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Teensy Tiny Steps…My Recovery

So, frankly…my recovery is going to take a long time…I love my Dad and Mom…my forever home…buttttt

I only have 5 places in the whole house I will allow them to pet me, touch me…in our bedroom, on my white chair in the living room, in my cat tower (only sometimes) in my special bed on my Mom’s office counter by the window, and well…I used to visit every night on the couch in the family room when they watch TV…we would all watch together…but lately…I have had a little regression…and I don’t come out much at night to the family room couch…but that was my 5th place.

And tonight…BREAK THROUGH…..

I let my Mom pet me and we had wonderful ear rubs, chin scratches…on the top of the stairs outside her office…first time ever…and I DID NOT RUN!!!   I am so PURRRFECTLY PAWSOMELY PROUD…of ME!!! And of course, Mom is totally over the moon and Dad just had to take the photo…here it is….

We all have more hope now…and we know I will be in a lap some day…as I said…Teensy Tiny Steps…I Continue to Recover…

High Paws to All My Recovery CatPals and Their Guardians…
Tomorrow…my Second Name…Only One Cat…ME…will Ever Have…Revealed
Big Paw Pats, Savannah 

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5 thoughts on “Teensy Tiny Steps…My Recovery

  1. Happy husky wooooos Savannah!


  2. Concatulations Savannah! Steps forward – big or small – that’s what it’s all about…….one day, you’ll learn the joy of a warm lap.

    Hugs from your friend Sammy

    • heyheyhey Sammie my cat buddy…yep… tiny paw steps every day…and Sammie…Ive been workin’ on my A-Z wonderful things about me…oh and Mom has done some for her too I think…so will get that posted ‘cuz I soooo want to be able to post the ABC Award on my blog…only one I have! meeeoowwww Have a pawsome day Savannah

      • Hi Savannah! It does take a while to do that A-Z thing I agree – don’t worry about it I’m SURE you’ll have a fabulous list before you know it! I’m glad your recovery is coming along – one day at a time!
        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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