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Monday Meowsie News…with a late request


Jumping in with all four paws

Jumping in with all four paws

Once again, thanks to my staff…*glares at Mom*…I am late, late, late.  I know there is little time left and this is my one and only opportunity to take a chance, and jump with all 4 paws into the running for a couple of the categories in the Blog Paws 2014 Nose to Nose Awards.

*Ahem…shuffling paws”…I have only been blogging for about 2 years so I am hoping you will take at look at some of my fave Blog Posts over this past year,  and fave Pet Blog Photos and consider nominating me for either or both of these categories: (click on the link and it takes you right to the Nomination Form)

There are 12 categories, and I hope you will consider nominating me for the following:

Best Blog Post
Best Pet Blog Photo

To nominate my blog for these categories, you will need the information below:

Blog’s Home Page Link:
Contact Name for Blog Owner: Linda Rodgers
Contact email for Blog Owner: lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net
Facebook Page of nominee:
Twitter account of nominee:

I have several fave blog posts to choose from for Best Blog Post, but if you have one you really liked better than the ones I have listed…PURRLEASE feel free to nominate it.  You must add the direct link to the blog post, so here are my few faves:

Now, for Best Pet Blog Photo, I have to make sure you have a link directly to the photo…so I hope I do this right…I am only choosing ones with little or no photo editing…once again…if you have a photo that sticks out in your mind when you think of my blog, purrlease feel free to nominate it.  Here are my  fave photos with their links:

Sage sees HRH

From a post on my Face Book page Ms Savvy Do:
Link to the FB Image:


From Must Have Words (

Savannah Look

From A Shout Out For Help blog post: photo link (

I know I am late in asking for some nominations…and truth be known…given how many other great animal blogs there are out there…you have lots and lots to chose from.  I hope you will think about choosing one of my Blog Posts or Blog Photos.

Thank you all for taking the time to think on this…I promise not to mention it again…ahem, but…the nominations close at 11:59 PM EST, Wednesday, February 12…so don’t let too much grass grow under your paws if you would like to help me toss my paws in the running.

I have so enjoyed writing so many of my blog posts and hope you have had a good time reading them.

Paw Pats, Savannah

Click on the badge to be transported to the Nose to Nose Nomination Page


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43 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…with a late request

  1. Oh, Savvy, I’m so sorry I missed this important date. I’ll be pulling for you in spirit though!!

    Mom has decided she can’t go. After Dad gets through with his cancer treatment, there’s all the followup and he needs cataract surgery ASAP. She’s really bummed…..

  2. Yow Savannah me had a l-o-n-g Vet bizit on Monday!!! Ferst da exam n sum tsk-tsk-tskin…followed by sum strokez n den da subQ fluidz….mmmm dat fet guud…den a Depmedrol steroid injeckshun followed wif Cerenia shot to reeduce inflammashun….a bit of a rest n lissen to SEAL, den had Pepcid injeckshun n furinally da oral Mirtazipine which me *spitted out* on da ferst attempt, MOL….
    So a bit of a meow wif Dr. Dave n den me “beehaved” on da seckond try to get Mirt into me!!!
    Waz dere over an hour 🙂
    Haz bin eatin guud since n all systemz workin guud.
    Me let Mum go wif Aunti Judith n Unckle Leon last nite fer suppa n me had a guud nap…
    Mum iz watchin me like a hawk……again….
    Mum sayz PHANKZ fer da ‘credit’…she needed dat fer shure!!! Got da totall gone n now dere iz a new one, MOL>>>>me gonna keep her on her toesiez too!
    Much Lub frum Nylablue =^,,^= N Mum 🙂

  3. mollieandalfie on said:

    We better get our Butt’s in gear and go nominate you , we are all behind Savvy xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Oh Savvy, we will definitely nominate wooo! Reading your bloggie is a bright spot in our day:)


    • awwwwww…RA…you just made my day. We are fearful that Mom’s long absence without visiting anyone in general has put us in the “rubbish bin” for some readers. This is a tough time for us…so much going on at home…ah well…what will be, will be…play bows for you and furramily and for Dad of course

  5. theswisscats on said:

    Nominated ! Good luck ! Purrs

  6. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    best fishes two ewe savvy & sage !!! we can shirley nominate ewe 🙂

  7. I think the judges will remember us late comers more. Glad you’re in it and will nominate.

  8. Yow fankz fer da tellyport badge so Mum can figure out where to go….
    Lub ya Savannah frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  9. we’ve nominated you,goog luck,xx Speedy and Rachel

    • You are the best furriend Speedy! I hope I can get back to some visits…but mom and Dad took on this project which makes them have to travel through May…but they will get some green papers to devote to animal rescue…WOO HOO!!!

  10. Very best of luck Savvy!

  11. Done, done, done…. Hmmm… and done and done and done! Hehehe… After all those nominations, I’ve got your mum’s e-mail memorized!!! Time to go take a nap. Or maybe get a snack?


  12. I just filled out the nomination form for you. Good luck. 🙂

  13. We’ll go and NOM NOM NOM – sorry did someone say Noms?

    Whoops, my mistake nom-in-ate!

    Fur sure we’ll go and nominate mew! 😀

    Good luck 🙂

  14. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    Off to the voting booths! Feel free to vote for us too

  15. Done done and done!!! Glad your parents are home and you are back to blogging! Hope you win something!!!!

  16. You of course have my nomination!!!
    Have a great day!
    ((husky hugz))
    Frum the pack at love is being owned by a husky

  17. I nominated you, hope you will win :o)

  18. Off to vote for you now!

  19. Golly,they didn’t make it easy to do did they?

  20. Good luck pal!!

  21. I’m not a BlogPaws member, so I cannot nominate you, but I sure hope you win! woo woo woo!

  22. Hi Savvy! It’s a pleasure to nominate your bloggy – you have a LOT to be proud of here!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  23. Of course we will numminate you dear Savvy

    Silver Kitten

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