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Caturday For Special Cats


My Mom, Dad and I share everyone’s shock at the passing of 20 sweet innocent children and 7 adults in yesterday’s tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I did not include the 28th victim as that was the killer, and we only mourn that he chose to end his life by taking so many with him.

Many bloggers, Twitter anipals and FB posts are being written which say how we feel even better than we could ourselves. So we just want to say “DITTO” to all those who have spoken their shock, horror, grief today.  We especially appreciate the post put up on The Chronicle of Zee and Zoey today.

So we will add our candle to all those others…

Sandy Hook Elementary

And, we want to share something that we hope will lift spirits today.  It is about a gift I was given by which allowed me to pass it on to some SPECIAL CATS…and I hope you will stop a  moment and share in the joy these Special Need kitties found in some things so many of us kitties may take for granted because we have so much ourselves.

Many of you know Lemony Squeezes blog…about her volunteer work with the Special Need kitties in SP #1 at the HOKAFI shelter.  If you don’t know Lemony, be sure to visit her pawsome blog. offered me a promo code worth $50 to spend as I chose, and asked only that I post about my ‘experience’ shopping with them on line. As many of you know, I did use some of that to send holiday gifts to my virtual brother Boots, at the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  I posted about wrapping up his gifts December 9th.

Now about shopping with on line…and this is impawtant to know because this is how I ended up being able to send so much to HOKAFI SP #1 kitties.  So, I messed up when I ordered for Boots, I thought I could send a bit to him then order more and send to HOKAFI.  I have NEVER had a ‘promo code’ before, and did not know I could only send to one address. My mistake. was so generous.  They gave me another whole ‘promo code’ for another $50 to use.  So I got to spend ALL of that second gift on the Special Need Kitties at HOKAFI.

Lemony Squeezes post is beautiful and I cannot match her pawsome post…so purrlease, purrlease, go visit, click here.

And if you don’t have time to visit Lemony…then here are some of her photos…I hope these precious faces, showing such joy and contentment will help to lift spirits of all who read this post…there is still joy in this world…and I for one am grateful I can experience it through seeing these sweet kitties, many who have only weeks or months to live, being able to find playfulness and pleasure.

…the box is opened and carefully inspected by Katarina, who wrote the post, and Billy Bob and Finn…

Box inspection

…ok…let’s get these packages out and ripped!!…

SP 1 gang

…oh my…Nutmeg says I luvluvluv the feel of this nip toy on my face….mmmmmm..nice!…

Nutmeg Bliss

…and check out this…this one is even nice with the paper still on it!!…

Baliey Pie Bliss

…and how can we not feel joy when we see Katarina’s HAPPY DANCE!!!…

Katarina Happy Dance

This kitty knows how to appreciate nip!!

I hope you find some comfort in knowing there is still good in our world and in our country, meaning the USA. Today it may seem hard to find that good, so Mom and I decided to go on with our planned post for today…it brought us pleasure and comfort and joy…we hope it does for all who read today.

Finally, thank you to for making this, and Boots gifts, possible. And, for helping this adult rescue cat learn how to use ‘promo codes’!  They were so very helpful and understanding.

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Paw pats, and warm purrs for all, Savannah

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35 thoughts on “Caturday For Special Cats

  1. This is a particularly sweet post in many ways.
    Thank you!
    Jamie and Gypsy

  2. Hi, Savvy! I’ve stopped by several times but haven’t had a chance yet to say how much I loved this post! Thank you again, on behalf of the HOKAFI SP#1 gang, for the wonderful presents. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow: it will be one big party again with all of the toys!

    • awwwwww Miss Melanie, I wish I had more to give…we all still sob over your post out of pure joy!!! Your photos are simply ‘publication worthy” and I hope you will consider doing a table book of photos of the special cats who have lived at SP#1 and offer it for sale to fund raise. It will be a hit, promise!! paw hugs, Savvy

  3. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    We too were overcome by sadness and we purr for those families who grieve right now.

    And we also think is awfully pawsome to give you that second $50 to give to Lemony’s special needs kitties! Hooray!

  4. Fanks fer dat blog Savannah!!! Seeing da kittehz wif all dere giftiez put a smile on Mum’z face. She haz been so sad since dat BAD fing happened in dat school….She told me about it n it iz pawful to think of little hu’manz killed fer no reason…
    Poor Mum haz not been able to wrap giftz or celebrate Chanukkah wif da happynezz me used to!!!
    We gotta focus (VBP) on da pawsitive stuff in diz old world n support (VBP) each other az best we can, right?? Me iz gonna send Mum to Lemony’z blog.
    Lub Nylablue.

