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Announcement! My Guest Sunday Selfie Is…


Hope you all remember by last Sunday Selfie Guest…an unknown kitten with an unknown fur color. Here she is again.

Let me know in comments if you think this kitten is one of the following:

  1. multi-color cow kitten
  2. calico
  3. white with “shabby chic” accents
  4. no clue

Just say the number in comments and I will let ya know what my readers’ consensus is about what color furs this sweet kitten is showing off on my Monday blog post!!

Come on Doc, just get it over with, ok?

Come on Doc, just get it over with, ok?

Most of you thought she is likely a calico cat, which is certainly possible and what Mom L thought too. But her tail resembled a tabby cat!!

My tail is showing

One comment from my gal pals Scylla and Chimera from ATCAD blog suggested she actually resembles a Turkish Van cat. I went to Ms Wikipedia and I must say, this kitten DOES resemble the “Tortie” fur color of a Turkish Van cat! (photo courtesy of By 3Leonards – en wikipedia, Public Domain)


This cutie was one of three kittens getting their vaccinations, blood draw for snap test and worming at Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) special Kitchen Cat Clinic hosted by Ms Gemma, President of CC4C, and Ms Josie, retired cat specialist Vet, Mom L’s good friend.

Mom L had not been for several weeks so this week was especially important. Mom L was able to visit with and take photos of several special younger patients. One of whom was of course, my guest for my Sunday Selfie entry this week. Here are her litter mates.


Aren’t they a gorgeous threesome?! There was a really nice tortie girl too, but she was a bit older. And Doc Josie’s reassurances didn’t make her feel a whole ton better!

What'd'ya want lady??

What’d’ya want lady??

Of course she soon learned what Doc Josie wanted and Ms Tortie was none too pleased.

hey Doc, how's about we trade places!

hey Doc, how’s about we trade places!

One more young’in was up for her blood draw and she took it like a champ!

Let's get this part over with, OK?

Let’s get this part over with, OK?

Sorry I was late getting back to you all with the outcome of my little poll from my Sunday Selfie, but wasn’t it worth the wait?


PeeEss—UPDATE TWO #MOMMAKAT  Momma Kat now has her very own set of homemade cat toys and nip mat made special for her by Miss Ellen from 15 And Meowing!!! APAWS!!

Momma Kat is still searching. Mom L is is helping me work on creating a very special #MommakatssearchHOPE CHEST for her to take to her new home. If you know of any brands who might be willing to donate any of the following, or anything at all, please let Mom L know at rodgerslcr at gmail dot com

  • three to six months wet food supply
  • bundle of toys (after all she is only two!)
  • three months litter supply
  • litter box and related items
  • water fountain
  • food dishes free from whisker fatigue
  • cat scratchers
  • cat bed
  • cat tree

Thanks to the  moon and back to all of you who have so graciously and kindly been consistently promoting #mommakatssearch for her forever home. I will be starting another push as soon as I have some items in her #MommakatsserachHOPECHEST.



Momma kats search badge

Purrs to all for helping #mommakatssearch

Born Feral Now Ready for Adoption: Thursday Purrsday


Another Paw It Forward Project that Mom L took on in my behalf.  She is now the official photographer and test kit opener and syringe prep person for the Thursday free vet clinic for Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C).

Our good friend Dr Josie, DVM retired, donates her service and the President of CC4C, Miss Gemma,  holds the clinic in her kitchen!  We think she has more feline meds in her fridge than people food!! MOL!!

Do not even mention the word "Vet"

Do not even mention the word “Vet”

CC4C rescues kittens born into feral colonies and also adult strays that find their way into the colonies.  They have no facility, so all kittens and cats rescued are fostered. They also do TNR work and many of the volunteers manage large feral colonies and make sure the cats have food, water and if they see a cat injured or ill, they work hard to trap it and bring it to the clinic to be treated.

I have put the photos into slideshows…I think you will all enjoy seeing the variety of shapes, sizes and beautiful different colored furs in the kittens and adults who were treated last week.

One slide show is of one cat who captured Mom L’s heart…and his test results brought tears to everyone’s eyes…please send purrs to this amazing cat…he has no name that we know of…but he is a gentle soul, only about 6 years old…easy to hold and pet…must have been dumped and found as a stray in the foster Mom’s colony….I have named him Mister…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, he tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus. It is terminal although he can live comfortably for some time. CC4C will try to find a foster or other rescue who take in FeLV only cats.  Miss Gemma said she had not seen FeLV tests positive in any of the colonies they manage for almost eight years!!

Here are two more adults getting their tests.  Dr Josie draws blood from the jugular on adults as they were getting a combo test; the kittens’ blood draw is taken from a vein inside their hind legs.

Adults getting tested and vaccinated…and general checkup…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now some totally ‘squueee-able” kittens…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Paw It Forward Project will continue every week or so. I will bring you photos if you find this interesting and are learning what happens in feral cat/kitten rescue and TNR.  Mom L adores doing this even when there is sad test results…Mister will be well cared for and not allowed to die unnoticed in the out of doors world.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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