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Pirate Speak


Finally, I get to pawticipate in MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY!  *glares at Mom*  Some’one’ wasn’t up to speed on what happens in Blogville last year and I totally missed out on all the fun…not this year!

Meow Like A Pirate Day 9.19.2013

I had to get ready early because I was heading over the pond to enjoy Speedy’s hospitality…he had a great pirate bash on Saturday…that had me getting my pirate ship ready to sail early…

Speedy Pirate Day Blog Hop

Then I had to ask for a close up…and sometimes I just don’t appreciate the way I get dressed by my typist and photo editing staff…just sayin’…

Savvy Hates Pirate Day

*sigh*…what we have to do to put up with our resident pawpawrawzzi…

Hope everyone has a pawsome pirate day.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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36 thoughts on “Pirate Speak

  1. you made a great pirate Savvy!

  2. MOL oh Savannah yer Mum put doez cool cat’z eye glassez on ya!!! Not shure dey iz pie-ratty but ya iz cute n dem anyway….me iz glad ya made it to da Pawty…me Mum needz help too…what DO we do wif da Hu’Manz??? 😉
    Lub Nylablue xo

  3. Arr ye look like a fine pirate lass there Savannah of the Seas

  4. spittythekitty on said:

    Hey–at least you fared better than I did. If it hadn’t been for watching Katie I work on her ship I’d have missed the whole thing. You look stunning in your close up, Savvy dear. Really very wench-like and fashionable. Arrrrrr!

  5. We haven’t quite figured out this pirate talk yet, but are enjoying visiting everyone on pirate day.

  6. Meow like a pirate day has been so much fun especially seeing all our friends in their pirate outfits. We didn’t pawticipate last year either ’cause we were so new to this blogging stuff. Savvy, we love those glasses. Lisbeth is jealous ’cause she wanted to wear some like that, but mom said they were too sexy for her. Not for you, though. Purrs and hugs and a pint o’ grog t’ ye, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Savannah me buckos! How be ye? What be these monocle on ye? These be not fer a proper comely wench scurvy pirate like ye can be! Take these off ‘n come on me ship to drink some spiced rum!

  8. We love being pirates for a day! we captured plenty of booty and we’ll share!

  9. What a SULTRY pirate ye be, Savvy! We’ll be droppin’ anchor to share a wee glug o’ the nip grog!

  10. Dude. I wouldn’t appreciate the human dressing me like a pirate. Or like anything, actually. (sorry)!

    –you do actually look really cute, though…just sayin’


  11. badkowalik on said:

    Ahoy Maties! Bwaa!! Haa!! Haa!! Yous is the bestest
    We catch th’ early evenin’ tide ’bout 5 bells to ye Olde Soton town, ye want to come along!
    Ye look marvelous darlin’s

  12. Arrr! De lovely booty-ful scurvy pirate Savvy! ye need to lose th’ shades ‘n get an tattered eye patch. xoxox

    • mwaahahaha…she couldn’t do that!!! Staff is working hard to do my posts for next week, and tomorrow, cuz she and Dad are leavin’ me again for another bazillion years…reetyremint gets in the way for sure…*pouting big time*

  13. That’s awesome! Great crew on that ship! Thanks for visiting and to answer your question- You can link up this or any post at all to the Pet Parade, just click the blue add your link button. You can also add you social media links below that if you want, but it’s not mandatory. A new Pet Parade starts tomorrow. Hope you come by!

  14. Aye, ye be a fine pirate lass, Cap’n Savvy! Arrrrgh!

  15. Ahoy there, Savvy! Ye be making a fine pirate, indeed! We shall see you on the high seas. Savvy?

  16. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    avaste raise de spyglasss starboard …we bee see in a sutler o’er yonder N blimey …sink uz if hiz shopz knot fulla booty ~~~ him can bee pillaged N for we set sail ~~~ letz head off for a wee bit oh grub anda splice inn oh de mainbrace N sing a shanty ore two ~~~ fair winds ta ya

  17. Younlook Pirate Purrfect sweet Savvy!

  18. Ye be a fine Pirate wench!

    The Florida Furkids

  19. you look dangerous in your pirate get-up; but we love it.

    btw, our mom finally figured out a way to add follow by email in our blog. mission accomplished captain.

    Emma and Buster

  20. We think you make a great pirate Savvy – you make a great pirate.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhwoooooooooooo!

  22. Meowm wonders if she can come aboard for a Caribbean cruise. We think your ship is awesome! We don’t do pirate speak very well!

  23. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Well shiver me timbers, you make an awesome pirate Cap’t Savannah. Enjoy your day matey! And remember you can alway make the crew walk the plank if they cross Cap’t Savannah on Meow Like a Pirate Day.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  24. Wow that glasses are super cool! Oh and I’m on board too! Can I be the ship’s cook? I can make baconrolls with cheese :o)

  25. You make a great pirate. I am having fun seeing everyone’s posts. Happy pirate day.
    Sue B

  26. Ahoy there furfriend. What a fab pirate you make! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  27. Now that’s one stylin Pirate Savvy!! all class indeed sweet one have a great time hugs Fozziemum xxx

  28. Great Pirate photos! Now pull out the ale!

  29. Katie Isabella on said:

    That red head scarf and those glasses make you look like Johnny Depp! xxoo

  30. Katie Isabella on said:

    OH you adorable pirate! And thanks you you and your mommy *I* get to meow like a pirate today too. Thank you Savannah’s momy! XXOO ❤

  31. Hehehe very Glam Rock Kitty look to your Pirate Out Fit!xx Speedy

  32. Well Savvy I think you are quite “glam” in your pirate do…..although I must say that ship full of scurvy characters you have is a bit scary!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  33. Arrrrgh !
    You look mighty fine as a Pirate , Savannah !

  34. mollieandalfie on said:

    You make a super pirate Savvy, we couldn’t get a post out in time so we enjoying seeing everyone 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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