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Friday Frolics…A New Viceroy


In case you don’t know…my good furriend, actually  my BBAFF (Best Bay Area Feline Furriend) King Spitty, has been appointing Viceroys, to serve him, as he manages his vast San Francisco Bay Area empire.

And of course…he selected ME…his BBAFF…as his NEW VICEROY…of the infamous new span of our cherished BAY BRIDGE…this bridge connects my East Bay area with King Spitty’s San Francisco Peninsula.  There are other bridges that do the same..but none as well known as the BAY BRIDGE.

bay bridge

Isn’t it just beautiful???  Well, I know that other Viceroys have been appointed for other parts of this bridge…BUT…always remember…King Spitty appointed ME as Viceroy of the NEW BAY BRIDGE….*sigh*….*bows head with humility*

So, I had Mom do some shopping on line with me….you see…King Spitty sent me my formal Viceroy Medallion, but I simply had NOTHING to wear with it…we found something we just luvluvluv’d and then I had my formal portrait sitting done…

Savvy Viceroy

…here is my official map of my territory…

king spitty map viceroy savannah

Well I was so purrleased that King Spitty agreed to wear his formal attire for this photo…you should have seen him in his nekked furrs like Mom Linda and Dad Peter did just before this photo was taken…heh…heh…

(be sure to click to bigify so you can see the whole caption)

I asked Mom and Dad what was their most wondrous memory of catching a brief glimpse of King Spitty in his home domain…and they both said “his floofy tail” followed him around like a royal robe! So sorry the photos are blurred…but King Spitty was very fast to avoid the pawpawrazzi…

I betcha I am gonna be the ONLY Viceroy to have actual photos of the King, in his home domain…hmmmmmm…does that make me his special Viceroy????…NAAAWWWW!!!  Just playing with you all…King Spitty is generous with his time and favors as all the ladycats know around the cat blogosphere.  And CK…I want you to know Spitty never ever let Mom even photo that special blue pillow you and he share…purrrrs from your BFGF…

peeEss...I may not be around to visit ‘cuz the peeps are leaving me with Auntie Shannon again…and now they have some kind of pawpawrazzi purrson coming to take photos and video to make sure I am being a proper ladycat…SERIOUSLY!!…do any of you believe I would EVER throw a house trashing pawty????….*snicker*…

…secret photo…not to be shared or it will destroy your ‘puter…just sayin’…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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40 thoughts on “Friday Frolics…A New Viceroy

  1. Congrats on your new post Savvy! Love your formal attire 🙂

  2. susansurreal on said:

    Especially loved this post Savannah! Mr. Boots & I will be partying with you in spirit, as we are in St. Louis. Take care!

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    Now now now, it wasn’t the medallions you were complaining about. It’s all that whining you’ve done about how you should have had the WHOLE Bay Bridge AND Treasure Island TOO and how could I have other Viceroys near YOUR Bridge. Now THAT’S some high-quality complaining, Missy.

  4. Mee Lady Viceroy Savannah ya iz pawsumlee beeuteefull in her robe n bling!! Concatulashunz on yer appointmint from King Spitty!! He shure haz a pluxuriuss tail doezn’t he???
    Lub Nylablue xo

  5. That surely is a kings tail on the fabulous Spitty!
    Lets party

  6. Whoa! That bridge is pretty impressive. I’m over at the Marina. Can you see me from your bridge?


    PS. Please come on over to Nerissa’s Life for a visit today. There’s a special little somethin’ waitin’ for you over there. purrs

  7. The blue really brings out your eyes.

  8. We are on our way to party

  9. Oh Dog! Do I have to kiss your paws now and bow down when you stroll by?

  10. Wow! Congratulations on being Viceroy! You look very grand in your finery. I won’t say a word about your party – your secret is safe!

  11. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, all in all, your Mom did a reasonably good job of catching my better sides. Sorry about the UTB time, I just can’t help myself when there are Introodurs. Your pawrents were okay, though. They didn’t even try to get all grabby-hands with me. You have trained them well.

    However, I *DO* have a bone to pick with you! Now the other Viceroys are MAD thinking YOU got a special medallion from the King–I think I am going to send them over to YOUR house to explain it all to them. Heh heh.

  12. ConCATulations on your Viceroyship, Savvy! Be sure to take care of our dad’s mom and stepdad, okay? They use the Bay Bridge all the time. 🙂

    We’re on our way to your, um … gathering. See you soon!

  13. Savvy we are on our way over to TRASH with the newest Viceroy!!!

    Mommy is SOOOOOO jealous that your Mom got to SEE King Spitty in his natural habitat!

  14. Savvy, we’re excited that we share Viceroyship of the Bridge with you. Since we live on an island, we know all about bridges. There are two of them that get us off and on to our island. So let’s party!! Whoohoo!!

