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Monday Meowsie News…reposted


So first up…the totally big, Big, BIG, NEWS!!!…

Leos Castle Furrever

YEA!!!…APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

My foster brofur Leo had a “meet and greet” appointment with a potential furrever home…and NO…Leo was not impressed….( OMC!! Leo was such a doofus!!)…

Ahem…sorry…got carried away…koff, koff…movin’ on…

Anywho…a REALLY nice “potential Dad” came to meet Leo…he is very good friends with Miss Tammy…remember her…she saved my life!!!…click HERE if ya need to catch up…

So Leo, well…as you all know…he is not as “social” as me…(what Mom???…why are you laffing???)…harrrummppffff….

Going on…not to be distracted…so…Leo and Mr David met on Saturday…and Leo gave this PAWSOME guardian  his backside!!!…YUP!  Leo turned his back on Mr David…can you believe it??!!…I really believe and so does Mr David, that Leo was just scared a bit…we all realized that all the new people Leo has met are women…he has not met a male person…other than Foster Dad Peter.  So we all learned something new about Leo.

Great News!! Mr David TOTALLY understood…and all the peeps left the room to just Mr David and Leo…and they had some ‘bonding’ time…they need more…but it’s gonna be Ok…

Ahem…going on again…bottom line…Leo worked responded to this new potential Guardian as expected…

Oh MOUSES!!…Leo is anxious…so are Mom Linda and Dad Peter…and me too…truth be known…

…but I don’t know how to allow another cat in my castle…I have never had such a safe place to live…

BUT…Leo has someone who will luvluvluv him furrever…and we only have Leo for a couple more weeks…so Dad is loving on him big time…and I am workin’ on making space so’s Leo can be out and about…I am not hiding as much now…and I am sleeping with Mom and Dad again…hmmmm…maybe I know there is a change coming…what do you thing???  Do we cats ‘know’ change is coming???…curious, huh??

So…I am chilling today…hanging out in a sun puddle…

Leo will remain with us until after July 23, but then his furrever Dad, Dave, will work with Mom and Dad to transition Leo and his “hope chest” items to Mr Dave’s home…we will all be very, very sad…’specially Dad.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Miss Tammy asked if I would include this information in my bloggy…and I am so purrleased to do it…she fostered a special woofie, Truman, who is a Corgi…and he was adopted by totally pawsome peeps…and then he had a horrible injury…and now he is recovering from some really extensive and costly surgery…so here is a link to a site to help if you luvluvluv Corgi Woofies like Mom and Dad do…and of course like Miss Tammy does…Truman is doing well…but his hoomans could use a bit of help…the whole story is on this link….click HERE…to learn about Truman…he is a survivor…if you know anyone who luvluvluvs Corgis and who can help his new Guardians…please send them the linky…


Thank you for sharing this information about Truman

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62 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…reposted

  1. Hooray for Leo!

  2. Such PAWsome news that Leo is going to move into his furry own castle !

  3. Well we thinks it is pawsome Leo found a forever home, but we were kinda hoping he had one with you. Paws crossed everything goes smoothly with the transition for Leo. ~Scylla

  4. I’m so pleased to hear this news!

  5. Jess on said:

    Savannah- Thank you so much for sharing your special space on the internet with Truman. I love your blog….you are one smart, sassy kitty and lucky to have such a great mom and dad. Truman said thank you as well by sending along some happy Corgi grumbles and if he could wag his little nub right now he would. Yay for Leo too!

  6. terrific news! hope this comes through. way to go peeeps!

    Emma and Buster

  7. Comments were closed last time and I almost forgot this time….love your new header sweet Savannah! Hugs and nose kisses

  8. We are happy and sad at the same time. We too are going to miss sweet Leo but we are so happy he has found his forever castle and a dad to love him. Good job sweet Savannah sleeping with your mom and dad again. Enjoy that sun puddle sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses for all from all of us here!

  9. Hi Savannah and Leo. We are happy to pass an award on to you. When you have the opportunity please pop by and pick it up at Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. That is the best news I am so so pleased!!

  11. That is the best news I’ve had all day! So pleased that it looks like Leo has found his castle and slave. Really hope it all works out, we’ll cross paws until July 23rd. Now you can relax a little and be magnanimous because Leo is a guest not a house mate. I’m sure you sense the difference 😉

  12. Great news about Leo’s new Daddy and forever home.

  13. Yay for Leo! He will do just fine. I was a bit shy when I first moved in with mum, but soon, we were the best twosome to cuddle.


  14. Yay for Leo! We hope he adjusts fast and is a very happy kitty in his new home!

  15. Oh, hooray for Leo and for Mr. Dave! We have our paws and fingers crossed that they will continue to bond, and live happily ever after in their castle!

  16. This is such good news! We hope that Leo will give paws up to Dave so that they can share a castle.

    We read your site on mobile a lot, so we hadn’t seen this header photo. We aren’t sure how long you’ve had it up, but we love it!

