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Too Much To Be Thankful For…


First and foremost…I…and Mom Linda…apologize for not visiting more consistentlypaw_15px.jpg over last several weeks. I understand if you do not chose to visit me for a while as I am unable to catch up on my visits to your blogs. I know you are all such a special community and will welcome me and Mom Linda back when we can visit, leave comments and respond to your comments.  Right now, we just cannot and still have a life.

And…I have a sniffle, and am not feeling well. My Auntie Josie Vet says it is airborne and just has to run its course, but I feel crummy and tired.  But, I am certainly eating OK for now.

Very sad and apologeticpaw_15px.jpg ears…

purple feather end 9

Mom and I have been working with so many others in the paw blog family, Anipal Twitter Family and others to help find homes/transport for 3 cats left bereft of their Mom in New Jersey.

I am so very thankful to all the pawsome furriends helping save these three adult cats.  What a wonderful community to be a part of.  Mom and I are both overwhelmed with thankfulness to know each and every one of you.

Now, to learn more about these cats, please click HERE to learn more…

…the Ginger brother and sister with no home yet…

Marigold and Brutus

Basically, this lovely long time paw blog human passed away unexpectedly…and due to unbelievable family circumstances, her family from whom she has been estrangedpaw_15px.jpg are both unwilling to pay for her burial and unwilling to find homes for her 3 cats and so surrendered them to a kill shelter.

ML, whom I don’t know, from the Cat Blogosphere, has intervened, and has the cats currently boarded at this shelter and is also helping to find the resources to bury her friend Rose.  We are trying to help get these cats to new homes. If you can help with either a small donation or transport, let me know in comments.

…and click HERE to see these precious cats…here is Emily the 9 year old ladycat we are working hard to get transport from New Jersey to Salt Lake City, Utah.

rescue cat Emily

Mom and Dad are donating half the airfare to get her to her new furrever home.  If you  know anyone who can pick her up in New Jersey in or near Newark Airport, and fly with her to Salt Lake, stay with her new Mom for a night then hop back to the East Coast…airfare and lodging paid…let me know in comments.

This is our VBP Blog Hop..  The badge is on my sidebar.  Mom could not get it into my blog tonight. ANd she cannot get the link tool to show up.   Sorry once again.

UPDATE: we hope we got the badge and linky tool inserted right this morning.  Please try our new VBP blog hop, it really is very easy and lots of fun.  Click here if you need more information.

We will try tomorrow.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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47 thoughts on “Too Much To Be Thankful For…

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Darling Savannah & Miss Linda…you have no need to apologize!!! You are doing a wonderful act of kindness trying to help the Royal cats find new homes!!!! My jaw fell to the laptop when I read Rose’s family will not pay for her funeral or to help the cats left without their Momma!!! How unbelieveably selfish of those people!!!
    I have it in my Will if I die suddenly Nylablue is going to my catsitter aka Aunti Anne & if Nylablue couldn’t handle things without me she is to be *assisted to the Rainbow Bridge* by our Vet. I also don’t rely on my (so-called) family. I love them & all but they barely pay attention so it is good to have back-up plans 🙂
    Nylablue & i hope you are feeling better Savannah!! Nylablue is getting thu this latest Herpes Virus flare-up! New blog done with action pix…..
    Visit when you can…
    Love you both Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too ❤

  3. Savvy, it happens to us all. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop visiting. After all, you are one of the cutest kittehs I know (well, except for my two).

    I’m so sorry to hear about this family in distress. You are amazing to do what you do and I know it’ll be because of you and those working with you that these kitties will find forever homes.

  4. I think we all understand that life gets in the way of blogging sometimes.
    what you’re doing is great – I hope the cats all get happy homes.

  5. What a sad story and what horrible humans for not taking better care of these little ones. Thank you for helping them out – I so hope they find a perfect forever home.

