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Do you know what the future will bring?


I never ever thought my future would hold more than me, Mom and Dad. And then, because I bonded so closely with Mom L, Dad P really missed having a cat that was close to him. This is me when I was dropped at the night drop box at our county animal shelter in 2010.

My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter

ENTER—TKS aka The Kid Sage aka Sage. I had a really tough time accepting Sage. But Mom L and Dad P’s patience got me through that adjustment. Sage came along about twenty months after I made myself comfy in my new forever castle.

Contemplating Zen

Sage and I have become good furriends. I know she always wanted to snuggle, but my previous traumas before coming to my forever castle made me a very hesitant to trust kitty. Na’mean??

And then, as Mom L and Dad P became involved in community cat rescue in 2017, they happened upon a desperate five month old kitten who was traumatized in a hoarder’s home.

ENTER—Katie aka KK aka Kit Katie. Katie came to my castle in the summer of 2018, she was adopted twice and returned both times because she was “too shy”.

Mom L and Dad P said forget that crap!! This kitteh is ours!! And Katie has become such a treasure in my forever castle!

Our concern has been that sweet Katie is only three years old, and she is starting to sleep more than she used to play. I am now—ahem!—a sixteen year old lady cat and TKS is a nine year old gal. Neither of us has the energy to keep Katie playing  and I have to admit, I am also now deaf so’s I can’t even hear her calling to me to play.

ENTER—you decide if this entry may be in my future. I am yet not convinced, but there are possibilities. This was taken in my our master bedroom during afternoon siesta time. Notice any introoders?


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14 thoughts on “Do you know what the future will bring?

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  2. Wow, things they are a changing!!

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    one … two … three … four … hey, wait a second. four???

  4. What Katie’s human said. 😉

  5. Cathy Keisha on said:

    Whoa! Who’s the white cat? *shudder*
    So far, BFGF, I’ve been able to keep TW grounded so that she can’t even *look* at the cats in the hoarding situation near us.

  6. catladymac on said:

    Puurs to all involved !

  7. Who is the newbie???

  8. I think all you have to do is maybe wander over to the chair and sit down and the answer till pop up before your eyes! MOL

  9. That looks like a pretty good future right there. Hearts are always big enough to share love.

    Love and licks,

  10. Take in a kitten (or two)! I’m up to eight cats ranging from 11/12 years old down to 6 months. And the oldest (Felix) and the youngest (Goldman and Gustafson) are possibly related, having come from the same feral colony. The kittens have each other to play hard with, and all of the adults to love, terrorize, and learn from. And they keep the older ones active, even if it’s just to bash/discipline the little monsters/manics. I was lucky with the kittens – my niece rescued their mother on April 4th and the next morning had four kittens in addition to mama. Mama stayed feral and had to be released after neutering, but the kittens are all adopted. I almost ended up with all four.

  11. Dang, I couldn’t see the video, it says This Video Is Unavailable. I can guess though. As you know, at one time we had 9 and all was good with love all around.

  12. Carole Schulman on said:

    Darlings, your future is here already. In your Castle and warm, happy and loved.

  13. your parents are right…furget that crap… and all good things come in threes, so da mission is completed ;O)

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