  17. Savvy, that is the best news!!! We are all hoping here that Leo’s new dad will keep us all updated on his progress? I bet you are cockahoop that things will be back to normal soon!! xox

  18. Savvy, we’re so happy for Leo. Is new Dad, Dave, going to have visitation for the next couple of weeks so they can begin to bond? We sure hope Dave continues to let you know about Leo after he moves so that you can share with us. We have all fallen in love with him. And concatulations to you as well Savannah as you will once again have your castle to yourself. What’s that like anyway? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  19. Is it just me or does Leo look sad in all his photos? Anyway, as I’m sure your Mom knows, cats can “feel” humans emotions. If they’re worried, we’re worried. If they’re sad, we’re sad. If they’re tense, we’re tense. No matter how peeps try to disguise their feelings, we know. Obviously, your peeps were uptight about how you’d react and it made you uptight. Now they’re more relaxed and so are you. Am I right about this?

    • ummm…CK…look at the captions…that’s why I asked Mom to write ’em like that…I think Leo looks really really worried. He loves it here; he loves Dad Peter. When Mr Dave laid down on the bed near Leo (we told him to) Leo got up, twice, to turn his back on Mr Dave. Leo is very worried and we have realized that Mr Dave is the FIRST male human to come visit him in our home. All other visitors and care takers have been women. We all talked about that and so we are taking his transition very very slow…which Mr Dave suggested too…paws crossed and thank you for noticing

  20. We are so excited for Leo..what wonderful news…paws crossed and sure everything will be fine…we know this will be hard to say bye bye but a bittersweet moment ..fostering is all about the love and the goodbyes are only hard because the love is so strong!…Leo is one very lucky little man to hav had you all and Savvy I am sure you will miss him…sort of ..perhaps 🙂 Pickles has even made a special award and you are one of the first to get it! so pop over to ourpawdpad and have a are an inspiration 🙂 🙂 Hugs and fingers crossed Fozziemum xx

  21. That is just the best news to start the week!!! Hooray Leo!!!

  22. Wow SAvvy it sounds like Leo and Mr. David may just work it out..Paws crossed that they do and you can have your sunpuddles back to yourself again

  23. Savannah
    we are so excited (tempered excitement) for Leo and his new Dad Dave. (Does Dave know about cat blogging?) Oh we hope that Leo will adapt well to his forever castle, we are so happy one came open so soon for him. We are purring for a very happily ever after for dear Leo, he sure deserves one.

  24. Paws crossed that everything works out and Leo gets to go home soon! (I think I left this comment on the other post – don’t know what happened to mess up over there.)

  25. We are just thrilled to hear that Leo will have his own forever home! We hope he will be very happy and showered with lots of love and attention that he deserves 🙂

  26. We is happy to read bootiful news. XXXX

  27. Oh yay! Fantastic news! I’m so happy for Leo. What a pawesome way to start the week! =^.^=

  28. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    leo….hi savvy….leo…dood…way happee for ewe ya finded yur for evers home with yur dad….purrhaps if ewe called him N said…. hay, dad, if ewe wood swing bye savvy’s place a few timez a week bee tween now N when we mewve in two gether…N ya BRING SUM TOONA…..we wood be like best plaz even quiker 🙂 !!;);)

    what cha think !!!

    we hope yur new dad iz reeely close by drivin kinda time sew yur now dad can come visit two…….awesum mews N de blessings oh st francis ta yur pal truman savvy XOXOXO

  29. We are so happy for Leo!
    We hope they are both happy for many, many years.

  30. I sure hope everything works out for Leo!!!
    Play bows,

  31. Oh Savannah that is such good news. We live with a Dad so know that those hooman males can be just a loving as the female type when you know them. In fact when Dads friends come over we run from both with total equality, well, except Rumpy who is goofy and Toby who is fearless… Oh yeah and Buddy… Hmm…
    Great news
    We will send the info on Truman to Dads Sisfur who is involved in doggie rescue and has the lists to get this out to many peeps.

  32. Flynn on said:

    That is great news! I hope Leo and his new daddy will get on well together.

  33. orientallily001 on said:

    Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL news!!! This must be so exciting for you and for Leo.


    PS. That’s not a sun puddle you have there, Savvy. That’s a sun sea!

  34. Paws crossed Savannah! We shall stop by Truman’s and wish him well,


  35. That’s great news!!!!!! 🙂

  36. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Best of luck to Leo and Mr. David. We know this will be a happy/sad event for your Mom and Dad. It is a sign of how much they love you both that they will do what’s best for you both and not necessarily what they might wish for. Our fingers are crossed that everything works out happily for all of you.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  37. Oh Savannah I’m BEYOND happy to hear about Leo’s new “Daddy to be” !! It sounds like they will be well suited to each other and we all know that you will be happier as an only-cat with her OWN castle! Thanks for making my day – and everybody else’s too……….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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