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Paw Painting with a Schmousie


As my long time readers know, I have posted my “Savannah’s Art” before. Unfortunately, Mom L deleted those photos and so I cannot send you to that blog post. But, thankfully, I, Savannah the Brainiac Cat can at least share the final paintings with you.

My 2013 Collection

My 2013 Collection


My earlier work in 2013

My earlier work in 2013

Mom L was, unfortunately, not satisfied with my earlier works and so decided to give TKS an opportunity to see what she could do. The canvas is an iPad and the game is an iTunes App. So let me hear in comments how well you think TKS did with her first attempt at extemporaneous early art form.

I see you little schmousie

I see you little schmousie

And I know I need to test your ability to escape my Paw Power of Color (PPC).

*tap, tap, tap*

*tap, tap, tap*

Awww, now I know how to make you paint for me.

Gotcha!! *sqquuueeek*

Gotcha!! *sqquuueeek*


And now I wait—

You will be mine schmousie

You will be mine schmousie

Again, GOTCHA!!

You will leave a red splash on my painting

You will leave a red splash on my painting

See, I told you TKS is a masterful hunter of the colorful schmousie—

Come on schmousie, come back to my Paw Color Power

Come on schmousie, come back to my Paw Color Power

TKS , you have to give it to her, she has patience.

*whap* Gotcha!!

*whap* Gotcha!!

There you go, TKS is on it—she is gonna make the best ever Power of the Paw painting.



And there you have it, TKS has introduced her first ever Power of the Paw painting, Schmousie Hunting edition Number One. You will have to get your order in early to be able to grab even a signed print of this exquisite work.



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28 thoughts on “Paw Painting with a Schmousie

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  2. tonkstail on said:

    Dare we say it? …..a MOUSE-terpiece!

  3. PAWSUM Sage gurl!!! Yur Power Point Paw iss magick cal fur sure!!!
    An Nana mee luvss yur paw art all so. Yur both such tallented fee-liness!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~

  4. HAH! I knew she’d do well. I’m sure the red is the shmousy’s blood when TKS whapped it.

  5. pilch92 on said:

    I think you are both very talented.

  6. Lovely work! You’re quite the artist!😺

  7. Wow, Sage is quite the Picatso, isn’t she? We have that app too. You need to try the Cat Selfie app and see how Sage does with that.

  8. You both are great artists.

  9. S & S…we think thiz iz awesum N it shuld be shown in de Louvre ~ way total lee kewl !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  10. Will you be having a show at any galleries ’round here, soon? Hope so! Really think you should.


  11. Both of you are very talented! Who knew you were both such artists?

  12. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Very talented . Look out Picasso
    Lily & Edward

  13. Mighty fine art there. What I would like to know, what is truly foremost in my mind is, does it come in pink? And if I order two, do I get that delightful yummy mouse thrown in? purrs from your currently windswept & soggy pal, ERin

  14. The Swiss Cats on said:

    How cool ! Great painting ! Angel Loupi loved to do it, but since we changed the iPad and since Dad stole it for himself and Mum got a laptop, all the cat games have been erased ! Purrs

  15. Well done both of you. Savvy you employ the minimalist technique and we love yours too.

    Emma and Buster

  16. The OP Pack on said:

    Well, we are going to be very nice and say we think you both have great artistic talent:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  17. Great work of art! 😉

  18. I love it! An artist in the making…!

  19. Not bad for the first try…. You have lots to learn from your big sister.

    Love and licks,

  20. Well done TKS! Very artfully paid out on your “canvas” – I think it’s a work of art if ever I saw one!

    Hugs, Sammy

  21. what an art piece… it’s the grinch delivering easter eggs, right? impressing, that’s real cat art :o)

  22. hannahandlucy on said:

    We don’t seem to be very artistic !
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  23. Both of you do way better than any of us! We just aren’t into the iPad art thing – or any sort of iPad cat game!

  24. OH We love this post, as an artist Mum is amazed at TKS skill.

  25. billie on said:

    Looks great, TKS! Nice colors. My grandchildren painted today. They selected purple and yellow colors to paint with. It looks a lot like yours, except theirs has more drips.

  26. If you turn it 90 degrees anticlockwise I see a green kitty on a red pillow hunting red dots!

  27. Dinah on said:

    If you look at the 6th screen vertically, it looks a bit like an artist with a green smock, glasses, and beret, holding a red & green palette! Maybe TKS could sell it as a Rorschach test! Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

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