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My newest castle guest


Well, well, well—my humans clearly are not listening to me when I slap my paws, with claws out, down and say “NO MORE”!! Good grief! Mom L’s office door is closed these days more than it is open. I know Katie goes in at night with the introoder guest is in her cage so’s Mom L can open her door for some fresh air. And oh my cat! Does she ever need fresh air with this one!

Nothing like good ole’ diarrhea to stink up my castle! Yuk! Moving on—this is Carmelita. Our latest foster through our organization Delta View Cats. Mom L and Dad P are co-founders. Our organization will cover all her medical and other costs through to her adoption.

She was starving and filthy when my wonderful pet sitter, Miss Kandi, found her at one of her nightly feeding stations by our harbor.

This kitty jumped into Miss Kandi’s car like she was never gonna leave. And when she was offered food, she did a face plant in it!!! So Miss Kandi called Mom L and Dad P and they said “bring her to us”. We helped her get cleaner with a dry shampoo bath but we knew right away that she had a serious diarrhea problem—it was like puddles and weird color and so smelly! YUK!

So off to the Kitchen Clinic she went the very next day so my pal Doc Josie and her sidekick Miss Gemma could get her FeLV tested (negative), vaccinated with her first FVRCP, started on deworming and treated for fleas. This girl was so patient, not bothered with all the poking and prodding. Just a little sweetheart. She is about one year old, already had kittens at some time and not spayed. (That will happen very soon).


You can see in the early photos how thin she was and dirty and very sad looking. She weighed only 6 pounds and 6 ounces when she arrived her twelve days ago. She is very lanky, her legs are so long! She has some growing up to do, don’t ya think?

Now, she weighs 7 pounds and 9 ounces!! And with a couple of changes in her wet and dry food diet, and some different meds and a daily  probiotic, her poop is looking better and smelling lots less yucky!

Carmelite loves to be cuddled, held and likes to play.

Carmelita will be spayed as soon as we can find a low cost spay clinic for her. Then she will go to adoptions through our pal Community Concern For Cats. I’ll be sure to keep my readers updated on her progress.


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22 thoughts on “My newest castle guest

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  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Carmelita is so pretty, and so lucky that she could come to your castle in preparation of finding her very own forever castle. Love and purrs.

  4. ewe bee one gorgeouz gal carmelita and we send best best BEST fizhez two ewe that ya findz and iz IN yur for everz bye de end oh thiz month…984 PAWZ UP two everee one innvolved in yur ress cue ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Carmelite is a very pretty lady! I’m so glad she is doing so much better already.

  6. catladymac on said:

    How great of everyone to be helping Carmelita – including you, Savvy, for sharing your home !

  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    She is such a pretty girl! I hope she quickly gets her forever home when she is ready.

  8. Savannah, it’s so nice of you to let Carmelita come and live with you while she waits to find her forever home. I’m glad she’s doing better. She’s very pretty. ~Ernie

  9. Carmelita is really a cutie. We wish her the best and know your Mom and Dad will take good care of her. Give her a little bit of room Savvy as she is pretty and will have a new home in no time

  10. We hope Carmelita finds a wonderful loving home as soon as she’s ready. She sure does have LOOOONG legs and a LOOOOONG tail! Wow!

    Love and licks,

  11. She is a cute little thing and we’re certain she’ll find a happy home when the time is right!

  12. Great story and photos. So glad to be part of it. See you Wednesday. Me


  13. What a gorgeous calico tabby. We are glad Carmelita is feeling better. Thanks for letting your parents help her.

  14. Carmelita knew a good thing when she saw it! I’m glad she jumped in the car so she could ride off to a new and better life. So glad her blood test was negative. Whew!

  15. Oh she’s pretty and its nice she will be able to get her very own home to be loved in like you have Miss Savannah,xx Titch

  16. Turtle Lover on said:

    prayers and purrs for cute Carmelita 💝

  17. 15andmeowing on said:

    She is beautiful. I am glad she was rescued. XO

  18. What a sweetheart Carmelita is, Savvy. I think she’s a welcome guest that feels very welcome too💗It’s good to have a furriendly furriend, even if they smell, isn’t it 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to all of you🐾😽💞

  19. Carole Schulman on said:

    What a loving rescue. Thank you from my heart for doing this.

  20. She is so pretty! Hope she’ll soon be all well, and ready for her new forever den!

  21. What a sweetie! She has an incredible tail!

  22. hugs and all the good luck for carmelita!

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