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Thursday Purrsday

HIYA!!  Savannah HERE!!!

I am purrring about several things on this Thursday.


What a pawsome surprise from one of my best buddies Texas!  He passed this beautiful Dragon’s Loyalty Award to me…I gather it is supposed to be a combo of the “Very Inspiring Blogger” and the “Versatile Blogger” awards which I have…but this graphic is like waaaaaay cool…

The rules to accept the award…

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 or so awards to deserving bloggers
Seeing as how I am slow getting this appreciation for Texas’ thoughtfulness posted…efurryone already has it.  So I thought I would pass it to just 3 other bloggers who may not have received it yet…after all…it doesn’t have to be a cat, right?

Vidock, who lives with #1 at The Poupounette Bloggy…studly neighs to you good buddy Vidock!
RA Husky and his fursibs Isis and Nanuk…arrrrwoooo to all  and play blows
Helmut, Easy Rider’s companion turtle…any turtle who can avoid Easy’s chompers is purrty special!

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

Will do that as soon as the post is online.

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself
Yeah, well that is not happening!  Seriously! Can you even begin to imagine anything you don’t already know about me???…..naaaaawwwww….skipping this rule

Now, my mostest favorite reason for purrring all this week…you see, Mom Linda and I took off a week of posting on my blog so we could get caught up on commenting on YOUR blogs…but as usual…we were caught up once again in an exciting project to help some kittehs find furrever homes…so  we collaborated on a special rescue video….to launch on Twitter on November 1rst….guess who???


More will come later…but you are ALL so going to want to come back to me, Brian and Dash Kitten to learn about a special REWARD program for your favorite USA 501 3c rescue group…just sayin’…ummmm…but it will launch first on TWITTER!!…be there to get it FIRST!

Next, Dad Peter read an article (click here for the article) about some special ladies in our area who took on 20 wonderful cats to rescue from a sort of hoarding situation in Texas.

So of course, I told Mom Linda and Dad Peter to go check them out…and well…we did not get to catch up on visits as promised….so sorry….but check out some of these precious cats…healthy, socialized and caught up on shots and of course spayed and neutered…(be sure to hover over the photos for captions and click to bigify)

So I have like a TON of things to be purrrring about on this Thursday Purrsday…hope you do too…

Please visit the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop sponsored by my pal Pepi Smart Dog…


Paw Pats, Savannah

My furry sweet furriend and her Mum Miss Sherri-Ellen asked that I post this update on Nylablue ‘s health.  Someone has inadvertently posted Nylablue has gone to The Bridge…NOT TRUE!   She is still fighting. The update:

NYLABLUE UPDATE: Weight 8.5 lbs; down from 8.8 lbs. She was given Pepcid shot to calm churning stomach; Covenia Antibiotic shot in case of secondary infection (lasts 2 weeks) & Depomedrol steroid shot (lasts 4-8 weeks). Mirtazipine given orally to stimulate appetite as she had not eaten today. She will need Pepcid shot by Sunday. If her stomach was not being affected by Pancreatitis she would have more time….at this point we are just putting off the inevitable. WHEN her time comes either I will post orLinda C Rodgers or Bev Green will post! If anyone else posts they have no permission to. Sorry I am overwrought & very very tired as is Nylablue my ‘Sweet Feet’…..OUR ‘Sweet Feet’  — feeling sad.


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29 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday

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  2. Congratulations on your award, Savannah!

  3. Great news there thanks for you message we did email Sherri-Ellen and she said we were allowed to post too.Nylablue and her mum are great friends and they always have our surport,xx Speedy

  4. Hi ya, Savvy! Congrats on your award…and it’s okay to break the rules…that’s what they’re there for, right? 😉

    Good for your mom and dad with helping out all those kitties. We purr that they find homes. And we’re sad about Nylablue too…but we’re hoping she and her mom will still have some good time together.

  5. That is some darn good news sweet Savannah, but not so much about dear Nylablue. That makes me very sad and we just met her when she stopped by with ourrs for me.

    • Nylablue, or “Sweet Feet” as he Mum lovingly calls her…has fought for a long time to live…almost 8 years since her Mum rescued her from the life of a meezer breeding queen. She was one of my first Real Rescue Cats Are Talking interviews…and has inspired me and Mom Linda to start collecting research on cat breeding mills in North America. soft paw pats for my buddy Brian

  6. Neigh, Savvy! I am so very honoured to receive the award from you! In fact, I did super zoomies around my paddock in joy! Thanks!

