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Monday Meowsie News…It’s da’bomb!!!


So first up…the totally big, Big, BIG, NEWS!!!…

Leos Castle Furrever

YEA!!!…APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

My foster brofur Leo had a “meet and greet” appointment with a potential furrever home…and NO…Leo was not impressed….( OMC!! Leo was such a doofus!!)…

Ahem…sorry…got carried away…koff, koff…movin’ on…

Anywho…a REALLY nice “potential Dad” came to meet Leo…he is very good friends with Miss Tammy…remember her…she saved my life!!!…click HERE if ya need to catch up…

So Leo, well…as you all know…he is not as “social” as me…(what Mom???…why are you laffing???)…harrrummppffff….

Going on…not to be distracted…so…Leo and Mr David met on Saturday…and Leo gave this PAWSOME guardian  his backside!!!…YUP!  Leo turned his back on Mr David…can you believe it??!!…I really believe and so does Mr David, that Leo was just scared a bit…we all realized that all the new people Leo has met are women…he has not met a male person…other than Foster Dad Peter.  So we all learned something new about Leo.

Great News!! Mr David TOTALLY understood…and all the peeps left the room to just Mr David and Leo…and they had some ‘bonding’ time…they need more…but it’s gonna be Ok…

Ahem…going on again…bottom line…Leo worked responded to this new potential Guardian as expected…

Oh MOUSES!!…Leo is anxious…so are Mom Linda and Dad Peter…and me too…truth be known…

…but I don’t know how to allow another cat in my castle…I have never had such a safe place to live…

BUT…Leo has someone who will luvluvluv him furrever…and we only have Leo for a couple more weeks…so Dad is loving on him big time…and I am workin’ on making space so’s Leo can be out and about…I am not hiding as much now…and I am sleeping with Mom and Dad again…hmmmm…maybe I know there is a change coming…what do you thing???  Do we cats ‘know’ change is coming???…curious, huh??

So…I am chilling today…hanging out in a sun puddle…

Leo will remain with us until after July 23, but then his furrever Dad, Dave, will work with Mom and Dad to transition Leo and his “hope chest” items to Mr Dave’s home…we will all be very, very sad…’specially Dad.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Miss Tammy asked if I would include this information in my bloggy…and I am so purrleased to do it…she fostered a special woofie, Truman, who is a Corgi…and he was adopted by totally pawsome peeps…and then he had a horrible injury…and now he is recovering from some really extensive and costly surgery…so here is a link to a site to help if you luvluvluv Corgi Woofies like Mom and Dad do…and of course like Miss Tammy does…Truman is doing well…but his hoomans could use a bit of help…the whole story is on this link….click HERE…to learn about Truman…he is a survivor…if you know anyone who luvluvluvs Corgis and who can help his new Guardians…please send them the linky…


Thank you for sharing this information about Truman

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14 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…It’s da’bomb!!!

  1. I had problems with WP on monday too, think it was on strike lol.
    I’m so pleased to read this post. Yay for Leo and Dave

    • WP did the weirdest thing yesterday besides changing my comment setting; it literally turned it off. Then all of a sudden…I see in my daily stats…in the space below where it tells you the busiest day (most views)…Savvy’s was 350 a couple of weeks ago from a post about Leo; all of a sudden it is showing April 22 2013 with 418 views!!! I have no idea what happened but now my stats are all messed up and of course won’t ever be changes…grrrr…hissses

  2. Just so glad Leo has found his castle :)). We only hope, Savvy that you will encourage him to blog while he is ruling over his domain!! xox

  3. katsrus on said:

    So glad Leo is getting a forever home real soon. He sure is a handsome guy.
    Sue B

  4. Jessica Kerr on said:

    Savannah & Linda- I love your blog! You are one smart and sassy kitty! Thank you so much for sharing Truman’s story this will make him wag his little nub and let out some happy Corgi grumbles!!!

  5. Paws crossed that everything works out and Leo can go to his new home soon!

  6. Flynn on said:

    It looked like comments were on earlier and I left one but it looks like it disappeared. Anyway I said something like, “It is great news for Leo and I hope he and his new daddy get on really well together.” I hope WP doesn’t eat this comment too.

  7. PAWSOME!!!!!!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  8. HURRAH!!! Paws crossed that Leo will luvluvluv his new Daddy TONS!

  9. Hey, Savvy! Sounds like peace and quiet will reign at your abode soon. Great, great news about Leo! He’s gonna love his new Dad and his new furever home.

    Looks like your comments are back, but the time stamp on your comments seems WAY off (unless you’ve moved to a different time zone 🙂 )

  10. OK…comments are BACK!!

  11. Please come back later to,leave a comment if you can. We can’t repair this. Don’t kow what happened. All comments are checked on. I can add this from my admin screen but not on my own post…hiisssssss to WP

  12. I don’t know why comments are off. I am so so sorry we are trying to find where the problem is

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