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Sunday Easy…NOT!!!


I have been such a slug lately…I don’t play much…I won’t run up and down the stairs…maybe the holidays are getting to me????


How ’bout the rest of you??…are you feeling sluggish???   Na’mean???  What is that all about????

Anywho, Mom decided I was not getting enough exercise.  She wanted me to have more ‘aerobic’ time so I could get my heart rate going, burn some lactic acid out of my muscles and stuff…whatever!!!!!!!  She frets (VBP) too much if you ask me…but no one ever does…I know, I know…she just thinks I am in another regression place…sigh…next thing I know she will ask me to wear a cat heart rate monitor and then track my progress on the computer…Thank Ceiling Cat they don’t make those yet for us cats…dodged that dart for now!!

So she brought out the big toys…well, actually…a very small toy…ummmm…really, not even a toy….Mom brought out the REYED!!!…remember this beasty?? It drove Salem and Sylvester over at Katnip Lounge to distraction VBP)!!!  Poor Sylvester was even driven(VBP) to flash his…ahem…koff, koff…ummmm…ya know…his (psstt…whispers behind paws…) his pink starfish

…the REYED did not get the better of ME!!!…

That REYED (red enticing yet elusive dot) is fast!

Well, my heart rate is up…and I am having to repeat this every day now until Mom thinks I am “out of regressive” behavior…where does she come up with all these worries??? (slaps paw to forehead!!)

Here, let’s play some more, OKAY!!..


Paw Pats, Savannah

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52 thoughts on “Sunday Easy…NOT!!!

  1. I think you doing great, Savannah. The video shows there’s nothing sluggish on you. After so much run, we have to rest for a while, but we forget for how long, so we rest just a little more 😉

  2. hee hee…how come WE didn’t get any starfish photos? Not really!
    Mommy got out the REYED a few nights ago and Maui nearly turned inside out, he was so crazypants!

  3. Savvy, it’s just too bad you don’t have a sibling to beat up on, or even just a buddy. We’re glad you human figured it out–they’re not as good as another cat, but they’ll do in a pinch.

    • well Miss Bernadette, I know Mom and Dad talk a lot about finding me a foster sibling to see if I would accept him/her. But we have to ask the owner of our home if we can have one more…she may just say no and end that decision for us

  4. Hi Savvy……I might be the only cat in the universe who doesn’t have a red light chase toy thingie! I am still an active guy at my ripe old age of 13 BUT I have always appreciated a good nap followed by a nice run up and down my stairs as the purrfect “pre-nap/post-nap” routine! Mom has found that moving my tunnel to different spots and moving my toy box about as well as taking some toys I might have forgotten about out for me to play with keeps me “on my toes” and having fun. I don’t have a cat tree either but I bet if your peeps moved it once in a while for you, you’d enjoy getting new “spy spots” around the house and out all those new windows you have!

    Merry Christmas Savvy……
    Hugs, Sammy

    • Hey Sammy!! What do you mean…NO CAT TOWER?? Not even a little one?? That is harsh! And Dad moved my tree, so far I am not going near it. Mom is going to take lots of the toys I don’t use to the shelter and keep looking for ones I might like. I get hooked for a while, then I lose interest. And you are one handsome mancat Sammy, no matter your age…I just luvluvluv you toes!

      • HA! My toes are my outstanding feature Mom says. Thanks for the compliments…..I guess we can blush at ANY age huh? Funny you don’t “trust” the tree in a new location – give it a chance – you might have a better view than before!!

        Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  5. My kitten,Ponder,grabbed the pointer out of my hand and killed it.

  6. spittythekitty on said:

    I myself will not pay any attention to the REYED unless the Human puts it on the CEILING. I mean, how crazy is THAT? You looked adorable chasing that thing. But remember: Only do it on YOUR terms.

  7. Glad you’re getting exercise but not glad you’re stressed. TW has been wiggling the red dot for me also. I usually just stare at it but sometimes I chase it for a second.

    I was stressed and TW noticed cos I’ve been biting them more so she put my little tunnel in the hallway away from all the living room clutter and I’ve been running through it like crazy. She also took my cat tree out from behind the Christmas tree and put it in a different spot so she could play with me more. Woohoo! I’m a happy cat tonight.

    • OH Great ideas CK! My cat tree is also behind the ‘tree’…and I have not been on it AT ALL since the tree was put up. Probably too late now, as we will take it down on Wed. But…then I have to find another spot in the living room to ‘hide’…but before the tree, I never needed to hide in that room since we moved…hmmmmm…have to wait and see. And I also have not played lots…Mom and Dad too busy and I got concerned I think…you have a PAWSOME holiday CK and TW and Pops as well. paw hugs, Savvy

  8. Wonder if I could get Raffles to chase one of those?
    Have a happy and restful Christmas 🙂

  9. I think we take on the stresses of our Mum’s, Savannah. I too have a wee red pointy light thing that Mum wiggles and I then chase all over our living and dining rooms as it gives her hand exercises! I love helping my Mum MOL *Pawhugs with love*

  10. It is winter after all – time to nap!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

  11. catfromhell on said:

    Hmmm, me has not seen our red eye for a long time! Daddy put it away because Cinnamon goes nutso! And she has crashed and smashed a few things!

  12. Sparkle on said:

    Savannah, does it really matter what is going on in your human’s head, as long as it gets her to play more with you? 😉

  13. Oh Savannah dat lookz like alot of exercize fer shure!! Me doez not like dat Red Eye cause it hurtz me eyez…Mum waz told me haz some kind of Nystagmuz which meanz eyeballzgo side to side n dat lite hurtz…
    Me doez hab a green squishy ball dat haz pretty litez when Mum dropz it on floor…but me can only look at it a bit at a time….
    Me ran around last nite doin ‘selfexercize’ so Mum iz catented with me activity (VP) level….Hope you get to have a snooze after all dat runnin about…
    Lub da Nylablue.

  14. I need some exercise too sweet Savannah, but in the spirit of the holiday you may have mine!

  15. Hi Savannah,
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your humans,
    Pit and the felines & Sally

  16. Get it Savvy! Don’t let the dot escape!!

  17. Great job going after that REYED. It visits us sometimes, too, and it sure does get the heart rate up!

  18. Maybe we all are related with the bears and need a hibernation? I can’t get enough from catching the red light ….I like it!!! … and wow you are fast ;o)

  19. Remember the Good Ole’ Days when sluggish behavior was equated with not enough cookies? *sigh*

  20. Well we don’t want you turning into a fat kitty now and well right now you’re very trim,xx speedy

  21. ande123 on said:

    We need to get our reyed out. We love chasing that light. Mom needs to find that thing. You did a great job of catching that red dot Savannah. Hope you have a great day and a very Merry Christmas.

  22. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    MOL! Mommy sez Maxwell needs “physical activity” so she runs that thing up & down our stairs. And he goes for it. *shakes head* Seriously.

  23. We have 30 minutes enforced exercise every day.
    THEY think we enjoy it but we only do it cuz they’d look stooooooopid by themselves.
    The Maple Syrup Mob
    PEE ESS perhaps you have S.A.D.

  24. Savannah, you had our hearts racing just watching you chase that Reyed. You sure do a great job at it.

    Merry Christmas to you!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  25. Thanks for the video. You go and catch that red light!!!! Love all the toys. Try some low fat crunchies this holiday and eat before any parties. Water is good too. Happy Happy!

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