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Tuesday Meowsie News…



First, we are again apologetic to have been so poor at communicating My little Give Away.  I just had Mom UPDATE again to make sure readers know it can be ANY TYPE ANIMAL rescue, dogs, cats, piggies,  from  anywhere geographically.  We really, really hope  we get lots more comments.  I will post the comments over the next few weeks because the stories are totally fantasmic!!  So encouraging what animals and people can accomplish when we work together.

I like to use Monday as a day to recap my recovery progress, or set backs, from the previous week. But, today is Tuesday, but really Monday in disguise!

Sometimes I have already posted about them…sometimes not. But Monday we gave to our OTRB furriend Grouik.

Mostly, I have posted about my progress this past week:

  • Playing on the Bird Watching Tower and getting to the third level! YEA!!
  • Running in front of Dad all the way down the hall, looking over my shoulder, meowing very loudly to encourage him to hurry…every step he takes!! MOL
  • Learning to play the CHASE GAME with Mom ALL OVER out house!! WOO HOO!!
  • Learning it is safe to play outside our bedroom, like in the living room and stuff

…I am so comfortable in the THIRD LEVEL of my Bird Watching Tower, I even take naps in there now….

…and I still luvluvluv playing “I’m Gonna Get It” under the base of my favorite scratching post…this is the post that makes up one side of my SAFE PLACE in our bedroom…remember the chair is the other side of my SAFE PLACE…

…last night, I got really excited when IT ran far to the back under the base…hmmmm…maybe I was a little too exuberant? (vocab builder)….

…then I totally lost my reserve…IT ran way over to the other side just out of my reach…uuummmppphhhhffff…

…long story short…turned into a game of I WAS GONNA GET IT!!…MOL…

Something else I haven’t shared before is my neighborhood.  Last night our heat broke in the early evening…our fog was back…WHOOPPEE…Mom and Dad were coming back home from dinner out and they grabbed a couple of shots of a nice night sky…

Finally, I have to admit to being stuck in my recovery process on a few things…

  • I still won’t get on the couch with Mom at night to watch TV…I used to do that months ago…then stopped for reasons we can’t figure out…and all I do now is  my nightly “drive by walk” through the family room, looking over at Mom and Dad…with meaningful stares to encourage them to come to the safe bedroom with me…I do that twice…then give up and wait for them…sigh..
  • I luv sleeping in my office bed…but as soon as I wake up and find Mom in the office working…down I go…I leave and don’t come back…I used to spend hours with her working and me sharing time with her (I was napping of course…)
  • I hide whenever anyone else comes in the house except Auntie Shannon (of course I go under the bed when she brings out the HOOVER)
  • I don’t play very much with Dad…he still makes me a little nervous…except at meal time!!! MOL

That’s my late “Monday Meowsie News” delivered on Tuesday!!

Paw pats, Savannah

PeeEss…please be sure to send more comments about your rescue experiences for my book give away…

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30 thoughts on “Tuesday Meowsie News…

  1. Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

    I’m so proud of your accomplishments and have faith that you will conquer your challenges.

    Your neighborhood is purrfect as you like to say. Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs.

    • …reaches out with paws…grabs…OK…got’em…OMC! those Jetty kisses are wet!..but the JJ hugs are soft!! Thanks lots guys! I think I have done pretty good in 8 months for a cat who never came out of her hidey cubby for 11 months!

  2. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Sweet Savannah those pictures depict a very fun time being had by you. Mumsy giggled when she saw the 4th picture…your leg up in the air like that makes you look like you are doing some kind of difficult exercise routine. Beautiful sky pictures, thanks for sharing your beautiful sky with us. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Uh oh, another conquest for King Spitty. HAH! I will never be a lap cat. Occasionally I’ll sit next to Pop on the couch. I sleep with TW but NEVER snuggle against her. I hide in my office UTB whenever someone comes over or even if I hear something in the hall outside our door. I even hide from Auntie Linda from the shelter I raise funds for. I didn’t used to when I first came into the house. Cats are just independent creatures and peeps have to get used to it.

