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On Easter…Remember Adult Cats Who Need Forever Homes

Hiya…just want to show off some of the wonderful adult cats who live at Kitty Corner, the rescue shelter where my Dad and Mom found me.  This is a non-profit no kill shelter and all the cats are adult (over 1 year) and/or special needs.

These guys really need their forever homes so if ya know anyone in the San Francisco East Bay area who would love having a cat as a family member…please send them over to Kitty Corner.

Thanks so much for stopping by on Easter Bunny Day

Paw Pats, Savannah 

First…my former pawsome purrfectly lovely Ms Zoe…her fur is soft like a bunny…no, really…seriously…you should come by and stroke her…

Next…Ms Chloe…she has fantasmic blue eyes…and such a warm purrrrr….

oohhhh…and this is Joey…has only been here a couple’a weeks…but what a character. And OH MY CAT…is he BRAVE! Joey survived a dog attack…just wait until all his panfur fur comes back…

 Crazy guy! About fell off his bed…..

Here is another wild crazy dude…Vinnie!!  Yep…he is a total wild jumping, running, flipping cat…luvluvluv him!

     Mom said he was 3 ft up! MOL

Annndd..Vinnie has a total BFF in Peep…Vinnie is only about 1 1/2 years old…but his BFF Peep is 8 years old…ya would  never know the way they chase each other…MOL MOL

 Peep circles to jump! Poor Vinnie

Alrighty…now our latest family member…mr Fred, 10 years old…and no, no…he has not had any cosmetic enhancements!…just catgone good lookin’ for a dude his age…what a lap guy

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4 thoughts on “On Easter…Remember Adult Cats Who Need Forever Homes

  1. They are all delightful – do hope they find good homes soon 🙂

    • me too. Barney, who only has 3 legs was returned from trial adoption today…so sad..he loves to play and jump. He was found living for 2 weeks with his dead owner! Awful…will post photos later this week. Good travels paw hugs, savannah

  2. I hope each of them finds the perfect forever home!

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