  6. spittythekitty on said:

    Oh what a crazy turn of events! Praying for a good outcome XOXOXOXO

  7. Don’t worry about not being able to visit regularly. The CB is very forgiving and will visit when they can, too. How wonderful of your parents to help out with the transport of one of the kitties.

    We can’t wait for you to get to meet and know Mom ML. She’s a very special lady who’s done a lot for the CB. She’s just had a very rough last year and hasn’t been around the CB.

  8. We are so saddened over these turn of events! We live in SE Oklahoma, so we don’t think we can help with transport, but if there is a chip-in some where. Let us know. Our email is:

  9. Thanks so much for all you are doing to help those in need! You are an inspiration, Savannah!

    • Oh Leader O! You are too kind. We have tried, but someone stepped up and is making it possible for Miss Rhonda to fly from UT to NJ to fetch Emily home to UT! Way more financial contribution than I could make. I am so purrleased. We will know for sure Friday if all three Royals are safe…and once we know that, then their transportation to new forever homes will begin. Paws crossed

  10. Oh Savannah, this is incredibly sad news! Thank you so much for stepping up and helping!

    • I am a small part actually…there are so many, so many who have helped. ANd one especially generous blogger gave Miss Rhonda sufficient funds to fly from UT to NJ to fetch Emily home!! Like way more money than we could do…it has made the difference

  11. We hope the whole mess with these cats is sorted out soon so they can begin to recover. It’s wonderful that you have been involved with trying to make that happen, and heartbreaking that the communication issues are making things difficult.

    Feel better soon, Savvy, and we’ll see you when real life isn’t intervening so much. We come here to comment and see you, not because we are worried about getting return comments.

  12. Yeah. We understand about real life – it can be a nuisance but you have to do it!
    Get better Savvy 😀

  13. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savannah…noe knead ta pologize…everee one getz buzee N we all haza hard time tryin ta post or commints everee day…and we gotta say: WAY TOTAL LEE AWESUM oh yur mom n dad ta help out….mega blessings two them both for this…we trooly hope theeze kittehs find their for evers home….N de blessings oh st francis two ewe az well, hope ya get ta feelin better…eat sum trout…a trout a day keeps de doctotz a way 🙂

  14. How can the cats be lost??? I thought they were at a shelter in Teaneck but I can’t find any shelters listed on Were they put down already because cats can be put down the same day. How can ML NOT have a working phone? OMC, what a mess.

    • CK, we know where they have been boarded, finally, well at least, the AC knows. Rhonda will connect again with them tomorrow, but at least now we know the cats were moved by ML to a private boarding kennel before ML had her own health problems and today her KC was at vet most of day, very ill. So much going on. But, maybe tomorrow we will all know for sure that all 3 are well…and all 3 have new forever homes waiting for them…paws crossed, warm hugs for you CK and TW and Pops, Savvy and Mom Linda

  15. We all have trouble keeping up with all the blogs, don’t worry:-)
    Hope you feel better soon

  16. I have been closely following the story of the kitties who need homes, and that is so awesome that your human is helping out! ML’s cell phone does not work half the time, her computer keyboard barely works at all, plus her migraines (which at least seem to be improving), so it is often very hard to get in touch with her. I hope someone manages to get through so that we can get these kitties to their new homes!

    P.S. I tend to visit blogs regardless of whether they leave comments on mine… and I know how really hard it is to do, and still allow my human some time to do human things! Which I must reluctantly admits she needs to do sometimes.

  17. You are doing very good work helping those kitties. We hope ML is soon able to get back in contact and the kitties can get to their new homes.

  18. It’s ok Savannah, we understand I think everyone has times when they cannot visit EVERY single one of their friends. Hope you are feeling better soon. I haven’t heard that story yet but it is quite sad. Very nice of your mom and dad to help them out.

  19. Such a sad story….you are so generous and loving for everything you are doing to try to help. We hope the details get ironed out quickly and these kitties can get on with what is sure to be a hard transition.

