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Thankful For The Generosity of Others

Hiya! Savannah Here!

I am so thankful that my paw blog furriends are so generous with the swag they bring home from conventions or stuff they win in contests and then pass on to others through competitions or raffles…what a great and generous community are we!

Here is an example… I realized that Sparkle had a newsletter about a month ago, so of course, I subscribed. LUCKY ME…Sparkle’s staff had just come back from a visit to the Purina campus in St. Louis, with lots of  Purina coupons.

You may recall, Sparkle did a drawing for all but one set of those coupons and Cathy Keisha won! Purrfect! “Cuz that nasty Sandy had just visited CK’s ‘hood and they needed food for lots of kittehs.

Well, anyways, Sparkle used one last set of those Purina coupons to give away just to subscribers for her newsletter…AND I WON!!!!

I was so excited…Sparkle was so generous with those coupons…they helped cats in New Jersey, and now they were gonna help people keep their cats in their homes in Contra Costa County in Northern California…here’s what I did with the coupons…

…the coupons….please notice they were addressed to ME!…

I told Mom and Dad to use the coupons to get as much as they could and then donate it all to  my former rescue group, Contra Costa Humane Society(CCHS) for their AniMeals Pet Food Bank Program.  And that is just what we did!

And Oh My Cat!…was this ever needed…this is the message on their website about the urgent need for CAT FOOD..

“ANIMEALS: Our cat food supply is nearly exhausted!  Any donations of cat food (dry or wet) are greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to drop donation off at our CCHS office throughout the week, or by leaving it in our AniMeals barrels outside our office afterhours.  Thank you!

More and more pets are finding themselves homeless because their families are facing tough economic times.  AniMeals Pet Food Bank is a partnership of Contra Costa Humane Society, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, and Pet Food Express that helps financially challenged families and individuals keep their pets in the home.”

Mom delivered the food to the barrel outside my former shelter, Kitty Corner…owned and operated by CCHS…

…it doesn’t look like much…but it looks like a lot to cats who don’t know where their families will get the money for their next meal of kibble or canned food…and Mom also finished filling the barrel with donated food from my VET!  Civic Feline Clinic!  They give CCHS all the dry food people return to them and they can’t resell…pretty great, huh?!

And did ya see the pretty kitty looking out of the window there at Kitty Corner…????…that’s Eli…pawsome, huh?

…here’s some more watching what Mom was doing…

So Sparkle, you made my Thankful Thursday a very full one…thank you so much!

Paw pats, Savannah

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39 thoughts on “Thankful For The Generosity of Others

  1. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    What a pawesome idea… whoops, forgot to concatulate you on the win. We totally second your words about our anipals sharing their swag. Mom did the same thing way back when Mr. Fred’s mom gave my Mom two handfuls of coupons. She bought lots of food and donated it to the shelter where I was sprung from.

    You’re so right, with tough economic times, so many more anipals need help. Great work, Savvy. 🙂

  2. Your folks really are the best!!

  3. We adore Miss Sparkle, and we adore YOU! Thank you for helping out the less fortunate pussycats. It’s a very kind and generous thing to do.

  4. Thousands and thousands of pets are being dumped in the UK too :(( We must do all we can. Goodonya Savannah xx

    • Hey Austin, I know we are not unique where we live, and every little thing any of us can do is always one paw forward. Seemed like a no brainier to me whenSparkle told me I won. As I have soooooo much….and others have little to nothing. I am just getting started on this journey of trying to use my blog and twitter pawties to win money and product for small no kill rescue efforts. Join me…lets think of something we can do together to raise resources for a shelter of your choice and one of mine…just a thought…hmmmmm…pads away to ponder this concept….international cooperation…that’s a concept!

  5. Savvy
    That was the best kinda thankful we can think of!

  6. You are a very thoughtful kitty Savannah and Sparkle is too. It is good that others are donating too.

  7. WOW – Good for you Savannah. I’m sure the kitties and doggies will really appreciate it and in turn it makes you feel good inside knowing that you helped.

  8. That was just totally purrfect all around Savannah!

  9. Oh Cod !!
    Mummy Janey is window shopping the last photo.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  10. rykersboyz on said:

    oh that’s sooo cool. We’re thankful for Purina’s generosity AND for Sparkle and CK’s generosity – and especially YOURs, Savvy!

  11. Hi Savvy,that was a job well done!anyway want some company I can hop in to my magic closet and come over for a play date?

  12. Savvy, I will teach you how to pawty on Twitter cos you can do so much fundraising. I LOVED being able to win so much food for my charity. Your’s looks like it really needs it. You should nominate them at the I think they’re still taking nominations for the shelters who will benefit from this years’ drive. Last year we raised over $600 in donations for each of the 6 shelters plus lots of toys and treats.

    • I stand corrected. they have their 6 shelters and are taking donations. They’ll be having Twitter pawties and giving away lots of gifts that your shelter can use.

    • Oh CK, if you can help me and Mom learn how to pawticipate in Twitter pawties and events, that would be great. Do you think TW might actually talk peep speak with my Mom when Mom gets back home? Mom would call TW. Mom is cut ally a pretty quick study and wouldn’t take much of TW’s time. Thank you, Savvy. PeeEss…I am hoping you can use that package I sent to make a fast visit to me sometime…just a thought…no pressure

  13. You are welcome, Savannah, and thank YOU for your post – I see it has inspired others to give too! That is awesome!

  14. The kitty platoon based at FOB Braying Ass would like to donate a bag of C (cat) rations to the kittehs less fortunate. The General will coordinate the effort. Mean while we are trying to learn to blog but await Savannah’s instruction through her human.Visit us at
    Private Smokey

    • Hey, hey, hey! Welcome Kitty Platoon. I am still writing up your manual on ow to be a paw blogger. But let’s talk about having a cool contest for that bag of “C” rations when Mom gets home from Mexico, after next Monday, ‘Kay?? Meanwhile, all my furriends, please hop over and say “Hey” to the Kitty Platoon

  15. That’s very nice !!! You know what? I will donate my purina prize from the dog show too. Think some kitties&doggies need it more than me ;o)

  16. paying it forward is always a GOOD THING………..

  17. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savannah, what a giving kitty yous is! Me thinks that Sparkle has made many many kitties happy!

  18. That’s so lovely of you xxx

  19. mollieandalfie on said:

    That’s just lovely Savvy 🙂 I hope they all find real homes. How’s ya coping? got enough food and toys to play wiff.. I’ll be over later to keep ya company 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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