    • you are so right CK! We are very independent! Dad and Mom get that…and love me just as I am…I don’t ever feel pushed. Once in a while, Mom tries to pick me up…last time was a couple of nights ago and I left a huge set of claw tracks on her tummy when I pushed off with my hind feet…oooppsss…but she always knows it’s a risk. ANd she NEVEr gets upset…just gets out the hydrogen peroxide MOL

  4. Wow Savannah!! I cannot believe how many changes you have made… You are rockin’ it, gf!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  5. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    When me reads your blog, yhous reminds mes of me! Yous will be a wonderful cat (Just like me)!
    Yous can votes for high jump every day!

    • OH! I did not know I could vote efurry day!! I thought just once!! MEOW!!! I will go back right now and vote!!! YEA! And Nellie I would be proud to turn out like you…but,…errrrrr….ummmmmm….does that mean my Mom will turn out to be like your Mom with all those cool photoshop skills?????

  6. Dorothy Abernathy on said:

    Hi Savannah! Mistletoe here. I was reading you post and I had to laugh. After 9 years with my huMom I still worry her went I change my behaviors. For years I slept on her chest. Every night I’d spend at least 10 minutes getting situated, and if she was reading in bed, well she just learned to put it down until I was comfortable. The she hurt her shoulder and had to sleep with a pillow under her arm. I stayed with my normal routine the first few weeks, but then, I decided to try the sore arm pillow. Now I sleep there ALMOST every night. She also bought me a catnip mat a few months ago. Well, now I sleep on that at the foot of the bed, of the sore arm pillow and if she’s already asleep I poke her gently with my claw, (just one nice sharp poke) to wake her up, then I walk around on her chest, find a comfortable place for a few minutes, then I move to one of my other places. At first she worried about my moving. She thought, maybe, I was mad. But,since I’m tuck up under her arm, she knows I’m not mad. Even if she did feed Hitch his dinner before me the other,night. I think she should tell the story of Hitch’s coming home. Then you all could see how pushy he is! She says maybe tomorrow, cause she’s already left a long comment.

    Remember, it’s our job to keep the HuRent’s on their toes. Changing behavior without warning is a good way to keep them engaged. No one wants bored HuRents.

    Many Purrs,

    • ooohhh so true Mistletoe! ANd who is Hitch??? Can’t wait to hear about him. I sleep between Mom’s legs sometimes…but then she groans when she tries to get up MOL…makes her sort’a stiff! And I do try hard to keep them guessing…today I have been waiting outside Mom’s office, 3 times now, for her to leave so I can go in and get a quik nap in my office window bed. Then when she returns, I leave for downstairs…making her crazy!!! BTW, we just receive our first interview responses, remember I asked if you would like to be interviewed by me to tell your story…we think the questions a pretty good. So, can you huMom send my Mom some photos of you?? No hurry, but just wanted to ask. paw pats, Savvy

  7. spittythekitty on said:

    I am 8. I was feral but I’ve been here since I was 10 or 12 WEEKS old. Here is my list:

    No lap sitting (Unless I being actively brushed–then maybe).
    No sitting on couch or chair with Human(s). I will sit on MY OWN chair nearby though.
    I never used to sleep with the Human. Now, very occasionally, I do. But I do not snuggle. No no no. No no no.
    I hardly ever hide from people anymore–I might flee to the bedroom when they first come, but I’m out within 5 minutes or so. (Unless someone makes the HUGE mistake of trying to TOUCH me–NOT allowed. Only the Human is allowed to touch me).
    I do play, with the Human always, and once in awhile with visitors if I really, really like them. Which only *I* know, ha ha ha.

    And *I* am EIGHT YEARS old!!!

    • Oh Spitty! You have helped us so much! Hard to know how far I have come. But from my very first night here, in Dec 2011, I tried to sleep with Mom, and Da, but cuz he was in HER bed! Now I snuggle eith each of them at night. But, no laps, no sitting on chairs or couches with them, only our big bed. I run from strangers. Especially men You are my special furriend King Spitty! I was 4 when dropped at shelter so probably 5ish now.

