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Virtual Road Trip—Lake Tahoe!!


I know you were all wondering just where Mom L and Dad P took off to for their little two night getaway. Thankfully they didn’t go far, just up to Incline Village, Lake Tahoe on the Nevada state side.

Of course TKS tried to join them right away!

Scrunch down low, no purring, look like Dad P's sweatshirt

Scrunch down low, no purring, look like Dad P’s sweatshirt

You can tell she has been taking lessons from The Kitty Platoon!

Well, that didn’t work so I decided TKS and I ought to join them “virtually”.

Nice bed, warm blankie...think I will stay

Nice bed, warm blankie…think I will stay

My Sunday Selfie photo was showing off the pawtastic sunset Mom L and her pal Doc Josie waited to view for an hour or more.

Here is Lady Sun going down.


And she finally gave over to the start of Mr Night Sky.


We decided we ought to also join them in their comfy lodging. I personally think our their bed was just about right! You can see my approval in that first photo, right? And then TKS tried out their very roomy bathroom sink!

Why yes! This is just my size!

Why yes! This is just my size!

And I could not allow them to try out their dining table without checking it out myself.

Yes, I believe this is just fine. You may now dine

Yes, I believe this is just fine. You may now dine

Finally, TKS and I decided to allow Mom L and Dad P to enjoy themselves, but not without first testing the lovely waters of Lake Tahoe.



PeeEss—Please keep Momma Kat in your purrs and lend her some POTP.

Momma Kat

Momma Kat

Wednesday With Few Words


What more can I say?

Sage snoops





Being Together


I know lots of you are hoping I will one day jump up and start playing with The Kid Sage and even sleeping snuggled against her.

Don’t hold your breath, okay?

This is the best I can do thus far.  And as always, it causes lots of photo taking just to prove that we settled down in the same room, not far from each other when the humans were not looking. They surprise easily…heh…heh (hover over photo to view complete caption)

Actually, as long as I am nice and settled in; I don’t care much what TKS does as long as she does it at least 3-4 cat body lengths away from me…na’mean??  Saturday, Dad P was changing out our litter boxes…he put the top on the end of my bed…and TKS simply could not resist. Who am I to tell her the ‘new bed’ is her litter box cover.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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