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Our Fosters and Colony Update


I decided as I have introduced you to our foster kittens as well as the twenty-seven member cat colony Mom L and Dad P help feed and care for, that it is time for a little update on both.

But first let me just tell you an embarrassing secret I have. Shhhhhh—don’t tell your humans—especially if they are active in cat rescue like Mom L, but—I so want these foster kittens to be GONE!!

THERE!!! I said it!!! I am starting to take out my stress and frustration over not being allowed in Mom L’s office on The Kid Sage. So not her fault. But she is the only cat I can ready and give a smacky paw to when I am frustrated.

Sorry TKS that I whapped you kind’a hard this morning

Mom L had to break me off of TKS so’s she could find cover. I really am starting to have a tough time having these kids here much longer. That said, I know they need help and we are all still doing our best to give them that help.

Here is a nice photo of several of the twenty seven community cats who call River View Park home. This colony increased tons when our California housing market crashed between 2008-2012. Humans drove by the park and dumped their cats when they didn’t want to take them to a new home once the humans had to give their homes back to the big banks. I know that lots of folks like to tell the tail tale that our “economy” is all recovered—but I want them to come explain that to all these cats that were abandoned by humans during that time.

Chow time!!

See that orange dude in front? That’s Garfield who is at least twelve to fourteen years old. He has lived in this colony since before 2006. He is losing weight and gets extra wet food every day. Mom L took him to Community Concern 4 Cats Clinic a couple of months ago and found his blood work was OK but his toofies are really bad. We are hoping to raise $400 USD to  cover his upcoming dental cleaning.

Meet Opal. Timid, scared of most of the cats in the colony

Opal is a diluted tortie who is so afraid for upsetting any other cat that she only comes to eat as the others move away. As you can see, her winter coat is already on and every so stylish!!

As for our foster kittens, let me give you a bit of information about Katie, who is about ten months old. She is pretty healthy, but we just learned she has juvenile gingivitis which can lead to stomatitis which would mean she might lose all her teeth in the next year or two. She also has a limp that appears to be a birth defect or some injury that occurred at the cat hoarder home where Mom L found her at about five months old. Remember, Katie had been lactating and had kittens by that age. None survived.

You can see her limp in this short video.

Katie is such a sweet love bug. Timid and needs time to trust but once she does, she just has the best purr motor ever!!

And guess what?? Spitty and his human gifted our foster kittens with a toy!! Spitty told his human to just pass this toy along to younger kitties and boy are Katie and Lilly happy his human did!

Whapping three layers of balls!!

Katie and Lilly will start going to an adoption event this coming weekend, please send your best more pawerful POTP to them that they find their forever home together. They have become very bonded.

Here is Lilly helping Mom L get this blog post done.

Are we done now? Can I eat?

Hope you enjoyed my update news.


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16 thoughts on “Our Fosters and Colony Update

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Bless you all for the ways you are helping the fosters and the community cats. It’s appalling that people would just discard their kitties like that. 😦

  2. Paws up to your pawrents for helping those kitties in need ! Best wishes for the fosters, we hope the find a forever home soon ! Purrs

  3. It is so disheartening that so many discard pets like old clothes. We send love and support for all you do. Thank You
    Timmy, Dad and Family

  4. Best wishes for the fosters to move along. TW is working to find one special cat a forever home.

  5. You are allowed a little bit of bad manners now and then, nobody can be on his best behaviour 24/7/365!

  6. Fun and touching update, S. Sounds like all of you are doing your very best to do the very best for everybody. And once you do your best, there’s nothing else to do. Just watch your back, TKS.

    Love and licks,

  7. The Island Cats on said:

    Paws up to your humans for helping all these cats. Savvy, we understand what you are going through. It’s hard enough having to share with TKS let alone these foster kittens. But you’re right…they need help and hopefully they will find wonderful homes.

  8. catladymac on said:

    Hi Savvy ! I hope there is a happy furever home in the kittens’ future so you and TKS can get your normal back. Bless your Mom & Dad & all the people helping the colony cats !

  9. They are all so lucky to have you in their corner, y’all are terrific!

  10. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is so sad that these cats were just dumped. I hope Garfield can get his teeth done and maybe find a forever home.

  11. Hi Ms Savvy. I do get grouchy every now and then, too, but in the end things do work out for the best. Them kittens really do need your and your staff’s help and very soon they will have moved to pastures new, so all will be well again and your office back to normal 😉
    Toodle pips and purrs

  12. chrisscatmeow on said:

    I agree with everyone above about dumping cats so upsetting for us and especially the cats they don’t deserve that. Bless your mom and dad for all they do and I will pray you have your home back soon and all the kitties find their forever homes. Bless you all. x😻💜🐾🐾🐾

  13. I’m sorry the fosters are stressing you out, Savvy, but it sounds like they really, really need help, and the colony too. It would all make my human sad if she didn’t know your humans are working so hard to help.

  14. Savvy, We also hope your House Guests will find their fur-ever homes soon, for their sake as much as for yours.
    As for the abandoned kitties – We can’t understand how people could do this to Family Members. Why! We have seen homeless people on the streets who hang on to their Companion Animals (usually woofies) and if they receive handouts, they will take care of their anipals furrst and only afterwards, get food for themselves.

  15. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    Can I start by saying ‘I’m with Easy on the dumping one’ GRRR Easy’s eloquent words touched my heart.

    I know you must be finding it tough Miss Savvy but bear with them. Their start in life was one I would wish on no cat.

    Bless your Mum and Dad.

    Silver Kitten

  16. I wish that all this humans who dumped their pets like garbage have to pay once for all what they did to animals… a special hug to Opal who is such a sensitive and thoughtful girl…that is touching to see how this cats go along together, although everybuddy has a different story and will carry maybe fears and grief from the past… try that with humans they would start to argue and to fight immediately… sigh…

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