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Dealing with stress


Well you got a great ole big humongous clue in my last Monday post about where my stress and anxiety are coming from. I do not deal well with anything stressful, never have and now that I am mostly deaf, it ain’t gettin’ any easier.

“HOW?” you ask is my stress showing up?

Let’s just say I didn’t have a chillaxin’ morning, na’ mean?? I had, ummm…ahhhh…*how to say politely*…”Ok, I had a serious incident of the squirts!”  Told ya it wasn’t pretty. I left clues to my embarrassing incident on my  on our king size bed, on the stair carpet and of course, in the litter box.blankies

So bad that Mom L and Dad P had to give me a butt baffy. *hangs head between paws* Oh the shame of that baff.

Kittehs, I am not sure I can hang on with this potential introoder lookin’ more and more like she is gonna wanna stay in my castle. How have you coped with some youngsters showing up, in your comfy senior years, and trying to become head of your castle? I need help my pals, serious help.


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16 thoughts on “Dealing with stress

  1. Poor Savannah! Hope things settle down for you

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Savvy, we are so sorry it has been so stressful for you. We bet Mom L and Dad P will help you figure it out. They love you so, so much.

  3. Oh Savvy that is so difficult. When it showed up with Rumpy really really bad, like yours, he stayed in the bathroom over night a few nights, Dad kept the bedroom door closed and put blankets over everything until the medicine kicked in. Purrs and Prayers sweet friend

  4. We had some good hissy sessions here, with the adults here towards ne kittnes…but eventually truces were calledd and friends were made! In fact the senior mancsat here mentored three kittens and outlived two of them!

  5. That does sound like a pretty bad day! When we get a new kitty, they get a safe room to stay in until they feel comfortable going Out a bit. It took Gracie at least 3 months to leave the safe room. That gave plenty of time for Nami to get used to the idea, and later, to be in the same room very briefly.

  6. It’s tough, that’s for sure sweet Katie and stress is not fun. Mom L. and Dad P. will always make sure you’re okay.

  7. catladymac on said:

    Savvy, we are sorry you are having such a bad reaction to your stress. We don’t know what could help – there are calming treats for kitties and we had good luck with using that type of thing on one of our dogs, but we don’t know what you like – or can – eat. We know your folks have had a lot of experience in fostering new kitties, and they love you so much. We just send purrayers and Power of the Paw that something will help out !

  8. Kathleen Sturgis on said:

    I have brought in many a young intruder. Generally, I have found that the boys fit in easily and do not want to be top cat. All of my top cats have been girls. Ladybug took over from the day she arrived at four weeks old and stayed top cat until she went over the bridge! My three year old Rosebud does not much care, but her two older sisters still fight after years together. Currently my eight cats range in age from 13 or so down to 6 1//2 months. Five boys, three girls.

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    My cats have had to deal with that often, they adjust. 🙂

  10. This is one the reasons why there hasn’t been any newbies at our house. Being a senior kitty, the mom doesn’t want me to stress out any more than I already am. ~Ernie

    signed: tuna:….pea ezz…..itz oh kay bout de litter box ….mizz hap…
    we hope yur abe bull ta de strezz soooper soon ♥♥♥

  12. Edith Chase on said:

    Maybe KK and the new guy/girl(?) will entertain each other and leave you alone.. Sending good thoughts.

  13. Carole Schulman on said:

    Savvy, I can easily imagine how stressed you are. I wish I could offer some help.
    Katie Isabella

  14. we totally agree…and even the question if we want a brother is scandalous…

  15. Wish I could offer some help, but I just never was stressed by a new kitty – when Bowie showed up, I was pretty relaxed about it. Moving stressed me, but I just hid until I was more comfortable.

  16. Savvy, while that hasn’t happened here, It happened to Binga and Boodie – with me! I wish I had some suggestions, but it didn’t take long for them to accept me.

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