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How Many Times in 30 Days…???

…do my Woofie, Cat, Piggie, Bunny, etc Pals…change their favorite napping spots?


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So come on pals, tell ALL!!

I know The Kid Sage, aka TKS, and I are not the only ones who enjoy keeping our humans on their toes…so to speak.

TKS and I have been changing up the game lately and we are keeping Dad P and Mom L busy, busy, busy trying to find where we are sleeping.

Now this is a game many of our woofie pals find hard to play unless they are smallish…at least I suspect this is true.  I cannot wait to learn if my little assumption is accurate!  So come on my woofie pals…tell us if your humans can find your new nap spots!

So first, because this is, after all, “Savannah’s” (that would be moi) Paw Tracks…check out what I have been up to:

Reclaiming the guest bedroom from TKS

Reclaiming the guest bedroom from TKS

And then I took over the cat tower I always liked best, but it was in the guest bedroom.

Ahhh...much nicer view from here

Ahhh…much nicer view from here

Lastly, I have left the chair in my master bedroom to once again lay claim on ‘my’ master bed.

Mine, always and forever

Mine, always and forever

TKS has been doing some relatively acceptable and somewhat impressive new nap maneuvers as well. She stunned Dad P when he walked into his office upstairs and found, for once in two years, a CAT!!! A cat lying on the soft, warm cushion he bought for ME two Christmases ago.  TKS discovered she can not only nap, but bird watch in between multiple naps!  Clever girl!

How did I ever miss this incredible spot!

How did I ever miss this incredible spot!

Now I cannot make this next trick TKS used work very well for me.  But then, I am not a panther cat.  Mom L and Dad P walked in and out of the garage, through Mom L’s office space…several times. Finally, one asked the other–“Have you seen Sage?”.  To which, they both shook their heads in the negative.

Unfortunately, TKS needed a yawn about that time. (hover to view captions)

She found a pile of nice, warm, fresh out of the dryer clean clothes to make a nice nap mat.  And even better, the top clothes were dark, the chair Mom L tossed them onto is black leather…and there you have it.  A perfect panther hideaway!

One slight paw of contention is that both TKS and I believe the master bed belongs to us, personally.  As you can see, she beat me to the master bed on this particular day. There is a very nice sun puddle that occurs during this time of year; right up against the pillows–shear heaven.

IMG_0851 ed

This sun puddle has my name on it


Let’s hear from all of you…how many times do you REALLY swap around your personal nap spots within ONLY 30 DAY???  All the changes you see in this blog post occurred over just one month. And as many of you know who follow me, I have stayed in my comfy floor level bed in my living room for, well, actually…for almost the whole Summer!

My comfy corner spot near the slider in the living room

My comfy corner spot near the slider in the living room

Why would I change from that spot right now?  And mostly to the upper level of our town home???

Paw Pats, Savannah ONLY have until midnight, tonight, Wednesday, November 19 to leave a comment HERE to be entered in my Fix Our Ferals sweatshirt give away!!  Winner will be announced on Friday, November 21!

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52 thoughts on “How Many Times in 30 Days…???

  1. I change my sleeping spot alot but it’s rare that I’m able to hide. Plus I don’t like to be too far away in case there’s food about – wouldn’t want to miss anything edible!

  2. My bipeds can always find me! But sometimes they search for the cats. They both have favourite spots to sleep, but that changes then they act as though they’ve never slept in the previous favourite spot.

  3. tonkstail on said:

    well right now we’re changing based on the outside temperature – as in 40 degree swings. BRRRRRRRRR. And we were arrested by the photo showing GREEN outside. *sigh* EVER so jealous….

  4. Mom put the Puffs new cuddly bed on the chair in the living room and that is where you can find Me or Ralphie most days now. Ralphie also likes the cat tree in the dining room for the sunshine now. The Puffs have moved from Mom’s bed to the couch now too. Mazie still loves her big cuddle bed and Mom just bought her a new one so she is pretty happy!

  5. I like to ring the changes with the napping places, Savvy. It keeps the peeps on their toes!! I like to surprise them MOL For one moment I thought TKS was TICKS!!! MOL I was getting all hot under my furs!! xoxox

  6. I found myself a box , for the first time of my life I’m sleeping now in the cupboard in a box. I haven’t been doing boxes ever before 🙂 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

  7. We don’t do much changin’ here. ‘Cept wiff da seasons. When it’s cold weez wanna be on da bed and in da chair and on mommy. when it’s hot weez wanna be in da floor or on a high shelf and mommy’s lap. udder than dat, weez purretty much stay in da same spots.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  8. Napping in the sun, doesn’t get any better than that.

  9. Being as this condo is tiny, there aren’t too many places to hide and sleep but I’ve found them all. Many times TW is calling me cos she can’t find me. I even go in my new PTU since she took the blankie out. BTW, is that a gray Purr Pad. I won’t lay on those. Those are all great photos of both you guys.

    • why yes, it is a sort’a purr pad and I would not use them either when Dad first gifted them to me special two years ago. But, now that I have on on the guest bed, I kind’a like it and it keeps me warm for my afternoon naps. *blushes* for the compliments on our photos. Mom L is trying to learn, but she is still pretty lame at photo edits not to mention just taking the photos themselves!

  10. We change our napping spots all the time, Savvy. And it depends on the weather, too. We have different napping spots than we do in the winter. Right now, we’re using our winter spots.

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We change our nap spots in winter ; we come closer to the heaters (Zorro even sleeps on it !) ! Purrs

  12. Well, we sure move around lots for those special naps too!

  13. Nap spot game! We play this and it’s FUN! You have great spots, especially the panther spot and the window bed. Purrs…

  14. That’s a lot of nap-spot-swapping, Savvy. I am tiny, as dogs go, but too big to hide well. Also when Mom says the word, “Where are you?” I come running, in case of treats. I mostly nap on the couch, the big chair, the floor, the middle of the street, and my doggie-bed.

