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Thursday Purrsday


Most of my purrs this week are focused on bringing Dad Peter home from his month of being away from me, well, and Mom of course…*whips head around* “What Mom?”…ok, ok…being away from The Kid Sage too…”Satisfied Mom?”

I am also purring from some forgiveness… you see today over at The Tabby Cat Club, Gracie hosted an event…it was all about stepping forward with a ‘confession’ about something you have been wanting to get off your chest…you know…something that maybe a peep might call ‘poor behavior’.  So I refused wanted to participate but I am such a good ladycat…I just ‘no can do’.

Then I was rudely reminded about that scab on The Kid Sage’s nose Mom found yesterday…so ok…I finally agreed to participate…you had to show a photo of yourself with your written confession…

confession post

Now I ask all of you…was this really necessary?  What’s a little smacky paw to keep The Kid in line…na’ mean??

So on to other things…like today being Dad’s last day to be away from me…errrrr…’us’

I find that I have been trying to just nap my way through these last 3 days of no Dad.



deep breffs...

deep breffs…

The Kid Sage has been pouting and moping in our tower or in bed with Mom in the mornings…when I am downstairs BTW…

Will he ever return...*sniffle*

Will he ever return…*sniffle*

How long now...?

How long now…?



We do have some progress we are excited to share with Dad…check out The Kid and I yesterday afternoon, into the evening…

As long as she stays over there...

As long as she stays over there…

...for a really long, long time...

…for a really long, long time…

We have been spending more time, under Mom’s watchful eyes, together in the living room.  Last night we even had dinner served at opposite ends…not much…but a little progress is better than none.

We are fortunate to have a family who loves us tons so we are ever so thankful and wish that for every homeless adult cat and woofie…so we are purring even louder for them.

Please visit my pal Pepi Smart Dog for his Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…click on the badge to be transported to his hop…


Paw pats, Savannah

peeEss…this is a special photo addition for Dad because I know he not only misses me…but he really misses Kid Sage…she is pretty silly…and yes, cute…and Dad ALWAYS reads my bloggy EVERY SINGLE POST!!! He is very proud of my being a literary adult rescue cat…this one is for you Dad…*mwwaaaaaa*…that’s a smoochie from me, your Princess Nana


I miss my Dad

I miss my Dad

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29 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday

  1. Yow savannah ya haz made amazin purrogress wif gettin on wif da Kid Sage!! Me n Mum are happy n amazed n more happy!!!
    Ya iz doin amazing n furrabuluss…
    Yer confesshun iz guud; now ya can bee free of guilt *sniggerz* MOL>>>>>>>
    Dad will bee home soon. Guud greef he iz gonna bee buzy runnin frum her room to Sage’z room n back n forth….
    Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum ❤ ❤

  2. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Good job. We are working on our stuff too.
    Lily & Edward

  3. Glad to see you and TKS are making progress.

  4. Awww Savvy so very sorry your daddy has been gone for a bajillion years. We are all hoping the next few days go fast for you, your mom and Sage. You guys look so sad…..
    Head bumps and Whisker kisses
    Marty and the gang

  5. Aw, I love that pic of TKS on the cat tree! I’d DIE if my Pop ever left me for more than 10 hours. It’s like torture when he goes to work.

  6. That’s great progress with you and Sage, Savvy! We’re proud of you!

  7. We are so proud of you two! Things are slowly getting there and we have no doubt with lots and LOTS of patience it will all work out! Glad your Dad is back(and I know he is too)!

  8. Is he home yet? IS HE HOME YET?

    If only peeps could teleport, they’d be able to travel a whole lost faster.


    • so true Nissy. He gets home around 8PM which is 2 whole hours earlier than usual when he comes home Thurs. nights the month of March. He is done with the work in So Calif thank Ceiling Cat! Now he and Mom will spend hours and days at the keyboard inputting over 100 interviewees responses to their questions. Anyway, we are getting excited for sure!

  9. Dad Peter on said:

    See ya soon Mom, Savanh and Sage. I miss all my girls MOL! Dad

  10. Thank you for leaving comforting words for Mako’s family. It helps more than you know.

  11. S & S…WAY happee ya both iz doin better at bein better 🙂 N if ya go two de stor, come home with 87,033 cases of flounder, N start seerin em over a few hot coals rite now…by de time de fish iz done, dad will bee home N lunch will bee reddy !!

  12. What a kovely post * smiles *

  13. Any progress, however little, is going in the right direction Miss Savvy 😉

  14. Craig has been away since Sunday afternoon on a course and back tomorrow and Henry has really missed him. Oscar and Henry are definitely my cats LOL 🙂 xx

  15. mbavaresco on said:

    Sounds like a love?

  16. I think you’re starting to like Sage a tiny bit, ha ha!

  17. Well I am glad dad is coming home soon! And it is nice to hear you are making at least a tiny bit of progress together! Thats great news!
    Cute confession BTW! I am sure there will be a couple scratches and lumps before you two are done haha!!!!
    Oh and P.S for your mom I have started working on that husky/kitty blog post we talked about in email! It is going to be a great post! hehehe!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. You were in the same room…all that time?!
    That’s really good,especially as you didn’t WHAP Suckup Sage (again)!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  19. Nice work sitting in the same room as The Kid. A little smackie now and then will keep it clear who was there first. You gotta do what you gotta do, S. I’m in your corner.

    Love and licks and come home soon, Dad,

  20. Oh Savvy I know it’s just not the same when someone we love isn’t there for us all the time! Hopefully your Dad will get a great big smile when he sees that special photo for him – it will no doubt make him come home ASAP! Happy you and Kid Sage are at least in the same ROOM together but promise me no more smacky paws on her nose (at least until it heals…hee hee).

    Hugs, Sammy

  21. Not long now!!

  22. mollieandalfie on said:

    Yikes Savvy Doll we didn’t realize Daddy had been away for 87000 years. Glad he will be home tomorrow 🙂 xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  23. You made a “CATtoo” on Sages nose? Girls… :o) It’s great that your dad will be back tomorrow, I bet you will have a fabulous weekend together :o)

  24. theswisscats on said:

    A scratched nose is not so bad Savannah… once or twice, not more ! It took us more than one whole year to learn to live together (we’re not BFF, don’t dream !). Purrs

  25. To make it clear to all cat staff everywhere: Scratches on the nose are just a friendly reminder amongst cats … to respect each other’s private sphere! Cats communicate a little bit rougher with each other than humans do. Much more … honest.
    Ever seen a mommie cat dealing with her kittens? That is love – and rough love!

    A scratch is no big deal at all! If ears are torn off or eyes scratched out now that is something different. But a scratch on the nose will make Sage a little bit more careful. It is normal cat behaviour.
    Of course, this is not meant, Savvy, to encourage you! Good that the two of you are still learning to live with each other.

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