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Thank Ceiling Cat!!!…Easy Like On Sunday…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Guess you all figured it out by now…my blog posts will suffer in content, creativity and PHOTOS OF ME!!…during the time Mom and Dad have ” HOUSE GUESTS”…(like…seriously…who the…invited them!  Certainly NOT ME!)

At least I managed to have a really nice, looooooonnnnnggggggg nap this morning…because they went off with their HOUSE GUEST for breakfast (no, I was NOT invited)…and so at least I had time to myself to ponder (vocab builder project VBP) my state of being…and ask myself questions such as …”why, oh why did I let them have access to a phone or my internet so they could issue invites“….

…pondering the need for Mom and Dad having phone or internet access…

OH!! You must be wondering why I am seemingly asleep??!!….noooooo…not at all…remember…I am “pondering…”…and please notice they left me an “UNMADE BED”…shock!!!…horror!!!…how could they leave me with rumpled bedding…(heh heh…that was my plan all along, of course…)

Of course what they did this morning, not wanting to tell me…but as all of you know……I READ LIPS!!…what?…you don’t think so???…why, just ask any cat…we all do!!

…anyways…they went to get the keys to our new home…and I am sure they were checking out exactly where I will want my feeding station and my two litter boxes…and they had to measure to make sure my space would be sufficient for all of that and of course, my Bird Watching Tower, my Office Bed, and so on….

…then later… I had time to focus on my blog posts for the next several days…and of course, I also had to fret (vocab builder project VBP) about the fact that I will most likely NOT BE GRANTED access to my iPad or my laptop so I can visit all my furriends and their blogs and respond to all my Tweets…the nerve of Mom and Dad…sigh…

Did you notice how disturbed I am that they left me all alone…after getting the keys, they went to something called a “moovee”…must have been a lot of cows I guess???…

That is how my Sunday Easy Went…hope yours is just as stress free…Paw Pats, Savannah

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37 thoughts on “Thank Ceiling Cat!!!…Easy Like On Sunday…

  1. Getting loads of ZZZZZZzzzzz is GREAT , then you are all fit for playing ALL night long with your humans *mol*
    I LOVE when mom and dad leave the bed unmade = funnier to play around in it then 🙂

  2. Darling, for someone who’s “pondering” and “fretting” so intensely, I must say you are looking ultra-relaxed. I mean, in that last picture I could barely identify where the top of your headdy was, you having flung it back so far in your extremely melty Relaxicat™ mode.

  3. Awwww, what a little snuggle bug you are. I want to snuggle right next to you and catch some zzzzs. Thanks for visiting today. Last year we went to Bora Bora. I was going to go alone to get away for a few days but word got out and many of my friends joined me there. Oh what fun we had. This year I am asking that those that want can make a suggestion on where they would like to go this year. I will put all the suggestions into a bowl and pick a winner. Then I will let all know where we are going and when. Then you have to look cute and hope your mom or dad will do some photo shop work for you to get you where we need to be. You can then post it on your blog and link to me or you can send me your photo via email and I will see that it is included in my post. We will have so much fun, I hope you can come along.

    • oh hi Gracie! I would love to come, but my Mom can’t do photoshop and she has not yet tried alternative like etc. So we have to think of how I can do it, but thank you so much for responding to me! Savannah

  4. They were outside doing ‘chores’.Ha! We saw glasseswith ice cubes going outside..chores? Ha!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  5. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    me loves it when the pawrents goes out and leaves me home alone! Today, Mommy and Daddy went to the Market and it was just me and the Hairy Slobbery sisters was in the house and t was heaven!!

  6. Poor Savannah! You have such big worries. We’ll teleport over and make sum nice stress-relieving biskits on your shoulders!

  7. The INIQUITY!!! Savvy, we think your peeps need some demerits.

  8. mollieandalfie on said:

    It’z gonna be so exciting Savannah Doll 🙂 I can see ya rushed off those pink tooties..mol xxoooxx Yor Alfie

  9. Well, at least you can sleep undisturbed without your parents and their guests disturbing your peace…. We hope you get over this obvious stress soon and will be able to relax a little more.. 😉

  10. Oh Savannah, your humans mistreat you so. Just pop over here for a visit. We can chase lizards or something. ~Scylla

  11. Grab all the snoozes you can before the BIG MOVE Savannah….you’re getting closer to that big moment when you’ll have a whole new place to explore!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. LOL @ moovie being about cows! You are probably right!! Make the most of the guests Savvy. You can use it to your advantage!

  13. Charlotte on said:

    You ponder well sweet Savannah. I know you will get your points across to your paw rents-nose kisses for your day:)

  14. We’ll be patiently waiting for you to take back control over the iPad and laptop, sweet Savvy!
    Sending purrs

  15. I hope they pick out purrfect spots for all your impawtant things Miss Savannah!!!

  16. I tell you – all the peeps are totally out of control lately. Mine haven’t let me post a blog since forever and they haven’t taken me visiting others either. We need to put our paw firmly down and demand our rights!

  17. Of course a mooovee is with cows, that’s for sure. Maybe they got free cheese after the mooovee- or a cheesecake? I like your pic in your cat bed… looks like tailored for you :o)))

  18. Good thing you’re getting loads of zzzzs in Savvy, you’re in for a busy time!

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