending Jetty kisses, JJ hugs and ear scritches from Mom!

  11. Awesome, Savannah! But geez, life is so cozy and nice at your home, how could you not?

    • oh Sparkle, you have such a cushy life…seriously…gurl furriend…I hardly know ANYONE!!…oh wait…but I DO HAVE an only ‘cat’ home…no sharing required here…bellies, toys, fireplace, couch…nada…nope…none…no ONE to have to share with…hmmmm….maybe I do have it catgone good…thanks lot Sparkle for reminding me!! Paw pats, Savannah

  12. See, you are getting so brave, we told ya and told ya how comfy human bodies are to lay on and make bisquits on! You are almost there!

  13. Aren’t bellahs good places to snooze, Savy? They are always so warm! We bet your Dad was very pleased to accomodate you.

  14. Tummy naps are ACE, Savvy! You get to go gently up and down and up and down and…well, you get the drift.

    Your living room sleepy spot looks just pawesome–and don’t sweat the visiting!

    • thank you ever so my Katnip kitties…about the visits…I read every day, but holy smokes I don’t know how all you experienced bloggers do it! And I see you, KL, leaving comments like everywhere I go…and your Mom and Dad like work!! Mine is retired and she is still too busy to make all the rounds of only about 80 blogs…slacker!

  15. Well done Savannah. Tummies are very comfy for laying on.

  16. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Concatulations Savannah! Tummys and chests are the best sleeping spots on humans. I get under the covers when it’s cold and sleep with my head under the huMom’s chin. Right now I’m curled up with my head on her shoulder. The iPad is convenient because it gives huMom something to do while I’m napping. Today I’ve been in my furever home for 9 years. Thinking back to how scared and shy I was back then makes who I am today amazing. I never thought I’d be able to be fully part of a family. While huMom is my main person, I have good relationships with everyone in my family. Even Hitch and I get along most of the time. HuMom says it’s ok to swat him when he chases me. She’s just glad it doesn’t scare me, it’s just annoying…little brat, he doesn’t scare me! We are very proud of you, Savannah. It’s not easy to trust again. But all the work is worth it, not to live afraid, but to bask in the warmth of our family which warms our insides like your fireplace warms your fur.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  17. You think there’s hope for me? I’ve never laid on Pop. Sometimes I nudge him to get him to change chairs so I can sit in his but that’s about it. Oh, I’ll sit against him on the couch sometimes. You have a great life, grrrlfurrend.

    • well Cathy K, don’t bust your buttons, or claws, or whatever over this little step…remember…I was there for 1 minute MAX!…and did not try it on Dad OR Mom again last night…so this isn’t like, ya know, a “habit”…and yes CK, there is lots of hope for you and me both…we are still young and have lots of room for change, paw hugs, Savvy

  18. Me and mom too have had a busy weekend !
    Me too would LOVED to see a picture of you on your daddy´s tummy 🙂

  19. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    bee for ewe noe it savannah, ewe will be dancin on yur dad’s belly !!! wayz ta go brave girl ….keep up de grate werk!!!

  20. Oh we wish you had pictures of you laying on top of your Dad!

  21. So proud of you Savannah you are being so brave!

  22. Great strides dear Savvy 🙂

  23. snuggle with you mum and dad are the best

  24. That’s great news Savannah! You’ll be giving your bipeds leaky eyes.

  25. colehauscats on said:

    What a cozy spot to make your biscuits! We don’t think we’d be able to keep our eyes open either. Good luck on the Dad’s belly! We think this is a superior spot! Purrs…

  26. That is terrific sweet Savannah and I am sure you made your Dad very happy too!

  27. Happy husky wooooos Savannah!


  28. Gosh,you are brave,well done.

  29. Oh Savannah what lovely news about you testing your Human Daddy’s belly out!!! Little by little you will find more courage & trust will be built…this is pawsome news!!!
    Nylablue gives it 2 paws up also!!!
    We loved the pix of you on your blue blankie sitting by the fireplace….you sure did earn all this dear kitty girl!!!! Lots of strokes & love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue….
    (Nylablue gave me purrmission to answer this blog; what a nice kitty, MOL…)

    • awwww…shuffles paws around…thank you Miss Sherri-Ellen…and purrlease give my new gurl furriend a nose bump for me

      • Savannah I can see you coming out of your fur-shell more & more as I read your blogs….I know it takes time to adjust to a new place & us Humans. I found that once Nylablue & I moved into our new place she came out of her ‘fur-shell’ quicker….for her this was ‘our place’. Where I lived before my Mingflower was there for almost 11 years…I am sure there were still Mingy smells around the place plus her boyfriend Monty used to visit…..maybe that was upsetting for Nylablue plus the nieghbors cats Mr. Peppers & Luna used to run into our house whenever they could! I enjoyed it but Nylablue was not amused by their presence & would chase them out of the house!!!
        Here NO cats have ever come in so I think she feels this is “HER” place totally. She does allow dogs to visit tho’…
        I gave Nylablue strokes & a kiss from you & she purred up a storm!!! BTW she sleeps on her nipnap mat on the armless chair in living room every morning…she is getting your Humans money’s worth I can tell you!!!
        *paw pats* & love from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too…

        • claps paws!! yes! so glad she loves her Nip “N Nap Mat as much as I do!! And I do think that the cats before me left their scents in the other house, they had been there 8 years. And Boris marked all the corners on the walls he could reach with his chin, Mom cleaned it off, and back he came, so I think you are right that being in this new house and marking with my own smells is very good for me. paw pats, Savvy

      • 😉 Sounds like you & Nylablue are very similar Savannah!!!
        I know how sensitive cats’ noses are so you felines smell stuff we haumans can’t detect at all….when we were moving in here I asked if there had been any pets & there weren’t so Nylablue has spent hours chinning & rubbing…I think she is part rabbit…LMBO!!!!
        You’ve come a long way Savannah & we are so happy for you. xo S-E.

  30. Wow baby step are getting to be giant steps xxx

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