    We are all sad about sweet NylaBlue.

    Your Studly Buddy,

  7. As usual, you have all the news that’s fit to blog. Those hoarded cats are lucky that their hoarded apparently took good care of them. I was adopted with another girlcat who had 27 brofurs and sisfurs. She wasn”t happy here and had to go back there with fewer cats. Oh, and our fave rescue is so busy rescuing that they didn’t do taxes and lost their 501 status. I haven’t heard if they’d refined the papers. I hate not being able to fundraise for them.

  8. Such a sweet and caring post, from top to bottom. Thanks, Savvy.

    Love and licks,

  9. 2 pawz up on da snazzy award Savannah n all da hard werk ya n Mum n Dad doin fer all feelinez!!! Phankz fer postin fer us…me n Mum felt guud enuff to post a bloggie here butt it doez not hert if dere iz more den one 😉
    Lub ya all so much me iz purrin wif deelight….
    Yer Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. How awesome that those humans are helping out those poor kitties. I am purring lots of Nylablue… I feel so sad for her and her human.

  11. Congratulations on the award sweet Savannah. Big thank you and special hugs to your mom and dad for all they do to help kitties. All the cats in the pictures are adorable. We pray they all find loving homes very soon. Continued prayers for our sweet Nylablue. Hugs and nose kisses

  12. so many little kitties that need home. thanks for spreading the word savannah.

  13. Thanks fur the update on my kitty girlfurrined Nylabluewooowooooo! I have been so worried! Woo!

  14. You are a busy kitty Savvy…can’t wait to see your big announcement…Good to know Nylablue is still fighting hard…Have a terrific Thursday

  15. Savvy baybee!!! Thank wooos so much! We humbly accept and will paw it on soon:) How have woooos been?? Pops just got back from SanDiego- can woo believe it was 75 degrees there? Zeesh, way too hot for huskerboos!
    Thanks again Savannah, love an husky woooos,


    • aiieee!!! Dad should have hopped a short flight up to Oakland and we could have had lunch or something!! We have nice guest room and lovely guest bath…if Dad comes again, he can stay with us, we are not ax murderers pawromise LMFBO!! Thank woos for accepting my award.

  16. We are all purraying for sweet Nylablue.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  17. Concatulations and many thanks for nominating…. ahhmmm… Hell-mut. LOL! It’s his first award and I will borrow him my blog on weekend. btw: I thought my heart missed a beat as I read about Nylablue. I’m so glad it was just a mistake/error. I’m sure Sherri-Ellen and Dr. Dave will do the best for Nylablue.

  18. Those are some very deserving kitties Savannah! We may take off a bit of time to catch up with our pals too. We have a bottle baby that Dad has been working with. We almost lost him but Dad is a hooman RN so knew what to do.
    He needed constant care for 2 weeks but is now well on his way to… Well we dont know. Dad wants to adopt him but….
    We are not so sure
    Purrs those great cats get homes soon

  19. Katie Isabella on said:

    Concatulations, Savvy. I love to see awards to my furriness. And those babies you featured..especially the black one and the shy one..yes, I would love you, sweet babies. ALL of you.

  20. Well done you on your awards!

  21. mollieandalfie on said:

    Big CONCATS Savvy, we hope all those little darlings find their loving homes 🙂 xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  22. What a lot of cats, I hope they all find good homes soon! For a minute when you said that your mum and dad had gone to see them you were going to finish that sentence with and now I have 20 cats living with me! :0)

  23. Well there certainly IS a lot going on at your house Savvy…..what a lovely group of kitties looking for home – I wish them the best in finding the love that you and I are lucky enough to know.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. Oh R&R have been making great strides Savvy haven’ they,mingling with the others in their foster home! and wow what a great award 🙂 great dragon…lots of strength…so interesting things are going on in the bloggie world aren’t they…and those sweet babies..all adorable and I hope soon to be hoarders are such sad cases..Pickles was my rescue from a hoarder…broke my heart..she may never have grown to full size but her personality makes up for it and she knows hoe close she was to going to TRB she thanks me with love every day …have a great day sweet Savvy and hugs Fozziemum xx

  25. Such sweet little ones, purring that they find their forever homes.

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