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Thursday Purrsday


Yes, once again I am behind the ‘curve’…whatever that means in human speak.  Makes absolutely no sense to me…but then as you all surely must know by now…I AM A CAT…far superior to human thinking.

My interpretation is that “the staff” is lazy.  That’s about it…who will disagree with me??? (at risk!)

What is a "curve"??

What is a “curve”??

I had intended to offer my humongous appreciation to all my furriends who have passed several awards to me…yet the “MOM” staff has failed, yet again, to manage her time to make this happen.  Even though as you all know, I have already given her all the details, links, etc…..sigh…the humans are so necessary…but take so much effort to keep in training….just saying..

Let me at least offer you some magnificent photos of ME…as I now look “without” my upper right catnine tooth.  At least here at home, we all agree…it has changed the shape of my face…and…(blushing)…I now appear much more as my true soft self.

I have been working hard in my stem punk workshop…my pal Nissy and our beloved Dash’s staff have all been working hard on learning all that we can from our adventure into Zealandia in search of the long thought lost strain of Necata canipbis.  We will soon have much to tell you about.  Our pal Dash, while he may have crossed the path to The Bridge too soon…he did not leave us without his efforts to uncover what our adventure meant…just sayin’…

Paw Pats, Savannah


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35 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday

  1. tonkstail on said:

    *perk* STEAMPUNK??? Waaay cool. HEY! We just remembered, Sparkle gave us the BOX award. Mommy, do NOT forget this time. (wishful thinking)

  2. My mummy is terrible too, humans sure are unreliable especially when it comes to awards!

  3. Mags Corner on said:

    Oh, sweet Savannah we love the pictures of you totally enjoying yourself in that sun puddle. Don’t lose hope maybe your staff hasn’t gotten rested up from being away for all that time. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Oh Savannah,you look so beautiful with out that tooth,just when I think you couldn’t be more Beautiful you blow me away,and Mums mess up sometimes they can’t help it they are after all only human,xx Speedy

  5. Savannah, total change of topic: I’ve been following your flag counter, and someone from GREENLAND visited your site on Feb 20 — that’s so cool. (Heh heh.) Your friend Dinah RWB (reader without blog.)

  6. Hi Savannah you upcoming adventure sounds pawsome. Can’t wait to read more about it. ~Scylla & Family

    PS: I really hopes you learn to trust your sister soon. She sounds like a good egg (another silly human saying).

  7. Lookin so fine Savannah!!! We hope you have totally recovered from your dental surgery & that you can get your 8staff* under control soon!!! LOL.
    We love you!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylabluexoxxo
    P.S.: You do have a softer look to you now…no more pain or discomfort….and now you can be your ‘pawsum’Savannah self!!!!!

  8. OMC! That first pic is gorgeous! TW gave up on my awards. She’s always complaining she has nothing to write about when I have a hunnert awards to blog about. She’s useless (when she isn’t opening food). Guess I can’t call you “Snaggle Tooth” anymore. Not that I did.

  9. The OP Pack on said:

    Who needs that tooth anyway, Savannah? You are still just simply beautiful!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oh Savvy humans have thumbs and still can’t do much! how beautiful you look ..perhaps it’s just because the ouchie has gone and your true self can be happy 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  11. theswisscats on said:

    You’re beautiful, no matter of your tooth. Human staff are sometimes useless… Purrs

  12. * hides spanner * Workshop who’s in Dash’s workshop………. ????

    Silver Kitten

  13. Tooth or no tooth, you still are a gorgeous kitty–and that’s from a D..O..G!

    PS: Mom gave up on keeping track of awards a long time ago, so don’t despair. You’re in good company. 🙂

  14. We as your elected Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth serving all anipals except snakies has Secretary of Writings, Speeches & Movies. And she damn lazy. XXXX

  15. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    S & S…slugs got mor ener geez than de food serviss gurl round heer…N thatz de trooth !!


  16. Savvy, our human is useless when it comes to Awards. We love getting them…but she is a total failure at helping us post about them. We’ve given up on her. We’re glad you’re feeling better without your toof.

  17. Oh Savvy, your staff needs a good kick in the butt! I don’t know what your staff is talking about your face looking different now…to me, you still look as boooo-tiful as ever.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  18. You look cute Savannah!

  19. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    I know what you mean about lazy staff. They are replaceable

  20. Ah thats ok, we humans fall behind things sometimes! We are people you know!!!
    Have a pawsome day!
    ((husky hugz))
    frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

  21. Savvy, we agree totally with you. Ass. Bavarescats!

  22. I agree with you for the humans. We should start a rally to get a “comPETer” that we can write our posts with our own paws :o) Have a super thursday!

  23. Hi Savanah, looking beautiful as ever in your piccies. Hear it’s fashionable for kittehs to be missing a fang – according to my kittehs. Thanks for supporting Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop and hope to see you this week too. :=o)

  24. The tooth change has only made you look better and better.

    Love and licks,

  25. Humans, can’t live with em, can’t open the treat bag without them!! Am i right??!

  26. Savannah, I have to say, my human is even worse than yours when it comes to keeping tracks of the awards I get.

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