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Thursday Purrsday…Such Excitement!



What A Week!

Oh Cat!  Such excitement in my castle this past 24 hours!! Mom Linda JUST learned that my nomination of my former rescue organization, Contra Costa Humane Society, (CCHSwas selected as one of the SIX recipients for this year’s Santa Paws Drive.

secret santa 2013

Mom and I both, well, ummmm…yeah…we sort’a assumed we wouldn’t make it ‘cuz my former shelter rescue is so small…BUT…they do GREAT things…with little….and the Santa Paws Elves reviewed the words I told Mom Linda to write, took a peek at the website…and they chose CCHS!!!…APAWS!!  APAWS!!

…and just look at the other FIVE rescues who were selected…CLICK HERE…they are such worthy rescues…I am honored to know my former rescue organization stands with these pawsome groups.

Purrlease join me in celebrating all the many things we can be purring about…hop on over to Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…it is open for a whole week!…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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31 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday…Such Excitement!

  1. Great news! 😀

  2. That’s great news! You must be very pleased.

  3. Yea! I don’t think I knew anyone whose shelter was actually selected. This is such a wonderful cause. We try to donate even though we’re on a budget.

  4. Cuzn Savvy knows how to smooze…*blush*..I taught her everything she knows…

  5. Oh my goodness, that is such wonderful news to your wonderful shelter!

  6. Savannah, that is so great that your shelter was selected! Congrats!!

  7. Oh wow *high paw* that is fabulous Savannah. WE know you are so proud to have that rescue chosen!!! Good work.

  8. That is very cool Savannah! Good job:)


  9. Oh, Savvy! That is SUCH great news!!! Santa Paws is a wonderful fundraiser…Dorian has done terrific things with it. We understand that your nomination had a lot to do with your shelter being selected. Way to go!!! and big congrats!
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  10. Yes APAWS APAWS! YAY for CCS! They deserve it so much and I agree, imagine without CCS I wouldn’t know you… and a world without you, that’s boring.

  11. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    conga ratz two yur shelter savvy…thiz iz way awesum veree grate mews !!!

  12. BRAVO fer Contra Costa Shelter!!! Ya n Miss Linda are pawsum to bemember where ya came frum!!! APAWZ APAWZ!!! Ya iz lookin so fine Savannah!!
    Much LUB frum yer Sisfur Nylablue xxxx

  13. WOW Savvy that is an honor to have your charity selected. I’m sure they gets lots of names entered too. Congratulations!

  14. You are looking pretty mellow in that shot!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  15. castlebreaker on said:

    Concats sweetie! That’s pawsome! And you’re looking very pretty today!


  16. Katie Isabella on said:

    Concatulations on that wonderful help for CCHS, Savannah! I love it when smaller organizations also are recipients of gifts like this.

  17. Congratulations, Savvy! You always did have a way with words. This time it really worked! You done good…..

    Love and licks,

  18. That truly is wonderful news Savvy…..has to be extra special for you since you know how important this win is for your former rescue organization – just think of all the great things they’ll get from this. YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  19. That is brilliant news – well done!!

  20. That’s wonderful news Savvy ..when small shelters do great things they should be rewarded we are so pleased for all concerned 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  21. That is SO awesome, Savannah! Congratulations to Contra Costa Humane Society for being one of the shelters chosen!

  22. Wowie Zowie, that’s really pawsome mews. And, you look gorgeous in the photo.

  23. HOORAY!! And what a lovely photo of you!

  24. the best news savvy. this was also our temporary home once upon a time. thanks for the nomination. more power to your mom and thanks for all her good works.

  25. Concatulations! You must be really excited!
    And that’s a sexy picture of you on this post 😉

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