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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Following My Early Blog Days…

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Still moving…so here’s another reprint of my first posts for my blog…

Memories from Kitty Corner…and lots more to come!

Ok, I’m pretty much ready to tell more of my life…at least stuff others have told me…and the stuff I kinda remember from when I was saved from…ummm…well…you already know that part.

So, anyways–another HUGE WHEW! Tammy, who volunteers with the Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, CA—they have this really cool place for cats called Kitty Corner—anyways—Tammy got the shelter to let her take me to her house February 10-16, 2011—until a place opened up for me at Kitty Corner.

Tammy says I was really sweet at her house, but still so painfully shy; hiding and not able to interact with her much….GOSH!  I am so sorry Tammy that I couldn’t show how grateful I was already feeling.  You really got me started on my first steps to Mental Recovery…I started to remember what it felt like to have a human touch me with kindness and love…big furry hugs being sent to you RIGHT NOW TAMMY!  Puurrrrrrrrrr!! Tee hee!

Then…2/17/2 011 I got to go to CC Humane Society’s Kitty Corner…WHOOPPEE!!!..weellllll…sort of a little whoopee maybe.

But, guess what?!  Yeah, you guessed…I was still just way overwhelmed with so many other cats and we could all roam free—so there was lots of activity, my new roomies were mostly all playing with each other, the toys and even with the human staff who came several times a day to hang with us—actually—pretty cool setup!

The volunteers petted me when I let them, and gave me attention but I was too overwhelmed and most of the time hid under the chairs or in the towers.

My constant stress led to me getting ringworm from another cat…YUKKY awfulllll stuff!  Holy smokes—just my luck!  I got over it eventually, but I had to be isolated, meaning in a large enclosure so I wouldn’t give it to any of my roomies.

Does anyone reading my autobiography know what it means to have “body memories”???? Wellllll…I can tell ya all about that.  At Kitty Corner I think I started to have body memories…that’s when something you touch, smell or something that touches you or you hear—reminds you of an earlier time in your life.

That started happening to me lots at Kitty Corner—so mostly I was more troubled, scared and terribly worried cuz’ I couldn’t figure what was bugging me so much.  Like, I am sure I used to be chased when I must have been a stray or living kinda wild I guess.  Cuz when one of the volunteers would move quickly toward wherever I was…I totally freaked out!  I thought I was gonna be chased again…maybe even hit…

Oh dear…I know my body remembers getting hit and chased…and I just acted out because of that…so I usually ran from the volunteers and hid out ‘til they were gone so I could use the litter boxes and grab a bite to eat.

But my body also remembered nice things…like the first time one of the volunteers brushed me…OMG…I totally melted!  Better than kitty treats—seriously!  I just know someone loved me when I was a kitten and I think they must have brushed me lots…I kinda go into a trance and daydream when I get brushed…oooohhhhh love it, love it, love it! WOW!

Well, I’m ready to go hang out in my upstairs cat bed…ya know, the one in the window on Mom’s office counter??  Well, it is a great place, cuz first I can watch Mom work on editing my blog…and the bed is in front of a window that she leaves open so I can have fresh air and listen to the outdoor noises…I especially like the birds tweeting…yumm…oh my gosh, I forgot myself—did not really mean that—of course I wouldn’t think of chowing down on a bird—heavens no!!!  Must have been a body memory again—sorrrrryyyyy!  Well, now I really gotta go—embarrassed myself—so thanks for dropping by to keep up with my—catch’ya later, Savannah  

Sunday, September 23

I didn’t know how to use photos in the early days…so here’s some from the weekend…enjoy..

…Fooey!…she caught me…I’ll just pretend I don’t even know she is there…(whispers behind paw…just using the prison  hotel suite facilities)…

…MOM!…I was just stretching my legs…OK??!!!…

Paw pats, Savannah

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26 thoughts on “Following My Early Blog Days…

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  2. Thanks for this post, maybe what makes me scared in cars (by oncoming traffic) is such a “body memory”? Have sweet dreams in your new house :o)

  3. Won’t be long now Savvy – moving will be over really soon and you can find some NEW napping spots in the new house. Thanks for sharing more of your early memories with us – you know it’s good for you to be able to look back at those days because it really makes you realize even MORE just how GOOD things are for you now!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Aw, you poor darling, I’m sure glad your parents got you!

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    Hi Darling! I love seeing your little pink tongue in that stretching picture! It will be good when you is awl mooved and you can strech out and relax and be in charge of efurrything again! XOXOXO I can’t wait to take BART over and see your new place.

    • oh that would be great Spitty…does BART allow cats??? hmmmm…and Dad and Mom and a couple of their friends worked for many hours today moving stuff…they locked me in our bedroom so I napped the day away…Mom did play with me this morning before they started, I luved it! paw strokes and gentle licks, Savvy

  6. What a horrible existence before your forever home, except for Tammy. My blog is up now with my latest recovery thing.

  7. Story with a happy ending :-). You must read our blog tomorrow as we found the first photos of when we got Archie xxx

  8. It’s wonderful to see how far you’ve come, Savvy 🙂 xx

  9. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Sweet Savannah we are so happy for you that you now are in a loving, furever home with tons of love and attention. We hope those ole bad body memories go away and you have nothing but enjoyable nice memories. Hope you all are getting settled in good. Love, hugs and nose kisses from Chancy, the kitties and me

  10. Charlotte on said:

    Hoping those bad body memories go away and good body memories replace them. You are making new body memories and that is good for you and your parents:) Nose kisses sweet Savannah!

  11. Litchi understands your Body Memories. She has them as well, from her time on the streets. Litchi feels very close to you because her beginning story seems so similar. She asked to let you know that she is very happy and confident now and she’s sure that, once the move is all over, you will feel just the same!

  12. Hi Savannah,
    I like your story. Isn’t it wonderful that finally you have found your humans? Or that they have found you?
    Enjoy your weekend! Sally and the 7 felines send their woofffff and purrrrrrrrrrr,

  13. I hope the move is going well. I am sending you calming energy Ms. Savvy!

  14. Savannah I am glad you are now having nothing but new GOOD memories! In your new home you will have even better ones!

  15. Sending purrs to you sweet Savannah! Soon you will be in your new home. You’ll see at first it’s a little scary but it becomes fun rapidly because you have plenty to explore!
    Snuggles and purrs!

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