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Are you a dare devil?


Well if you aren’t a dare devil, then The Kid Sage has you covered with her escapades. I’ll let her tell you this tail tale in her own words ‘cuz thank Ceiling Cat I wasn’t there to experience Mom L’s shrieks!! MOL!!!

“Ahem…coff, coff…Hi guys! TKS here. Thanks for joining our bloggy Savannah’s bloggy today. She asked me to show off illustrate my craziness that caused Mom L to babble for several minutes with incoherent sounds.

So it started like any other night. I was lounging in Alfie’s bed on the bench that sits on our staircase landing. This is the bed Alfie’s Mom Stella made for him right before he started his journey to The Bridge. We are honored that his Mom Miss Stella let our Mom L have it.

Moving on…I decided that I had never explored the staircase railing and today seemed like a good time.

Hmmm…I think this is gonna be fun!

Like any other tight rope walker, I considered my surroundings, the degree of danger aka “risk to life and limb”, and decided to go forward. That brought out Mom L’s first gasp.

Whoa! This is pretty cool! All four paws fit on this little walkway

Now Mom L is calling for Dad P and also grabbing for her phone camera. I figured that meant I was good to go with my new exploration.

I wonder if I can just slip down this to the bottom??

Yeah, well my exploration didn’t bring out the best in Mom L, what can I say.

Okay, Okay…I’m down and safe. Let me rest my tail navigator

So I gave up and hopped down onto the landing. I had to give my tail a little rest after it’s help in keeping me balanced on that narrow rail.

Let us know in comments what makes your humans emit alien screeches when you try out a new activity.”


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13 thoughts on “Are you a dare devil?

  1. That is really a great high rail act TKS well done. Our favorite is to go from the bathroom vanity to the high window and balance on the 3″ sill. The first time Dad saw it was great now he is used to us. Well me, Miss Fitz and rarely Einstein. We are daredevils. Purrs friends

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Dang, TKS. That would scare our peeps, too!

  3. Pushing the envelope is what it’s all about TKS, than and getting the human staff to make fun but strange sounds, MOL
    Keep UP the great work 😉

  4. Good heavens! I’d have fainted!!

  5. Hmmm, I have tried to climb the room divider when I was a young-un, but now I am more staid and steady…of course being almost 15 has a lot to do with it, MOL!

    Hope you have paws like the feet of spiderman, so you can stick to things when you try those human scaring antics!

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    You are a daredevil. Don’t scare your folks like that.

  7. Yikes! The weird noises from the peeps happen here to because Brother Simon does the same thing!

  8. The Island Cats on said:

    TKS, you’re lucky you didn’t give your humans heart attacks!

  9. Oh my stars! Now that’s a daredevil trick!

  10. YIKES! You are an acrobat, TKS. I would never try anything that daring. My belly might pull me down over the side! When I walk too close to the lake, Mom says if I fall in, I’m on my own. So far, so good.

    Love and licks,

  11. Carole Schulman on said:

    OH MY GOSH! Mom would need her heart surgery again!

  12. I sometimes venture onto the shower glass and tile – that always makes my human say things I don’t usually hear, like “No!” and “Down!”

  13. wow you are a balance artist… we dogs would probably land on the floor in zilch ;O)

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