    • oh good Nylablue…you and Mom will enjoy Lemony’s blog, she does not post more than once or twice per month, but her posts are always wonderful. And tell Mom there is much to find that is graceful and joyful in our world, like you sweet furriend! purrrs Savvy

      • We will keep an eye our fer Lemony’z blog…she haz such lubly pretty kittehz n she soundz just like our Mumz!!!!
        Mum sayz she agreez wif you Savannah & dat YOU iz part of the joy in her world….she iz so moeshunal….but cute….

  5. That was a most pawsome post, Savannah. This past week has been really hard and Mom has been very sad about all the children and adults murdered in Connecticut as well as the two murdered in a mall really close to our house. So, thanks for something to smile about!

    • Oh Sage, we were so stricken by the elementary school and paused to think hard about our post for Caturday. Then we saw so many others were already saying all that we could say. And we wanted to offer something to bring back hope…hope that there are still good people and good things we can do. Maybe each good thing we all do going forward will help heal the hole in the universe that this horrific act has created. paw hugs, Savannah

  6. I can’t find words about this tragedy – I have only tears – and the question: WHY? Thanks for your post and for showing me the good things too – I think the kitties had a lot of fun with their gifts – and the last picture is just great ;o)

  7. Savvy we have enjoyed Lemony’s blog for a long time and hearing about the comings and goings in SP#1. Your gift to them was so wonderful and when we read her blog earlier in the week and saw the photos we got (as you say) “leaky eyes”. Seeing the kitties enjoying their surprises was just magical. You were very gracious to “share the love” with these deserving special kitties. was VERY kind to allow the additional box of fun to go out to them! As for the tragedy in Connecticut – none of us will forget the sadness and horror and will pray for the families involved. All I can say is that there are a lot more little angels in heaven now……

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  8. Sad/ happy the balance of the post was wonderful xxx

  9. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    As usual Savvy, you and Miss Linda struck just the right balance for the situation. Thank you for doing so much for both groups, (we’re visiting lemony after you)… you brought unexpected kindness and love into their lives. 🙂

    We also believe in reminding ourselves of the good in this world amid the tragic occurrence in Newtown while also acknowledging the horror and now the healing that will begin.

    With that said, we want to take a moment to reiterate (VBP) how much we value your family in our lives. xoxoxoxo

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    The Human says: I have been a teacher for almost 40 years. Yesterday at the end of the day, I looked around at my sophomore class at the end of the day which has 17 students and I thought, “ALL of them, and even MORE.” I cannot wrap my head around this. It is unimaginable.

    I think of that 27-year-old teacher, not much more than a kid herself, who gave her life for the children in her care, and I am awed and humbled by her bravery.

  11. Thank you for the special post and for being the wonderful you that you are? (hmmm great grammar Jessie but Savannah will understand I hope)

  12. There is good in the world and you’re a big part of it. Those kitties look so incredibly happy. I would’ve just ordered something for myself that I wouldn’t even need or look at. Kudos dear Sista.

  13. That was pretty cool of Mr. Chewy to do that.

  14. It is heartwarming to know that there ARE good peeps and furries like you out there, especially in light of this tragedy. Thanks for doing what you did.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. This is all so awesome, Savannah! Those gift certificates were put to such good use!

  16. I agree with Speedy!

  17. Lemony and her babes really couldn’t have been more moved – those kittehs rocked with your presents Miss S. Bless you. And Boots hit the jackpot too. do you all proud.

  18. How wonderful that you were able to bring so much joy to those kitties. No matter how bad the world can seem sometimes, there truly always is good and hope. Thank you for sharing my post today and we give you and your humans extra special love and purrs today…

    • waves to Zee and Zoey and all the fur siblings…thank you and my pleasure to share your post, it was all that needed saying. And it was a privilege to give to those kitties and we never dreamed that every one would get up and take part because we know at least two are very ill…but they all did…sigh…paw pats, Savannah

  19. you know something Savvy ? You are simple wonderful

  20. Wow, that is one wonderful post. That was so kind of you to give your Mr. Chewy gift certificate to those kitties. Looks like they had so much fun.

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