  15. Savvy that is pawsome, and the bridge is so beautiful, just like you.We hope you have a good time with your Auntie while your Mom and Dad are away.

  16. Concatulations Savy, on your new pawsition!
    We’d never tell your pawrents about a house-trashin pawty. Are they reading this?

  17. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    hay…hold de fone de sugar N de creem we due knot like coffee……wearz R badge…matter oh fact wearz R pay…we haz knot been that nipped out over heer in haight ashbury that we missed gettin a badge….and like all sew…..

    whoa…chek that out toona… buz haz DONUTS for tirez….boomer…eye noe man…N ……iz it foggy heer ta day ore iz it just me…..

    enjoy yur week oh end savvy….~~~~~~~~~~~


  18. Your humans got an audience(sort of) with Spitty? How cool!

  19. *thud*

    The Staff: Sorry that sound was Austin fainting at the sight of the last pic!! he’s very impressionable!!!

    • The Staff Here: ROFLMAO!!!! Even hubby stopped to read this and is still chuckling. We are off for a week to our beautiful Lake Tahoe area, part of the time, first 3 days, no cell, no internet, no TV…on Silver Lake at Kit Carson Pass…you can Google them and see I bet…we stay couple of nights at Kit Carson Lodge, rustic house keeping but only self generated electricity…no elec coffie pots either! Just the kind you percolate on the gas stove…always boils over the first morning!! LOL

  20. very regal Savvy till you get to the party photo!hehehe,xx Speedy

  21. I don’t know what picture of you I prefer, Savvy, the first or the last… well, yes I do know!

  22. Concatulations Savannah! May we have permission to drive over your bridge to Treasure Island tomorrow? We need to go to Strut your Mutt to support animal rescue and promote my book! Woooooowooooooo!

    • Oh course!! OMC! You just help yourselves! anything for you Ku and of course Nalle and Zoe…purrrrs, Savannah ps actually that side of the bridge belongs to another Viceroy, not sure who and Spittster even gave TI to someone else…should have given ME the whole BB IMHFO

  23. Savvy, you are our neighbor as we are the Viceroys of Treasure Island, and we hope you will come play with us sometime. We have lots and lots of space to run around and play hide ‘n seek. We are pretty sad that we didn’t get any medallions from King Spitty. You are a super special Viceroy. As soon as we rest up from our Birthday Party and Meow like a Pirate Day we’ll be over to help you do some trashing. We promise to be discreet and avoid the cameras. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. congrats on your appointment and what time is the house trashing party? ~Scylla

  25. Cuzn Savy, I mean your Regal Viceroyalship, may I beg you to partition King Spitty to grant me a Viceregalship to the ‘Dumbo’ ? (Dumbarton Bridge) that connects my Castle territory to Palo Alto? Your Humbleness, royal headbutts, Leo

    • No,I cannot cuzin Leo. You must do as all of us before you…beg…heh…heh…King Spitty is generous but he is drawing close to completion of his appointments…I’d get busy kissing up to him if you want him to look to the South Bay …just some advice…good luck

      • spittythekitty on said:

        Now, now, because Cousin Leo is relatively new to our realm, we will graciously make an exception to our Personal Begging requirement, and add him to the Viceroy-in-Waiting list. Purrhaps he will be granted sovereignty over the “Dumbo” this very weekend!

  26. Oh poor Savvy, your peeps ran away again? Maybe you need some escape proof equipment. Concatulations to your new title! I like King Spitty – he is a wise guy! (and he has a Furrari LOL)

  27. What a wonderous realm Savvy….such a fantastic opportunity for serving the King!
    and the robes are divine hehehe I do hope that you have fun/behave while mum and dad are gone heheheh we expect pics 😉 Hugs Fozziemum xx

  28. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh SAVVY! How special to get to see the KINGDOM right there in all if glory and to see Spitty, well, un, sorta nekkid (ahem ahem) (sorry…eyes averted) and in his royal CAPE! OH how I wish *I* could see such splendor! I hope he didn’t punish his mom for the introoders he had to endure! We know how he feels about THAT!

    I am on my way to join the pasty It’s 3 hours earlier there where you are so I should get the last dregs of grog and fuds.

  29. We missed that your peeps met King Spitty. How fun is that? We think that if your peeps leave you home alone, a house trashing party is totally in order!

  30. Savvy you look very elegant in your Viceroy robe and medallion. I’ve been shopping for something appropriate myself for those occasions when the King might come to visit me on Potrero Hill. So you’re having a pawty to celebrate your parents leaving you “home alone” ?? Count me in!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  31. Hehehe whee love your pawty pigture! So daring!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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