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Ambassador Katie at work


I am not sure if I have ever told you all what an ambassador our Katie is whenever we have a kitty guest in Mom L’s office. Katie is always the kitty to sleep on  the bedding Mom L leaves at her closed office door. Katie sends her pawsitive soothing energy to the kitty guest to help them adjust to our household noises and whatnot.

We have a new kitty guest, Gigi. She is in a six cat colony at a city equipment lot where there are lots of park equipment, trucks and such. Mom L and Dad P noticed she went missing a couple weeks ago and they found her at the area where they have our Delta View Cats food pantry. Anyways, they could tell that Gigi was injured. The photo is not great but you can see her furs are a mess on her neck.

Anyways, Gigi’s story will come to you later. The heart warming story I am sharing today is about Ambassador Katie. Gigi is living in a comfy cage in Mom L’s office. Recovering from her abscess treatment 10 days ago. So to help her on her journey to socialization and healing, I suggested they open Mom L’s door and let us kitties come visit. Of course TKS and KK were front and center!!

Katie shushed TKS when Sage started her low growl. Katie was totally focused on making Gigi feel welcome and safe. 

Mom L? Tell TKS to leave please. I need to comfort Gigi.

Gigi knew quickly that Katie was no threat. Gigi even showed Katie her tummy!! (hover cursor over photo to view comments)

After only three days in my castle, Gigi is starting to think she just might show off a teeny bit of her REAL SELF!

Unfortunately, Mom L discovered that one of  precious Gigi’s abscesses is back. She will have to go to emergency tomorrow. Purrs and POTP for our sweet kitty house guest Gigi.


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19 thoughts on “Ambassador Katie at work

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  2. Oh Dear! We do hope they can get a handle on Gigi’s abscesses. We send loads of healing purrayers. Katie is awesome.

  3. Edith Chase on said:

    Sending POTP

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    Katie is such a wonderful ambasssador. That is so sweet! We’re purring and praying that Gigi will be okay.

  5. Katie is so sweet! Wishing Gigi well with her treatment!

  6. Katie is the purrfect ambassador. Perhaps because she knows what it’s like to be outside? Purrs for Gigi.

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    Katie is so sweet. I will add Gigi to my prayer list.

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Katie, you’re so kind ! We send Gigi tons of purrs, and hope everything goes well. Purrs

  9. catladymac on said:

    Purrayers and POTP to Gigi. Katie is great as ambassacat – how comforting to Gigi ! Purrs to all !

  10. What a sweet little girl Gigi is. She is looking so calm and accepting she must be an abandon rather than full feral. You go Katie you are putting a good paw forward! Thanks Mom you do so much we send everyone lots of purrs

  11. Healing purrz for Gigi. Katie is so sweet to make Gigi feel at home.

  12. That’s a good job sweet Katie and we’re all sending purrs and prayer to sweet Gigi.

  13. gigi; we iz glad mom L and dad P finded ewe and waz abe bull ta get ewe de help ewe knead; we iz sorree ya hafta go bak two de ewe noe wear place two day…we asked R total lee awesum pal St Francis ta send ewe hiz manee blessingz that ewe get well, be well and stay well for like… well…..a bazillion yeerz ♥♥ best best fizhez

    and 984 pawz UP two ewe katie ♥♥

  14. Carole Schulman on said:

    OH Katie what a good GOOD girl you are, bless you. And Gigi, oh I hope you are all better quickly. Smoochies to all of you. TKS, Gigi and you Katie.
    Katie Isabella

  15. We are sending our very best healing purrs to Gigi and the dogs are doing the POTP thing Katie reminds us of Whiskers, he was always friendly and welcoming to other animals, he even brought a stray dog home once.

  16. Katie was a little bit unsure (in the video, she was slightly cowering when she approached slowly) – but Gigi welcomed her with her tail erect! That shows Gigi was not unsure – she was very welcoming of Katie. And Katie did not show aggression, just a little insecurity (understandably so).

  17. we se nd lots of potp and a big thank you to all who help to find homes for this kitties…

  18. That is so awesome! 1) because you were able to rescue Gigi, and 2) because Katie has a natural talent for being a welcoming kitty. Some cats have that, the same way some cats (like me) have a talent for therapy work. Paws up!

  19. Awww, that is SO sweet!

    I do hope that abscess can be quickly healed up. Gigi seems quite friendly, maybe she will be soon able to have a home with a forever furmily.

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