  20. Don’t worry sweetie we love you,get well soon

  21. Hope you get better fast!!
    I know how it is when you cant comment, I’ve been over busy recently and havent commented much either..
    Thank you for all you’re doing to help Rose’s kitties!

    • oh Andrea! We have homes for all of them BUT NO ONE CAN FIND WHERE THEY ARE!!! Tragic! ML is not communicating. Rhonda in Utah was given $2000 by someone named Dee in FL so Rhonda can fly herself, back to fetch Emily, spend one night then return home. Dee made sure she enough to cover all expenses. I had the money to give for someone to fly Emily from NJ to Utah managed; but this is even better. BUT Rhonda cannot find the cats. What a conundrum

  22. Savvy we know about how life intrudes on our visits to our furriends so no worries…What you’re doing for those kitties is so kind…And the story is so sad…We wish we could help with the transport but we’r so far away…Hope it all works our

  23. orientallily001 on said:

    Hey Savvy! Sure do hope you feel better, soon.

    I might know of someone to help with transport. I shared your post on the peep’s timeline with a tag for the person. Paws crossed!


  24. mollieandalfie on said:

    You are doing such amazing other stuff, we will always be here 🙂 You are just wonderful to help those kitties.. Hope you feel better real soon..Sending lots of purrs and hugs xx00xx Your Alf xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  25. Oh sweetie, your humans are doing more important work than blogging – they are helping to save the life of 1 kitty for sure. That is such a sad situation. Bless you for helping. Hope you feel better soon sweetie.

  26. Hi Savvy…..what a sad story – all the way around. Hope you are feeling better soon AND we sincerely hope that everythng works out for the NJ cats in getting to happy homes. It’s sad when families can’t rally round in these instances no matter what the circumstances were – to HELP with closure.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • no kidding Sammy. And all 3 cats now have commitments for new homes, and the ginger sibs will go together. And Emily had someone in FL give her new Mom Rhonda in UT $2000!!! So Rhonda herself can fly back to fetch Emily home to UT. But now no one can find where ML placed the cats when Rose died and ML is not communicating with anyone right now. Many frustrated folks trying to get the cats rescued.

  27. randomfelines on said:

    We hope you are feeling better soon. We understand how life sometimes gets in the way of blogging…..don’t worry about it. We are so proud that you are helping get these kitties to new homes – we wish we lived closer to be able to help more. It is very sad….

  28. Oh that’s a nightmare. I feel sorry for this poor kitties and for their human. I can’t find words for this … Please feel better soon.

  29. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savvy,
    Mes hopes yous feels better soon. Mommy and Daddy has had the colds areound our house. They sounds like Dogs Barking!

  30. We are very behind on visits and comments too. We haven’t even been able to blog much either 😦
    I hope you will feel better soon!
    I posted the info re: the NJ kitties on my FB profile and page, as well as posted it on Twitter. Sending purrs so that they can all find loving homes.

  31. How terrible that family will behave like that during such a traumatic time. That poor woman and those poor dear cats. Thank you for helping them and no need to worry about the rest of us. We’ll be here, ready and waiting for you when things calm down on your side.

  32. We hope all those kitties will be OK and find good homes. So many nice humans helping.

    We also hope you will be feeling much better soon. We have been away from blogging for a bit or else we would have been by to visit more often.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  33. Katie Isabella on said:

    Boy, does MY mommy understand. Love you regardless and we too are still slow getting around. (as you must know MOL)

  34. We understand,Mummy Janey is too busy to host our blog party but that’s OK.
    We’re putting our paws together to pray that the sad kitties get to their new furrever homes soon.
    Get better soon Savvy.
    LOVE The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  35. I find it incredible and so very sad that family will not come together at times like this!!! I do hope the sweethearts all find new homes soon.

    Don’t worry Savvy, we understand about real life!! Hope you get over your cold very soon xx

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