    Love and licks,

  15. S & S……we haz never meeted a nap spot we dinna like… N dai$y iz noe torry uz for nappin & HIDIN at de same time……therz times when noe one can find her…knot even her herself ♥♥♥♥

  16. Since I am separated from the stinky boys right now, I nap wherever the heck I want in the bedroom/bathroom suite. Usually that means on the big bed, in the closet or anywhere I can find something soft and warm to lay on. ~~Emily

    My favorite spot to nap is anywhere near Meowm, which usually ends up being on the desk right in front of the computer screen. I also get to bask in the heat of the computer that way. Otherwise I am on the nifty air mattress in front of the fire, or on one of the top spots on the cat tree. ~~Orion

    I am usually napping on the air mattress, under the covers! I like to hide. When Meowm is home and I feel safe I sleep on one of the top spots on the cat tree or on the chair right behind Meowms back! ~~Sammy

  17. Kitty Cat Chronicles on said:

    You two sure do have a lot of great napping spots! We keep our parents on their toes too.. and there are 5 of us! Lately Sassy has been sleeping in Daddy’s closet on top of his clothes on the floor – she blends right in, and Mommy couldn’t find her the other day! MOL! The rest of us go between sleeping in the cat beds, on the back of the couch, INSIDE the couch, or upstairs on Mom and Dad’s bed.

  18. HHMMM let me seez BFF…me sleepz on me tote bed under da bedroom window or in me pedestal bed beside da window or on Mum’z bed or in da pantree or in me Conco in livin room or in da circiler cupberd or da food hole cupberd or da cupberd over da fridge or on tippy top of da kitchen cupberdz…hmmmm dere seemz to be a theme here, MOL!
    Oh n den me sleepz besside Mum on da fuuton n also on da armless chair aka Me Throne,,,,n me also likez a quiet nap in da hallway too….Me keepz Mum on her toesiez! 😉
    Yer lookin so fine Savannah n me iz glad ya haz reeclaimed yer ritefull spotz dere. Sage yer a clever Penfur gurl 😉 Blendin in waz purrfect!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue Sweet Feet ❤

  19. BOL!! I sometimes have to hunt for the kitties napping spot here too! Some of the places they find and think is comfy is a little strange! Such kids toy box! BOL!
    The huskies on the other hand are always attached to my hip! So I always know where they are!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. hannahandlucy on said:

    We are always changing our sleeping places in the winter as it mostly has to be by a radiator and preferably in the sun too. In the summer we nap anywhere that is in a comfy spot either inside or outside.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. I like to hide under peoples desk, then I look disgruntled when they stretch out their legs and touch me. So I sneak off, but they don’t realise and sit trying to avoid me when I am not there – brilliant game!!

    • Hey Basil, I cannot get to your ‘blog’ anymore. All I can do is end up on the company website??? Can you send me or Mom L your blog post link so we can try to do a ‘follow by email’ again?? So miss you! BTW Mom L and Dad P will be in Birmingham England probably around june 21-25, 2015…are you close by train???

  22. I must laugh as I saw your paws in the last picture. I think we need a scientific explanation why cats love the fresh towels directly from the dryer while dogs like to sleep between dirty socks…

    • Hey buddy, how is your Dad? We are very worried about him. AND of course worried about you and your dew claw injury. Dad P follows your bloggy too so we always know what is going on even if I can’t visit ‘cuz mom L is too lazy

  23. Well I don’t have to share MY nap spots with anyone so I can nap wherever and whenever I please! I’d say though that you and Sage have managed to switch around and find the right spot at the right time to keep from having any DISPUTES over any of the prime locations….that’s called compromise!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Hey Sam my man! I don’t actually have to share with TKS anymore either, which was the whole intent of today’s blog post. We are learning to live together in comfort, without fear…and maybe, just maybe…once in a while trying to play…I do not know how to play with another cat so this is a great big learning curve for me…but I am trying

  24. Our napping spots vary from wherever it’s comfy to downright strange and random spots on top of boxes! Hehehe


  25. We kitties change up our napping spots several times a day! And we are totally unpredictable – my human never knows who is going to be where.

    • well, I have not changed my nap spot, for daytime napping, for months. So the fact that I have begun to change where I am at any given time of the day is very unique for ‘me’. My recovery progress continues and this is just another step

  26. Our woofies change up their nap spots and it can take the peeps a while to find them. But they’re not much bigger than kitties.

  27. My FunTom lay under the bed during day time like forever – and when I bought a new cat-bed, kind of half-cave, he ignore that, in 2010. When my Kessy joined us in March 2011 she took a while but after some months, when I covered that half-cave with a small blanket, she occupied it, sometimes it is hard to make out if she is in or not. Then, one day last month, I came home an looked for my FunTom. Not under the bed, not up on it, not on the blankets-to-wash, my female spread under the heating … and then I looked at the cat-cave .. and there his big male head looked quite smugly at me …

  28. kittiesblue on said:

    The humans’ first cat, Skooter, was like clockwork. Every two weeks he changed his spot. Lately Astrid has moved from the Cat Tree to the the PTU on the dining room table. And since it has gotten cold, Lisbeth has returned from the laundry room to her favorite pillow on the humans’ bed, and again because of the cold, Giulietta and Fiona have abandoned the rug in the hall for the bench in the bathroom. And both Mauricio and Lisbeth have been found in the dough bowl in the kitchen…a place neither of them have ever napped. Think how fun it is for eight of us to keep the humans guessing. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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