  8. We think you’re doing a good job at “Keep them Guessing!” We do that too. Mom will say we haven’t done something in a while and then all of us will do it right afterwards.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

    • This is so helpful!! We are hearing from others that my behavior is NORMAL!!! Thank you furry much!!!…I arrived with lots more ‘mental” damage than Mom and Dad have experienced before in rescue. Your experiences are furry appreciated

  9. I’m trying to get a bit khaught up on postings – so I’ll go to your transport post next –
    I hope I khan help with some of the khwestions!

    If woo email me, I might have more to ofFUR –


  10. Hey, Savannah! Sorry I got behind reading – it’s been crazy around here!
    We just love your views!
    Play bows,

    • do we…we live in a fairy land actually…the Nor Calif Greater Bay area is amazing..45 min to beach, 2 hours to Lake Tahoe, we are privileged to live here…and work to protect this ecosystem…paw pats Savvy

  11. You know, you have the right to change your habits at ANY TIME. It’s almost a Cat Law, to keep your peeps on their toes.

    • Mom is finally getting the message. Someone said today that they might not go back to a particular sport for years!!! All of you are helping us keep our great success in front of us…errrr..ummmmlet’s not mention the 6 inch red angry scratch I left on Mom’s tummy last night when she tried to pick me up…I used my hind claws to launch myself away from her…ooppss…silly Mom

  12. I am always so happy when I read about your progress Savannah!

  13. We didn’t know if you knew how I came to live at my home. We tell it often, but here it is: On a cold night a few days before Christmas my Mom and Dad were outside , undoubtedly messing with Christmas decorations. Dad heard something cry pitifully in the pasture surrounding our house. Mommy didn’t hear it at first, but when Daddy said it sounded like a kitteh, Mommy was on it in a flash! She called softly and sweetly, “Here kitteh, kitteh, kitteh,” till I wandered up out of the cold and dark. Furriends, I was a mess. I had been on fire. I was burned all overand starving. Since it was so late, Mommy didn’t ring the Vet. She wasn’t even sure I would survive the night, as I was just a handful and my extra eyelids were down. She took me inside, wrapped me in a warm blanket, and gave me some warm food. Then Mommy sat up all night, holding me til the Vet opened at 8 am! I was treated and got slowly better with Mommy sleeping with me and holding me constantly. Now, eleven years later, mine and Mommy’s hearts are intertwined. She says she can see the love coming from me when I look at her and I feel the same way. ( That’s how I came to be named after a reindeer, too.) – Prancer Pie

  14. Tell Mom not to worry too much. Kittehz are like kiddiez. They go through phases. I have been wif Mom fur ten years. For months I’ll sleep between her legs, then won’t sleep there fur a year or I’ll sleep on her head fur months then just suddenly quit. All my siblings are the same way. Good luck and happy Tuesday. xoxo

    • yup, just what Katnip Lounge guys told me…it helps us remember to be grateful for how far I have come in only 7 months! I arrived terrified, withdrawn, not playful, wouldn’t eat with anyone near me…and I am so much more trusting now and confident…I know I am never gonna be tossed away again

  15. mollieandalfie on said:

    Great photies Savannah, yooo’s looks weally shiny. Loves the landscapes, bets there’s lots of mousies to catch in there!! 🙂 Yum…. Yooo’s is doin brilliant..Rome as day say, soo I’ve heard…wasn’t built in a day !!! 🙂
    Big huggies
    Alfie xx

  16. Thanks Savannah for keeping us posted so well. So sorry you are having a difficult time and not doing some of the things you used to enjoy. I’m wondering how old you are. I don’t do somethings that I did a year ago, but I’m 6 now instead of 5. (Plus M says I’ve put on a pound which I shouldn’t have). All of that has made me lazy and sluggish.

  17. You are still doing great, Savannah! But I know you kitties don’t like us humans to feel complacent !! lol

  18. Hi Savannah….concats on your progress this past week…..It was neato to see your neighborhood – pretty landscapes! Can you see any of that from your windows? I hope you continue to get lots of great rescue stories for your giveaway project.

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

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